Formula For Easy Fall Outfits

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Today I am going to talk about the formula for easy fall outfits.  I really don’t have a big closet full of clothes. What I am is selective in the base pieces I wear, according to my body type.  Then I add some fun to make them complete outfits that I feel great in. 

The Formula For Easy Fall Outfits-Look Great Every Time

The Formula For Easy Fall Outfits

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Do you ever struggle with your wardrobe? Most of you are screaming YES.  What do I wear? How do I wear it? You eventually give up and go to your tried and true yoga pants and sweatsuit.  Yep, been there, done that! I have developed a formula for easy fall outfits.  If you don’t already have these pieces in your closet, Veteran’s Day sales are great for grabbing those fall color pieces to add to your wardrobe.

The Formula For Easy Fall Outfits- Start With Figure Flattering Jeans

Bootcut Jeans In Black/Blue

Most of you know by now, that for pear-shaped women boot cut jeans are the most flattering because they help to balance your body shape.  I have 3 pairs- one black, one dark denim, and one “blue jean denim”.  I wear these all the time. Especially the black ones.

Formula For Easy Fall Outfits- Start With figure flattering jeans

Bootcut jeans are perfect for a casual look and dressy look. The slightly flared bottom is great for showing off your booties.  They also VERY figure flattering and help balance out those of us who are pear-shaped.  I purchased the Wit & Wisdom Ab-solution Itty Bitty Bootcut Jeans in black and blue from Nordstroms They are my go-to jeans. This brand is excusive to Nordstrom and comes in regular, petite, and plus size. When you see my photos almost every one of them I am wearing the Wit & Wisdom Jeans. If you can’t find these jeans, many brands are offering the bootcut/flare style this season. Can’t wear jeans to work? Try Ponte knit pants.

The Formula For Easy Fall Outfits- Start With Comfortable Black Pants

Ponte Knit Pants For Comfort And Style

Formula For Easy Fall Outfits- Start With Comfortable Black Pants

Ponte knit is the answer to the need for the comfort of yoga pants but the style of dress pants. This fabric is a thicker material that is perfect for hiding those bumps and bulges.  When shopping for Ponte knit pants, look for bootcut or straight with a thick waistband so they will not slide down.  These pants are FABULOUS for traveling when you want to look cute and stylish but want the comfort of yoga pants.  My favorite Ponte knit pant is the Vince Camuto Flare Leg Pants. I loved these so much I bought 2 pairs.  Warning, many Ponte knit pants will shrink when you wash them.  Air dry to keep shrinking to a minimum.

I originally got mine from Nordstroms, but I saw them the other day on QVC. 

The Formula for Easy Fall Outfits- V-Neck Top

The Formula for Easy Fall Outfits- V-Neck Top

 V-Neck tops are so much more flattering on me than the crew neck style.  But finding v neck tops is not as easy.  Talbots has come thru with v neck tops in an array of colors and in petite, regular, and plus sizing.  I have also found that tops with too much lycra/spandex do not look good on me and just emphasis bumps and rolls that now amount of Spanx can hide. When shopping for v necks, look for cotton or a cotton blend. Black is my color of choice for easy fall outfits. 

Because of the layering causes bulk, you want your base layer black so the eyes are drawn in. Plus, black top and black or dark denim pants create a column of color that makes you look taller- WINNING!

The Formula For Easy Fall Outfits- Short Booties

Short Booties That Are Waterproof!

Blondo Valli Waterproof Booties

Did I tell you I ruined my booties last year? Here in the south our fall/winters are either very rainy or cold and dry. This week we are expecting almost 3 inches of rain. So waterproof booties are a must.  The Blondo Valli Bootie is cute, comfortable, and most importantly, waterproof.  I bought them in black and brown.  The black bootie has been my go-to for most outfits this season.  Black jeans and black booties create a column of color that makes you look slimmer and taller- LOVE that!

Let The Fun Begin- The Layering

We have our base with the bootcut jeans, v neck top, and booties.  Now it is time to add interest.  The amount of layers depends on your weather and where you are going.

