Wardrobe Basics-The Outerwear You Need In Your Closet

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Today in our series on wardrobe basics, the outerwear you need in your closet. It may be the hall closet but we are talking about coats/ jackets/ raincoat/ winter coats. When was the last time you updated your outerwear? Last year I made a decision to update those items after 2 disastrous events where I did not have the correct (or even stylish) coat for the weather.

Wardrobe Basics-The Outerwear You Need In Your Closet- A trenchcoat
I love my new trenchcoat! I am ready for the change in weather

Wardrobe Basics-Outerwear You Need To Have In Your Closet

Wardrobe Basics-The Outerwear You Need In Your Closet

After my buying experience last year, I need to share with you the urgency to evaluate and start purchasing new outwear. Online stores put outwear on major sales between Columbus and Veterans Days. By the time the holidays come the selection in your size may be slim pickings. I dealt with this last year in finding a long wool coat I liked. If you are shopping online and are not sure of your size, buy 2 and return the one that does not fit.

Evaluate Your Outerwear Need By Weather & Lifestyle

You may live in a colder climate where the weather is snowy and windy, while I live in a milder climate and we may see a snowflake once a year. This can affect your choice in outerwear. If your lifestyle involves travel or special events you might want to take into account where you will be going and buy accordingly. Remember, the window to purchase outerwear online can be slim. If you live in areas where the weather is colder, you might have a larger window in stores.

Trench Coat

First off in the wardrobe basics, the outerwear you need to have in your closet- a trenchcoat. Planning a trip to Washington D.C knowing the plan included lots of walking, sightseeing, and the weather forecast was cool and raining I tried to run out to buy a trench coat. I could not find any in the stores and NONE online in my size. My only choice was to buy a large Patagonia raincoat and I looked fat and frumpy the entire time. I learned a valuable lesson, don’t wait till the last minute to buy a coat, any coat, especially a trench coat. An important coat to have in your wardrobe if your winter/spring is rainy and you want to look stylish and keep dry.

What To Look For In A Trench Coat

I look for a trench coat that is long enough to cover my bottom. Too many buttons can be distracting so I prefer a single-breasted coat that is belted. Make sure it is large enough that you can close it if needed. My new trench coat is the Calving Klein Petite Belted, Hooded Coat in black. This is a great coat for sightseeing or even to wear to work, or date night in wet/windy weather.

Wardrobe Basics- outerwear you need in your closet- a trench coat!
Calvin Klein Petite Belted Hooded Trenchcoat

Shop For Trench Coats

Wardrobe Basics: Outerwear In Your Closet-Long/Walker Style Wool Coat

Next on our list of wardrobe basics, the outerwear you need to have in your closet-long wool coat. Years ago I use to work for The Limited and we sold the most gorgeous long wool coats. That coat lasted for many years. Last year I decided it was time to update my outerwear.

Here in Alabama, we do not have much need for a long wool coat, but if you have a formal event you don’t want to show up on a cold evening in a puffer jacket or freezing to death, a long coat needs to be in your wardrobe.

What To Look For In A Wool Coat

You want to be the star of the show, not necessarily the buttons on your coat. Look for classic colors- black, tan, grey. Especially with a long coat that you may need to wear over a cocktail dress. Many of the longer coats have detachable faux fur collars for added glamour. I like single-breasted (fewer buttons) and the buttons to be the same color as the coat or blend in.

For a shorter, walker style wool coat you might choose a more adventurous color. But a classic style is always a great piece to have in your wardrobe.

Wardrobe basics, outerwear you need in your closet-long wool coat
Anne Klein Petite Single-Breasted Maxi Coat
Regular Size Maxi Coat
Short walker style coat is also a great addition to your closet and comes in many colors
Anne Klein Single-Breasted Walker Coat Petite
Anne Klein Single Breasted Walker Coat Regular Size
Add a fur collar long wool coat for a more glamour look
Lauren Ralph Lauren Petite Faux Fur Collar Walker Coat

Quilted/ Puffer Style Jacket

If it ever snows in Alabama, you will see me sporting my black puffer style jacket. Super comfy and waterproof this jacket is great for the mild winters in Alabama. This jacket goes great with jeans or even athleisure wear. I have several puffer/quilted style vest that I wear during the winter for tennis or walking.

Wardrobe basics, outerwear you in in your closet, warm puffer jacket or quilted jacket
Calvin Klein Packable Down/Puffer Coat

Denim Jacket

Basic denim jacket from Chico's is a wardrobe staple. Wear it with pants, jeans, dresses

Denim has come a long way. The days of the heavy. boxy denim jackets are over. Now we have a lighter fabric mixed with lycra or spandex which allow the denim to be cut to more flattering styles. The denim jacket has truly become a wardrobe basic. You can add it to a little black dress with boots and a scarf to create a whole new casual look. Denim comes in a variety of colors beyond the dark and light wash.

I have several denim jackets/vest in my wardrobe including – light wash, black, and white

Wardrobe basics, outerwear you need in your closet- a denim jacket
Old Navy Distressed Denim Jacket
newer denim jackets are made with lighter material and cut more fitted
J Crew Factory Denim Tyler Jacket
denim jackets come in an array of colors
Style & Co Petite Denim Jacket
dark denim is always a classic look
Style & Co Dark Denim Jacket
You can't go wrong with medium color denim -goes with almost everything
Chicos Denim Jacket In Regular & Petite
This is the jacket that I own and I LOVE the weight of it

Leather Jackets

It broke my heart to have to replace my black leather jacket. That jacket has been a part of my wardrobe for all most 30 years. But it just doesn’t fit me anymore. If you are shopping for a leather jacket you are in for a treat. So many styles, colors, in real leather as well as faux leather. The cropped moto style of jacket is especially flattering on pear-shaped bodies and there are tons of them out in the stores.

Wardrobe basics, outerwear you need in your closet-
Michael Kors Leather Moto Jacket in this gorgeous cognac color
A black leather jacket is a classic
Guess Asymmetrical Leather Jacket
How about vegan leather?
Chicos Vegan Leather Moto Jacket
New gorgeous color faux leather/vegan leathers.
BB Dakota Gabrielle Faux Leather Drape Collar Jacket

While You Are Doing A Wardrobe Check- Look At Your Hat, Gloves, And Scarves For Style And Weather

After I update my outerwear last year, I enjoyed wearing it so much I realized that I needed new gloves to go with it. I can not stand to have cold hands so I have purchased several leather gloves in different colors from Amazon. Oh, what fun!

Red leather gloves to compliment my new outwear
Hot pink leather gloves to go with my black leather jacket

For more on this outfit check out- When Every One Wears Red & Green, I Wear Pink

Need A Little Pizazz In Your Outwear Wardrobe- Try A Faux Fur Coat

I live in Alabama, do I need a faux fur coat? No- But I wanted one and I wear it any time I get the chance. So many great faux fur style coats in the market place. I know we are talking about basics, but I like my wardrobe to be fun! Oh, and animal prints are the new neutral so I guess I can count it as a wardrobe basic.

Faux Fur Coat To add some fun in your wardrobe.

Check out my Fun With Faux Fur to see several more faux fur coats/ vest I have in my wardrobe.

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