Hit The January Reset Button! Making New Plans For A New Year

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Hit The January Reset Button! NOW!!! Today we are going to be talking about Making New Plans For A New Year. I don’t “do” resolutions, I make plans. Plans are concrete steps to achieving a goal. It is great to say you are going to lose 30lbs but if you don’t have a plan on how to do that, then you WILL fail.

Hit The January Reset Button! Making New Plans For A New Year

Hit The January Reset Button! Making New Plans For A New Year

I don’t really know where to start? Not everyone has a list of New Year’s goals. Shoot, I am still playing catch up on last year. But you owe it to yourself to sit down and reflect. Again, you will not succeed if you don’t have a plan.

Step One: Grab An Old Fashion Pad Of Paper

I love a good pack of yellow pads.  There is something about physically writing it down and marking it off when completed that is ... fulfilling.

I love a good pack of yellow pads. There is something about physically writing it down and marking it off when completed that is … fulfilling. Also by writing things down it gets it out of “headspace” and puts it on “The List”.

Page One- Problems/Goals

make a list of problems to be solved, goals to be achieved, things you want to accomplish

On the first page, write the word PROBLEMS/GOALS in big letters at the top. Then just start making a list. These are problems you need to solve. Goals you want to achieve. Things that need to be done, or things you would like to accomplish. JUST START WRITING. My list was 3 pages long. It doesn’t matter how big or how small, just write it down.

Some items on my list include

  • Losing 30lbs
  • Redoing my upstairs office to make it more functional instead of a catch-all
  • Decluttering my dining room/office/and basement
  • Cleaning out the garage
  • Building a travel plan for retirement
  • Growing my blog thru Instagram/Pinterest
  • Going out with friends and fostering those relationships
  • Learning to play Pickleball
  • Exercise more on a regular basis
  • Continue to work on my wardrobe
  • Get control/understanding of financials
  • Make a plan to be more faithful with my time with God
  • Clean out the kids’ bedrooms/closets
  • Continue to look for ways to downsize
  • Work on my dog training/ pet care (Emma needs her teeth cleaned)

It is okay if it is absolutely random stuff. More specific the better. The idea is to get it out of your brain and on to paper.

Next, Set Categories

Start moving your problems and goals into categories.
Start putting your problems and goals into categories.

On the next clean page, let’s set some categories. Look at your list and start to group them into categories. Some of my categories include:

  • Personal
  • Home
  • Blog
  • Relationship
  • Finances
  • Retirement
  • Spiritual

Yours should be different and catered to your own personal life.

Each Category Get’s It’s Own Page

On the next clean pages, its category time. I write them at the top in big letters and with color markers. Now, go through your original list and start adding those “problems” under each category it pertains to. Leave several lines between so we can come up with a plan. Here is what it looks like for me


  • Lose 30 lbs before summer


  • Redo office
  • declutter dining room, basement, garage
  • clean out kids’ closets
  • Continue decluttering my closet


  • Grow my Instagram account to 5000
  • Make a plan to utilize and understand Pinterest
  • Grow my blog


  • Spend more time with other couples and friends
  • Learn to play Pickleball as a way to spend more time with couples


  • Make a plan for travel. Set dates and make reservations


  • Go thru and organize finances
  • Have a clear understanding of all financials
  • Complete process for estate planning
  • Decluter and destroy old outdated financial records


  • Join a women’s life group
  • Make time each day for prayer and reflections

As you go through each item of your original list and give it a place under a category, MARK IT OFF.

Now, Throw The Problem/Goals Page And Category List Page In The TRASH!

Now that each problem or goal has been put in a category, throw away the first sheets of paper and celebrate.  You know have the beginnings of a plan
Now that each problem or goal has been put in a category, throw away the first sheets of paper and celebrate. You now have the beginnings of a plan

You have completed the first step in achieving your goals and solving problems for the new year. MAKING A LIST. You have made several lists of problems underneath each category. In the next few days, start to make notes under each problem on ways you can solve that problem. Be very specific, set dates to achieve each goal or solve each problem.

This is NOT a “let’s do everything in January list”. This is a year-long list. You may add things along the way. Somethings may not be able to be accomplished in a year. Your priorities may change. But the idea is to get it out of your head, and on to a list so you can make a plan.

We will talk more about making a SMART plan. Stay tune!

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  1. Hi Regan! I turned 70 in October. I, like you, am addicted to sugar. I did this detox a few months ago with you. I think I am ready for it now. So that is one if my plans for 2020. I really like your blog only some weeks I don’t get it or the Facebook one either. My Facebook is crazy for not letting me see a lot of my friends posts. Anyway, I like the way you have categorized your plans for 2020. I’m looking forward for doing this in 2020. I don’t think I will be playing any Pickle Ball 😄 but I will be looking forward to spending time my friends. Will it be better to reset my email for your blog or just leave it alone? Hope you have a wonderful day.
    ……..Linda W. ❤

    1. Linda, you made me laugh! I don’t seem to have many takers on the pickleball. I look forward to having you with me Sugar Detoxing. I just got back from the store loading up on supplies for my first week.

      For my blog, I send out emails to those subscribers on Tuesday & Friday. Those emails will have recaps of my blog post in them with a few extra stuff. If you want my blog post when they are published, subscribe to https://www.bloglovin.com/. Search for Nifty 50 & Fabulous and click follow. It will send you the post when it hits (or very soon thereafter).

  2. Hi Regan! I loved reading your list…I have so many of the exact things on my list! Well, except for Pickle Ball…I don’t have a clue what that is! LOL! My husband and I are recently retired and ready to start making some travel plans. First, I’d like to de-clutter the house and garage…we have way too much “stuff”. Anyway, love your blog and your Insta-stories. ❤️ Looking forward to achieving some of my goals in 2020. Oh, I’m a mini schnauzer mom too!🥰. Don’t get me going on that subject…LOL!

    1. LOVE my mini schnauzers! They are just the BEST! Pickleball is a combination of tennis and racketball, played with a ball that kinda looks like a whiffle ball. Smaller court, faster paced, and less running. A lot easier on the knees! Dan and I are about to start discussing travel. Right now we are adjusting to his retirement. Hoping to build a routine and get things rolling. Decluttering coming in FEBRUARY!!!

  3. Hi Regan:

    I love your post! And the categorization is great and helped me to break down my plans for 2020. Many of these tasks were on my mental list, but your post reminded me of the importance (for me, anyway) of writing it down in an organized way so I can make concrete plans to tackle the tasks. Thank you!

    And my husband and I started playing pickleball this year and are having a blast playing with old friends!


    1. Thanks for the encouragement! Dan and I are going to take a “pickleball lesson” with some other couples on Monday Night. Both of us are tennis players but we are looking for a couples sport. I am looking forward to it. Exercise + bonding time =winning!

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