Building A Closet Full Of Clothes You Will Love And Wear

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One of my goals from last year was to work on my wardrobe. Today’s topic is Building A Closet Full Of Clothes You Will Love And Wear. It all started with a wedding and a wardrobe crisis. When your child gets married you are expected to go to parties, the wedding and be “camera-ready”.

Just the thought of this brought me to tears…

Adore Your Wardrobe- Building A Closet Full Of Clothes You Will Love And Wear

Adore Your Wardrobe- Building A Closet Full Of Clothes You Will Love

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End the problem of having a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear

Just because I am a blogger doesn’t mean I have a wardrobe full of fabulous clothes. Matter a fact, it actually puts more pressure on me to dress great and show off the latest styles to my audience.

I made a decision to be true to myself and embrace my body for its unique shape ( I am 5’1, petite, size 8 top, 12/14 pants, and 175 pounds most of it in my rear) and in doing that, help other women feel good about themselves. This girl is a real person over 50 with REAL struggles. I needed help and advice.

Adore Your Wardrobe

Adore Your Wardrobe

A dear friend and fellow blogger, Cathy Lawdanski, told me about a course she took, Adore Your Wardrobe. Adore Your Wardrobe was developed by Kelly Snyder, who uses the principles found in math and science to help women create body symmetry. Fashion isn’t just art, it is actually science. Who knew???

I signed up for the AYW Signature Course and it changed my life…

Really? Yes, really… Now I only buy clothes that work WITH my body type. Shopping is so much easier and I make fewer mistakes in buying (fewer returns). I have built a wardrobe of clothes that look good on me and now when I have events or parties I have options. Before I would sit down in my closet and cry, then rush out and buy something …and feel terrible the entire time cause I looked like crap!

Now I look good and feel good, which makes me more confident.

What Is The AYW Signature Course

Adore Your Wardrobe Signature Course is an online class that starts on January 15, 2020. It is only offered twice a year. The cost of the course is $199. That may seem like a lot, but I easily made that up by not buying clothes that I would never wear.

  • AYW is a 10 lesson curriculum over 30 days. Each lesson contains video instruction and worksheets. You receive an email with a link to a password-protected member-only site. Super easy!
  • AYW has a member-only Facebook Group with one-to-one mentoring with an AYW Expert for 8 weeks. ***this was one of my favorite features as you learn from each other and have your questions answered – and make new friends!
  • Weekly support emails
  • Q & A sessions with Kelly Snyder
  • Access to Buying Guides By Body Type ***Another FAVE!
  • This year she is also offering 7 additional BONUS classes

I looked forward each day to learning more information from either the classes or the online FB group. I loved this curriculum so much I did the Advanced Course and the Continuing Education Class.

Not Sure This Class Is For You? Check-Out Kelly’s Master Class

How To Dress Your Shape Master Class- Adore Your Wardrobe

Kelly will be holding a free Master Class called “Dress Your Shape” on January 9th at 8 pm CST on Facebook. You will get a taste for her teaching style and she will answer questions about the AYW course. You can also check out her weekly Facebook Live Videos on her FB Page.

I Don’t Make Many Product Recommendations

Most of my long term readers will know that I am not a “product pusher”. I don’t make many recommendations and I don’t recommend anything I have not tried. I can wholeheartedly recommend this course, especially if you are struggling with your body and wardrobe.

Matter a fact, many of the products and clothes that I do recommend and wear, I learned about from this course. The Wit & Wisdom Jeans!!! Game changer!

Need To Do A Closet Purge?

Sometimes the first step to getting a wardrobe you love is seeing the holes in your current closet. You may need a closet purge. I do this twice a year and it is an “eye-opener”. I realize how much money I am wasting buying clothes I will never wear.

Check out my post on Closet Organization – The Great Purge to get started.

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