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Today I need to vent on my frustration with fashion. What has happened? The days of beautiful, well made, fitting clothing is OVER. Now “fast fashion” has taken over with clothes that are cheap, cheaply made, and disposable.

Frustration With Fashion-Problems For Petites

This “fast fashion” trend is especially a problem for Petites. Everything seems to be oversized, one size, ill-fitting, and flimsy fabrics. Guess what? I don’t look good in baggy clothes. For my petite pear body, oversize clothing just makes me look like an Oompa Loompa.

Recently I went to purchase a petite size tee only to find that the length was 26 1/2 inches when normal petite tops are 23 inches. So basically they stuck a petite label on it but it is not a petite top. 26 inches hit right at my hips which is the largest part of my body. So in order for me to wear this top, I need to alter it.

On top of that problem, the fabric was so thin that every lump and bump showed up. The outline of my bra was the main feature, even with a quality t-shirt style bra. This is because the fabrics are all polyester now with added lycra for stretch.

Frustration With Fashion- Style Trends That Encourage Poor Quality

Frustration With Fashion-Style Trends That Encourage Poor Quality

My frustration with fashion even goes to styles I wear, Huge oversized sweater style, even my favorite ponchos, kimonos, and ruanas are starting to be made very poorly. Lack of any shoulder seams cheap fabrics, unfinished hems.

I recently purchased a vegan suede jacket at a major department store online only to find that it had NO finished edges, simply cut from the material. The first thought was “well the sleeves were too long, all I have to do is take scissors to it and cut them shorter”. Then I got mad and realized that for $100 I should at least get finished edges with stitching and pockets, maybe even throw in a half-decent zipper.

Frustration With Fashion Unfinished sleeves and hems

Don’t even get me started on the new “distressed jeans” trend. Big holes in the knees, unfinished and raveling hems. I could go and create a pair of distressed jeans with a razor and scissors no need to pay $100 for them.

Distressed Jean trend in clothing for unkept look

Styling Tricks To Help The Industry Get Away With Poorly Made And Ill-Fitting Clothings

As I am ranting about the long length of petite tops, my daughter tells me I need to just do a “half tuck”. This is where you tuck half of the shirt in creating the “illusion” of a well-fitting top.

Styling trick to cover up poor quality

This trend points out that the shorter lengths are much more flattering to most people. Also by pushing up sleeves you are getting away will ill-fitting and oversized sleeve lengths. Most people look better in 3/4 length sleeves. The influencers know that because selfies don’t lie. But the fashion industry keeps putting out these oversized poor quality products that only look good with “styling tricks” on very thin, young, tall girls who would look good in a potato sack.

Consumer Behavior Caused This To Happen

Believe it or not, our shopping habit is one of the reasons why fast fashion is so bad quality. By buying the cheapest clothes possible we’re pushing down the prices and therefore the quality of our clothes. People don’t take care of their clothes as they used to.

Also, more casual workplace culture and the athleisure lifestyle has contributed to this buying behavior. You don’t see men or women in suits or dresses in the workplace anymore. My husband works at a bank and he is one of a few who still wear suits to work. He wears them because his clients like and expect that kind of professional look. But when he is not meeting with clients, he wears a more casual but still professional look with a dress shirt and stylish pants.

This culture is even found in the church. Sunday church has become a more casual atmosphere. You no longer see Sunday dresses or even beautiful Easter outfits with hats and gloves. I remember growing up and how excited I was for my new Easter bonnet and new white patent leather shoes. Even when my children were young, I took great care in dressing for Sunday church.

Good Luck In Finding A Tailor

People are not willing to pay the cost of alterations

The shop where I regularly had my shirts altered and pants hemmed is now closed. I asked the owner why and she told me that people were not willing to spend the money to get clothing altered like they use to. They balk at the fee for alteration, stating that they could buy a new garment for the cost. Most of the time they are correct, they can buy another ill-fitting poor quality top for the cost of hemming.

Stop The Insanity And Create A Wardrobe You Love And Wear

Stop buying ill-fitted clothes- PERIOD!!!! Until consumers demand quality with their purchasing power, the manufacturer will just keep us the same old stuff, different colors, different seasons.

Next, evaluate your wardrobe and lifestyle. How many clothes do you really need and wear? In a recent survey by Trunk Club, nearly thirty percent (28 percent) of the items in the average person’s closet have never been worn or have gone untouched for over a year. Results showed that the average person has about 53 items in their closet, but they typically don’t wear 15 of them. So make sure the items in your wardrobe are well-fitting and look good on your body type.

Where To Start?

Start with a closet cleanout. Use the simple test “Do I love it” “Have I worn It” “Does It Fit”? If the answer is no, then donate, sell it, or toss it. Then remove those hangers and evaluate what is left, putting together outfits that fit your lifestyle. If something can not be put together for an outfit you would wear ask why. You might need to add an accessory, shoes, or layering piece to make that outfit work. Then the final question “Do I like this piece to purchase additional pieces or to alter it to make this work?”

Many times the answer is NO. But when the answer is YES, make sure you quality purchases and do not be afraid to return something. You send a HUGE message with your buying power.

If you are an online shopper like me, check out my Over 50 Guide To Online Shopping for helpful hints.

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  1. I totally relate and this has been driving me crazy for some time. I still get alterations done on some things, but I am still searching for someone who can do a quality job. Most are just good at hems. And your comment about how people dress at church really hit the spot. Sometimes I am shocked at what some of the girls at my church wear. I still dress up. There are only a few of us there who do.

  2. Regan, you are absolutely right! Have you noticed that so many of the style influencers are now pushing Amazon and Walmart fashion? They may look cute on, but the quality of these pieces is usually very poor. Love your style!

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