Rainy Week Ahead- Time For Closet Purge

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There is something therapeutic about decluttering, and today is Time For Closet Purge. I try to do this twice a year, once in January and again in late summer. As I am learning more about how to dress my body type and what looks good on me, purging is getting easier.

Rainy Week Ahead- Time For Closet Purge

Rainy Week Ahead- Time For Closet Purge

Things I am Purging This Year

How Many Black Pants Do I Really Wear?

The first thing I am purging is pants

The first thing I am purging is pants. I have 7 pairs of black dress pants. Black pants are the workhorse of a “pear body type’s”wardrobe. But, I have found that I only wear 2 of them. The others for various reasons I don’t feel comfortable in but I keep putting them back in my closet, taking up valuable real estate.

White Pants Are NOT My Friend

I also have quite a collection of white pants. White pants are VERY hard for a “pear body type” to wear and look balanced. It has taken me several years to get this through my head. I keep buying them but never wear them because “something just doesn’t look right”. White pants are the first place your eye will go. And the last thing I want is my hips and thighs to be the focal point of my outfit.

Too Tight, Too Long, Or Too Stretchy.

Spandex is a great thing, but too much is not good. Manufacturers have gone crazy with the lycra and spandex lately. I like a little stretch but many of my newer tops are too thin with too much stretch. They show every bump and bludge.

Why, Why, Why? Why do I keep buying tops that are too long? I say I will shorten them, but I haven’t. Now I need to make the decision to take them to be tailored or get rid of them. I will not wear them because I know they will just make me look heavier.

Not In My Color Wheel

Colors That Look Best On Me Are On The "Cooler Tone" Bluer and less yellow.
Colors That Look Best On Me Are On The “Cooler Tone” Bluer and less yellow.

I have made some mistakes about buying, especially tops, that are not in my color wheel. Trying desperately to have more fall clothes. I have made some mistakes and now it is time to purge. You can wear colors, not in your color tone, you just need to have a “color shield”. A color shield is a top that is in your tone, next to your face. So for me, fall colors out of my color tone need to be sweaters.

Oversized Mean Bulky

Being petite means if it is oversized, then on me, it is “super oversized”. I still am working through the concept that oversized clothes don’t hide added weight, they accentuate it. I like ponchos, ruanas, and sweaters, but maybe I have too many of them that don’t really look good on me.

Shoes- I Just Can’t Seem To Purge Them

Time to purge the shoe closet

I don’t wear a lot of different shoes. What I do is reach for my favorites time and time again. They are great shoes and are comfortable. But half my shoe rack is filled with shoes I do not wear. My goal is to be brutal and purge!

I am trying to get into the mindset that less is more.

Too Many Accessories

Time to purge my accessories, only keeping those I wear and love

Accessories are a “pear body shape” best friend. Especially necklaces and earrings, and scarves which bring attention up and out. I have a great collection but too many that I really do not wear. They are taking up “visual space” in my accessories area, keeping me from finding my favorites.

It Is Getting Easier Each Time

First time I did a closet purge I almost felt nauseous. All I could think about was how much money I was throwing away. Now, with a better understanding of my body type, I know that with a well-maintained closet full of clothes you love and fit, you will spend less on “mistakes”. But mostly you can easily see where holes are in your wardrobe, and make sure your wardrobe fits your lifestyle.

I have wedding showers, baby showers, and several events coming up. No need to panic, I already have what I need. I just need to “clear the clutter” so I can see it.

Here is my post from last year Closet Organization Project- The Great Purge

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