Try A Vest For Layering When It Is Too Hot For Sweaters

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I am ready for fall fashions but it is still 97 degrees outside. Solution? Try a vest for layering when it is too hot for sweaters. Not only does it create a dimensional look for your outfit, but the lines of a vest can be slimming without being bulky.

Try A Vest For Layering

Add Dimension And Interest To An Outfit

I love vests. They are a great tool to have in your wardrobe to bring interest and dimension to an outfit. Need to look slender? Add a vest to an all back outfit. It makes whatever is underneath it look smaller. Winning!!!

Too Hot For Sweaters? Add A Vest

Key To Finding A Good Vest

Key to finding a great vest is that it must not be too bulky and needs to have a waist or hit the waist. I am trying to avoid anything that hits at my widest part. For me, a vest needs to hit about 2 inches above or below my hips.

Following Rules of 3's for accessorizing

Following The Rules Of 3’s For Accessorizing

Following the Rules of 3’s for accessorizing an outfit, I have a FABULOUS necklace that brings attention up to my face. Hoop earrings and a bracelet trio featuring a cheetah bring round out the look.

Wide lapels help bring attention up and out away from hips.

Draped lapels also bring attention up and out. Vests are great because I can wear them now with sleeveless tops or camisoles and later with longer sleeve tees. This vest is the Crochet Trim Vest from Cato and is lightweight making it perfect for this early fall weather.

Layering A Black Vest For Slimming Look

You know I am “animal print crazy” this year. I have been collecting camisoles and tanks in various animal prints to add to my wardrobe. A vest is a great way to showcase them. This black Crochet Trim Vest from Cato. Not only creates a slimming line but almost works as a frame.

Black vest creates a slimming line

Vest For Adding Dimension And Showcasing A Print Underneath

A vest is a great tool for showcasing a print. Love this Zebra Print Camisole From Banana Republic. I really would not feel comfortable wearing it on its own, but now with a vest, I can wear it with confidence.

Vest help showcase prints underneath

My new tiger stripe camisole is the star of the show with this vest. The vest frames the top, helps emphasis my waist and the necklace brings added attention up to my face.

Vest add dimension to an outfit and the added layers help change the vibe.

By adding a vest to this Snake Print Tank from Dillards. The outfit takes on a bit of a “rocker vibe”.

Cato Crochet Trim Vest In Rust

This vest from Cato is a great find because it has an actual waistband that makes it look more fitted.

Cato Crochet Trim Vest in Rust

The front drape lapels bring attention out and the drape in the front hits just below the widest part of my hips. Oh, and this vest has pockets that are great for warming your hands when the a/c is sitting on freezing.

Cato Crochet Trim Vest in Black

A black vest such as the one from Cato can define the waist and create curves. As the weather gets cooler I can wear the vest with long sleeve tshirts and add scarves to further add interest and dimension to my wardrobe.

It is all about learning what looks good on your unique body shape and having fun with your wardrobe. I have always loved vest for the winter, but with this extra-long summer a vest is proving to be a very good tool to help me create some fall looks even when the weather will not cooperate.

Can’t wait till we get into the cool months to pull out my collection of vests. Check out my Fur Vest For Cool Weather Fun for more inspiration on how you can add vest into your wardrobe

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