Perfect Style Jeans For A Pear Shaped Body-Over 50 Women

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Perfect Style Jeans For A Pear Shaped Body-Over 50 Women

Finally! Next week the weather will be cool enough to pull out the jeans. Today we are going to look at the perfect style jeans for a pear-shaped body. When look for jeans you need to take into account your body type to help create balance. Pear-shaped women want attention up and out away from hips and thighs. Jeans have no age limit, so women over 50 can wear them with style and comfort.

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Perfect Style Of Jeans For Pear Shaped Body Is Boot Cut

what is a boot cut leg jean?
What is a boot cut leg jean?

Chose Boot Cut Jean In Dark Denim For Most Flattering Style

Wit And Wisdom Ab-solution Itty Bitty Boot Cut Jeans for pear shaped women
Wit And Wisdom Ab-solution Itty Bitty Boot Cut Jeans are my favorite

For pear-shaped women, the boot cut jean is your best friend. A boot-cut jean is traditionally defined as a jean that tapers at the knee and then loosens at the ankle so that a boot can be worn underneath the jean. It is not to be confused with its cousin, the bell-bottom or the flare jean.

The fuller shaping at the bottom helps visually to offset wider hips and thighs, providing balance for your pear shape proportions. These jeans are also a cinch to wear over tall boots, or for stylish wear with high heels and flats.

Straight Jeans For Fake Skinny Style

What is a straight leg jean?
What is a straight leg jean?

Pick Straight Leg Style In Dark Denim

Straight Jeans For Fake Skinny Style  for pear shaped body
NYDJ Marilyn Straight Leg Jeans

If you love the look of skinny jeans but have never felt comfortable wearing them on your pear-shaped figure, you can fake skinny jeans look with trendy straight leg jeans. These jeans are cut to have a slim silhouette, which will look “skinnier” on a pear-shaped body.

As the name implies, straight leg jeans are jeans with a silhouette running straight down to the bottom. They have a consistent leg width and tend to feel somewhat snugger in the thigh.

Straight cut jeans are more flattering on pear shaped women than skinny jeans
So Slimming Girlfriend Jean From Chicos is a great alternative to skinny jeans for a more flattering look

Look For Mid Or High Rise Jeans

NYDJ Barbara High Waisted Stretch Boot Cut Jeans

Thank goodness high rise jeans are back. For pear-shaped women, they are a godsend. One of the major problems with pears is getting jeans to fit in the waist and hips. If it fits in the hips, the dreaded “muffin top” happens If it fits in the waist, well…. we can’t even get it up and over the hips. A higher rise jean solves that problem and even works similar to Spanx by holding in our tummies. Many higher waisted jean styles even have “tummy control” panels built-in. Hallelujah!!!!

Color Matters- Think Dark Wash Or Even Black Jeans

Pear shaped bodies need dark denim or black for most flattering style

The rule for pears is to bring attention away from hips and thighs. Dark denim is the perfect solution. It is flattering and creates a longer taller look by elongating the legs. Add boots or heels in black and you further elongates the leg making you look slimmer.

One of my new favorites is the black boot cut jean. I wear them all the time instead of pants. They can really up to dress up an outfit and the newer stretch fabrics are super comfortable.

Black jeans are slimming and flattering for pear-shaped women
Barely Bootcut Jeans from Chico’s gives a slim flattering look for pear-shaped women

To Avoid The Waist Gap- Look For Stretch Fabric

For pear-shaped women, the traditional heavyweight denim fabric does nothing for our figure because it does not conform to our shape and creates those terrible waist gaps. The newer stretch fabric contains elastane (Lycra or Spandex) between 1-4%. Higher the percentage, the more stretch. You want enough stretch to avoid waist gap, but not so much that the fabric is thin and shows all the lumps and bumps.

With stretch jeans, you want to take care of laundering them. The heat from the dryer can “stretch them out” and frequent washing can wear down the fibers causing them to fray quicker due to the friction.

Don’t Forget The Details

Look For jeans with very little detail and wider pockets for most flattering look on pear shaped women
Look for jeans with very little details and wider pockets for most flattering style

Details in jeans such as pockets and adornment can have a huge impact on how jeans look on a pear-shaped figure. Look for larger non adorn pockets or no pockets to help create the illusion of a smaller bottom. Avoid excess stitching and beading on your jeans as we do not want to draw attention to our bottom half.

Stay away from jeans with embroidery, beading, or stitching on the pockets as it just brings attention to the widest part of your body

The newest trend is the distressed look. This look is not as flattering on pear-shaped bodies. If you do choose to have distressed jeans, make sure they are a darker wash. Balance your total look by having plenty of attention up and out, towards your face.

Distressed jeans draw your eye in. If you chose them, make sure the distressing part is lower away from your hips and thighs

Can A Pear Shaped Woman Wear Skinny Jeans?

How to wear skinny jeans if you are pear shpaed
Styling skinny jeans for pear-shaped body

Not the most flattering as it emphasizes your hip and thighs, pear-shaped women can wear skinny jeans. You want to look for a darker wash or black with a high rise and stretch fabric. Balance the look with lighter color top or sweaters that is longer (2 inches below your widest part) and add accessories including scarves or statement necklaces. Remember, straight leg jeans will give you the “skinny look” and are more flattering to your body type.

Straight leg jeans styled as skinny jeans for pears
These are straight jeans in dark wash styled as skinny with jeans tucked in boots and longer vest and accessories to bring attention up and out and away from my hips and thigh.

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Follow Simple Shopping Guideline For Sucess In Buying Jeans For Pear Shaped Body

Buying jeans can be as traumatic as buying a swimsuit. You do not need to rush the process. I suggest you buy your jeans online, take your time wearing them around the house, take your selfies to evaluate how you look and feel in them. Just by following these simple suggestions to help flatter your figure you can easily cross off many styles and focus on those that will help balance your body- boot cut, with a dark wash, in mid/high rise, in medium stretch fabric.

Shop For Jeans For Pear Shaped Body

Here of some jeans for you to check out to see if they work for you unique body shape. Take your time and try on many different pairs to see if you like them. You know if you have the “right ones” when you want to wear them all the time and they are the first thing you grab in your wardrobe. Then buy the same jeans in black. I have a “pair and a spare” and then my favorite black jeans. That is really all you need.

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