Setting Spiritual Goals In 2020- Keep It Simple

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Today’s topic is about setting Spiritual Goals in 2020. Instead of just a list of goals for the new year, I have categorized mine to get a better feel on how I will work on them. As a Christian, Spiritual Goals are high on my priorities list, but many times take a back burner to “life’s clutter”.

Setting Spiritual Goals in 2020

Setting Spiritual Goals in 2020

Last week in our Sunday morning bible study, our leader asked everyone if they set any “spiritual goals” for the new year. Many people answered that they would like to read their bible more and spend more time in prayer. We talked about how those were great goals, but how many times we were unable to achieve them.

I bought up the SMART goal system of making sure the goals were specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. An extensive discussion continued on how we could achieve these goals.

But what the leader said next, really made me think…………

Let’s Keep This Simple

Do we really need to put our relationship with God on a List Of Things To Do? Instead, let’s try to live by a “Life Verse”.

Spiritual Goal- Matthew 22: 37-40

Simply put- Love God, Love People. Easier said than done.

Love God

Your relationship with God is your own personal relationship. You should love God so much that you “thirst” for his word

Thirst For God- Psalms 42

I remember sings a hymn to this verse many times. I always called it the “silly deer song”. But the words are quite profound. If you thirst for hearing and knowing God’s word, just like a deer whose very existence, depends on water, then making time for prayer and reading his word are no longer chores but your very existence. WOW… we got really deep here.

Love People

Lover people- Mark 12: 31

Okay, this one can be difficult. People are difficult. Many people are difficult to love. But each has a name and each has a life story. And how you interact with them and how you treat them can affect that story.

Life Lesson To Me

Opportunity to share in hospital waiting room

I want to share with you what happened to me a year ago. I was in the waiting room at a local hospital while my husband had a procedure done. The waiting room was filled with all kinds of people, a group, in particular, were… a little rough.

In the middle of the room was a desk with an officer (security) who answered the phone and gave instructions to those waiting. As family members were called back to the recovery area, the number of people waiting dwindled down. The officer was called away and the phone rang.

All I Did Was Smile

A gentleman in the “rough group” deferred to me to answer the phone. I shook my head “no” and smiled giving him to go ahead. For about 30 minutes he was the appointed “telephone guy”. Every time the phone rang, I smiled and pointed to the phone for him to answer. The officer came back and the guy was eventually called to the recovery room.

The room dwindled down to me and the rest of the “rough group”. I was minding my own business reading my iPad when I looked up. There was the”telephone guy”. He asked to sit down and proceeded to tell me his life story.

I Really Just Wanted To Be Left Alone

I was just wanting to hide in the back of the room and read my iPad, just want to be left alone, and not talk to anyone.

He had very few teeth and quite frankly was dirty and stunk. This man talked about his history with drug abuse and how he was now putting his life back together. He wanted to make amends to his dad. His dad was seriously ill and chances of recovery were not good.

He told me everything he wanted to tell his dad but was afraid too. He poured his soul out to me. I never spoke to this man, only smiled for him to answer the phone.

I asked if I could pray with him, we did. He said thank you, he did not feel he was worthy of God’s love. I smiled at him and told him “he was worthy”. Then the phone rang, it was my turn to go to recovery.

I never saw that man again.

Impact For The Kingdom

I don’t know if I made any impact for the kingdom of God. All I know is that one that day, in that room, I prayed with a man and let him know that he was worthy. That God loved him too.

The prayer I prayed with him and the words out of my mouth… just came. I am not a theologian and not a bible scholar. Just a simple woman who sits in the back of the room, minding their own business, who tries to Love God, and Love People.

I continue to pray for “telephone guy” (he never told me his name).

In Conclusion

I guess what I am saying, is that something as simple as an act of kindness or a simple smile can make a difference in someone’s life. You may never know the impact you make.

I have to thank my bible study leader, Steve Doak for reminding me to “keep it simple- God will do the rest”.

My goal is to Love God so much that I will thirst for his word and he will give me the opportunity to Love People. Everything else will work itself out.

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