Games To Play While Watching Hallmark Christmas Movies

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Today is all about Games To Play While Watching Hallmark Christmas Movies. Yes, they are predictable, but there is comfort in that. Always a happy ending, enjoy and have fun with it. Over Thanksgiving weekend the girls all settled on the sofa with blankets and hot coffee to watch a marathon of Hallmark Movies. But what made it even more fun is that we played games.

Games To Play While Watching Hallmark Christmas Movies

Games To Play While Watching Hallmark Christmas Movies

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Games To Play While Watching Hallmark Christmas Movies

If it is just family sitting around the fire watching tv, or a girl’s night out with friends, Hallmark Movie watching can be fun.

Fun Facts About Hallmark Christmas Movies

  1. Over 85 million people watch a Hallmark Christmas Movie last year. It was a record
  2. Over 10 million people set reminders on the official Hallmark Channel App
  3. Hallmark Christmas Movies are shot over a 3 week period with a budget for per movie of $2 million (that is the cost of one episode of some tv shows)
  4. In 2019 40 new Christmas movies will be shown, 24 on The Hallmark Channel, and 16 on Hallmark Movie & Mysteries
  5. Most of the Hallmark Christmas Movies are shot in and around Vancouver Canada because of the tax incentives, plus there are tons of cute towns within driving distance.
  6. They are actually shot during the summer.
  7. Producers use a variety of tricks to simulate snowfall, including snow blankets that mimic the real thing when laid out; foam; commercial replica snow; crushed limestone; and ice shavings. Actors might also get covered with soapy bubbles for close-ups. The typical budget for snow per movie is around $50,000.
  8. Each movie takes about 2-3 weeks to shoot.
  9. The Hallmark Channel is the most-watched cable network among women 18 to 49 and 25 to 54. (that includes all the news channels)

Watching Hallmark Movies Provides a Neurological Reward

Pamela Rutledge, behavioral scientist, director of the Media Psychology Research Center explains that the formulaic plots and predictability of the films is rewarding, especially when viewers are trying to unwind from the stress of the holiday season. The lack of reality at all levels, from plot to production, signals that the movies are meant to be escapism entertainment. Guess what? We are good at that!

It Seems Working On A Hallmark Christmas Movie Set Is Fun

The reason you see the same actor/actresses year after year is that working on a Hallmark Christmas Movie set is fun. The cast & crew become like family and the actor/actresses look forward each year. Also, with the short filming, there is plenty of time for family. Hallmark production is great to work with cast/crew who have children. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy filming a movie where the ending is happy and it is like a winter wonderland every day at work.

Hallmark Movie Watch List

This first game is for the “serious” Hallmark Movie watcher. You must pay attention and be ready to mark off the list. The winner is the one who marks off the most “verified” items. This list works for all Hallmark Movies and many Netflix ones too.

Games To Play While Watching Hallmark Movies

Get a printable copy of game HERE

Hallmark Movie Bingo

There are tons of versions of this on Pinterest. It is fun to have several different cards and of course, you need prizes. Use candy pieces or red/green M&M’s. Laminate them to use them over and over again.

These cards are from and here is the printable version

Hallmark Movie Bingo
Hallmark Movie Bingo
Hallmark Movie Bingo
Hallmark Movie Bingo created these cards. The printable version has 3 different cards

Hallmark Movie Bingo

Yes, There Are Drinking Games

But for me, I would rather have my glass of wine and sit back and enjoy the love and laughter of the season. Plus there are serious issues that must be resolved before the happy ending. I need to have my wits around me so I can worry about them … too. Okay, those 11th-hour relationship issues get resolved in less than 3 minutes. I can drink to that!

Favorite Hallmark Movies

**Mingle All The Way, A Shoe Addicts Christmas, Christmas at the Plaza, Trading Spaces. Not Hallmark – Christmas Prince, Christmas Prince Weddings, Christmas Prince Baby on Netflix. Oh, you can purchase the DVD version on many of the older Hallmark Christmas Movies. We have a huge collection at the lake

For the Ultimate Hallmark Channel fan there is the 50 movie DVD collection

What Every Hallmark Movie Fan Needs

What Every Hallmark Movie Fan Needs
Hallmark Movie Watching T-Shirt
Hallmark Movie Watching T-Shirt
Hallmark Movie Watching Sweatshirt
Hallmark Movie Watching Sweatshirt
Hallmark Movie Mug
Mug for hot chocolate, tea, or coffee
Hallmark & Chill insulated wine tumbler
What a great way to wind down the weekend than with wine and Hallmark

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. It is supposed to be rainy here in Alabama. I will be working up at the church this weekend setting up for our annual Santa Shop. Santa Shop is a place where families who participate in the local food bank program can “shop” for their children. All the toys are free, and we work all year gathering donated new toys and shopping for deals.

After a long day of work, I will be grabbing my blanket and turning on the Hallmark Movie Channel. Escapism totally works for me!

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