Prepare Now! Protecting Your Packages From Porch Bandits

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Today’s post is all about Prepare Now! Protecting Your Packages From Porch Bandits. Raise your hand if you ordered something online this week? With record holiday sales most everyone ordered online and will be getting deliveries in the next couple of days. Guess what? The thieves know it and are ready and poised to strike. There are ways you can help prevent this and save yourself some headaches.

Protecting Your Packages From Porch Bandits

Protecting Your Packages From Porch Bandits

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Protecting Your Packages From Porch Bandits- Be A Nosey Neighbor

My husband is president of our homeowner’s association, as his wife and cohort, I have for years designated myself as “the nosey neighbor”. On my daily walks, I know who is home, who works, when the yard guys come, who is on vacation, who is having construction work done. We are creatures of habit and this can be a good thing. Our neighborhood has a no-solicitation policy and the local government requires all businesses to be licensed.

I am not afraid to stop someone and tell them that they are not allowed to go door to door. Also, I am not afraid to call the “non-emergency” phone number for our local police. I have taken photos of people’s license plates and texted them to an officer before. Our local police (who I know several by name) are there to serve and will tell you one of the best weapons they have is a nosey neighbor. That is why Neighborhood Watch programs are so effective.

Protecting Your Packages From Porch Bandits- Be A GOOD Neighbor

Organize a Neighborhood Watch Group
Organize a Neighborhood Watch Group

Your neighbor going out of town for the week, or weekend? Offer to grab their mail and packages. Thieves drive through the neighborhoods looking for things like piles of newspapers or mailboxes overflowing. A front porch full of packages in the early morning hours is easy pickings. They grab and go.

Do you know the cell number of your neighbor? Get it! That way you can tell them of suspicious activity at their home.

Protecting Your Packages From Porch Bandits- Have Deliveries Made To Your Workplace

Have packages delivered to your workplace or UPS/Fed Ex Store
Have packages delivered to your workplace

If you work long hours and have lots of packages coming, especially something of value, have it delivered to your workplace. Check with your employer to see if it is okay, and know who will be responsible for receiving the package.

Have Your Packages Delivered To Local UPS/FED EX Store

Have your packages delivered to local Fed Ex/ UPS Store
Have your packages delivered to local Fed Ex/ UPS Store

I have done this several times. You can actually go on UPS/Fed Ex website or app and designate or change your delivery to be a local UPS/Fed Ex store. You will need to show ID and sign for it when you pick up.

Have Your Items Shipped To Local Store For Pick UP

Many stores now offer free shipping to a local store instead of shipping to a home address. This can also be a quicker way to get items in your hands that your store doesn’t carry.

Have Amazon Packages Delivered To Local Amazon Locker

Amazon Locker is a safe alternative to having packages delivered to your home
Amazon Locker is a safe alternative to having packages delivered to your home

Amazon Locker is a self-service parcel delivery service offered by online retailer Amazon. Customers can select any Locker location as their delivery address, and retrieve their orders at that location by entering a unique pick-up code on the Locker touch screen. Many Whole Food Stores are Amazon Lockers.

Things To Do When Packages Are Coming To Your Home

USPS, UPS, and Fed EX all have websites and Apps that you can select tracking and NOTIFICATION of delivery. This is HUGE. I have actually been on my couch, heard the door knock, and get a DING from my phone telling me that my package was delivered.

  • Track your packages
  • Text or email notifications
  • Signature confirmations (especially for expensive gifts)
  • Schedule deliveries
  • Have a trusted neighbor retrieve your packages.

Protecting Your Packages From Porch Bandits- Video Surveillance

We have seen them on Facebook, pic of porch bandits stealing your packages. This is an awesome way of not only catching the thieves but deterring them as well.

My daughter has the Ring Doorbell and loves it. Easy installation and notifications sent to here phone

The RING Doorbell is a great tool for not only seeing who’s at the door (and if you want to answer) but when your packages have been delivered.

Zmodo Outdoor Cameras
Zmodo Camera will send you a notification when motion is detected.

I have ZMODO cameras for my home, beach, and lake house where I can check on things while I travel. They are great for peace of mind, or to let someone know I have packages. Mine has IR night vision as well.

Something as simple as a sign can work wonders as a deterrent. This video surveillance sign can be purchased on Amazon

Finally, Keep Track Of Your Deliveries

I keep a running list of my online orders and when they should be delivered. With all the extra holiday delivery people, mistakes can happen. I have already had a package delivered to a neighbors house by mistake. But I was on the lookout for it and when I got a text saying it had been delivered, I checked my cameras (no delivery) and went looking. Two-door down, there it was!

I also have just had a package lost in the mail. Immediately I contacted Amazon and they refunded my money. Even with all the automation, things get lost, especially when we start to have weather issues.

What If My Packages DO Get Stolen?

First off, notify the retailer. Most have insurance that covers these things and can easily and quickly reissue your purchases or refund you if they are unable to do so. You might have to fill out a form for them (depends on the retailer). Check your cameras! If you get a pic of the theft, put it out on social media to warn others.

I have the Nextdoor Ap. Nextdoor is the free, private social network for your neighborhood. It is the best way for you and your neighbors to hear what’s happening in your local community. My local subdivision also has a Facebook group where we keep each other informed.

Don’t let porch bandits get your packages. Some simple proactive steps can keep your packages safe. Sending packages to family members? Notify them so they can be on the lookout.

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