Cardigan For Warmth And Color

Leith Shawl Collar Cardigan

Step one in layers is a cardigan.  I realized as I was purging my closet this year that I did not have anything in fall colors.  So this year I have concentrated my buying on finding cardigans in rich fall colors. I was very successful with Nordstroms Leith Ribbed Shawl Cocoon Sweater.  Not too thick and heavy, it is the perfect weight for fall. I bought it this year in Red Grape and this gorgeous Brown Spice.

You Know I Love Ponchos

Ponchos are HOT HOT HOT this season. Key to the look is a darker base layer, creating a slimmer base look and the poncho is the WOW factor.

Check out my post on Ponchos, Ruanas, And Shawls for added information and inspiration on how to wear them.

Lighter Weight Vegan Suede Jacket Or Leather Jacket For Outside Venue

Vegan Suede is HOT too this fall. You will see it in everything from handbags to vest, and lots of vegan suede jackets. This is a great option for an outside venue, or even if you know you will be outside, then go inside where you can take your jacket off if needed and still have a stylish look.

For more information on my Vegan Suede Moto Jacket From Peach

Or Maybe a Quilted Vest

Loft Leopard Print Puffer Vest

I love adding a quilted vest to my base layer to create a fall outfit.  Vests are an easy way to add warmth to the main body but not bulk to the arms.  I found this FABULOUS Leopard Print Vest this season at the Loft. For additional layering and color, how about a scarf?

A Scarf For Added Interest In Layering

Add Plaid Scarf For Finished Look

More about this look Casual Fall Fashions Over 50

Scarves are magical tools that add color and interest to an outfit.  Look for scarves that are not too bulky.  I like scarves that are an oblong shape that gives you the ability to play with all the scarf tying techniques.  Don’t distress, we will talk about scarf tying in a future blog post.  Plus there are TONS of ideas and guides on Pinterest.  I have a nice collection of scarves that I wear mostly during the fall and winter months.

More on scarves and other basics you will want to have in your wardrobe- Check out Wardrobe Basics- Scarves, Hats, Glasses, Belts, and Hosiery

Add a leopard print scarf to create fun fall outfit

*This scarf is an old one from Old Navy (not available) 

The Final Touch Jewelry

Maybe you are NOT a scarf gal? Totally okay! But you need to add some interest to make your outfit complete, jewelry is your answer.  Add a great statement necklace or add multiple necklaces at different lengths to add interest and the finishing touch to your fall outfit.  If you added a scarf, continue the layering with earrings and/or a bracelet.  Don’t forget a FABULOUS pair of sunglasses to give the “diva touch” to your complete fall look.

Adding jewelry and a great hat totally changes this look and gives it the WOW factor.

This outfit started with a black base layer. In this case, I chose a black mock turtleneck. Added a layer of color with a ruana and finished the look with accessories- 3 pieces of jewelry and a FABULOUS black hat. The finishing touches take this outfit from good to WOW.

Veteran Day’s Sales are almost here.  Great time to get ahead on Christmas or shop to help fill those voids in your wardrobe.

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    1. I only wear scarves in the late fall and winter because it is pretty warm here too. I have found some nice thin ones that can give me color without being heavy and bulky. I LOVE my Wit & Wisdom jeans. It took some time for me to “let go” of the skinny jeans, but now I am a believer in the boot cut/flares for balance.

  1. Regan, I have been preaching this same thing for years to people who ask me how I always look so put together. Seriously, I wear jeans a tee shirt almost daily, but I accessorize and layer like it’s nobody’s business! Ha. These are fantastic tips and I am featuring this post on Friday’s Link Up On the Edge. Thanks for joining the party!


  2. Hey, Regan! I’m totally with you on the formula thing. Just changing colors of cardigans or scarves can change an entire look. I’m going to look at Wit & Wisdom jeans. The price is reasonable and I’ve been wanting to pick up a pair of flares.

    1. I love the boot cut and slightly flared jeans. I thought I “had” to wear skinny jeans until a great teacher showed me how great bootcut jeans are on a pear-shaped body to create a more balanced look. This year I only added a green cardigan because I realized that I had a great collection of sweaters now. Easy to mix and match.

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