Check Out Apps To Make Life Easier For Women Over 50

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The whole “App World” can seem quite overwhelming. But if think of it as helpful tools to make your life easier then it is not so daunting. Check out apps that can make your life easier, save money, and have a little fun.

Check Out Apps To Make Life Easier For Women Over 50

Apps to make your life easier or move fun for women over 50

Weather Radar- Storm Shield

Storm Shield App For Smart Phones

Storm Shield is a free app. This is probably the app I use the most. I am always checking up on storms and radar. What I like about it the most is that it will send weather alerts to my current location. So when I am traveling in the car, I will know if I am driving into a storm or tornado (living in Alabama that is VERY important info).

Keeper- Password Manager

Password Keeper App For Smart Phones to make life easier

Password Keeper is a free app that you can upgrade for a yearly fee to use it on all your devices. This app will be your new best friend. It is a place for you to put all those passwords. The only password you have to remember is the one that opens the app!


Banking Apps for mobile deposits to make life easier

I use this app for 2 things, checking my bank balance, making a mobile deposit or transferring money. No more going to the bank and waiting in line to deposit a check. Bank branches will be obsolute soon so you need to know the world of online banking.

Waze – Traffic

Waze Traffic App to save you time and make life easier

Waze is a free travel app that will literally save you time and money. This baby is a MUST HAVE for travelers or if you dare go to Atlanta. It will tell you directions and give you an alternate route if traffic is stalled or a wreck has occurred. This app saved me HOURS of sitting in traffic on the interstate coming back from the beach. I followed the instructions and it took me backways thru small towns in rural Alabama and dropped me back on the interstate. TRUST WAZE is our new motto. Oh, and last year during the month of October it spoke in a “spooky British voice”.


Just Venmo Me, The app to pay people instead of mailing a check helps make life easier

A free app used to “pay” people. No more waiting for someone to mail you a check. Just Venmo me is the new saying. Great way to split the tab at a restaurant or pay your part of a gift. You set it up with your banking information. Those who you sent money to have to have the app also. Other similar apps include Zello and Pay Pal.

Check Out Apps To Make Life Easier And More Fun

Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio App. Niche specific radio stations to enjoy

A free app that has a paid version for less advertising. I just use the free version. Great radio stations that are niche-specific. My favorites include the Ed Sheeran Station, Five For Fighting Radio, Yacht Rock Radio, Fleetwood Mac Radio, Carolina Beach Music, Laid Back Beach Music, 80’s Cardio Radio, Carole King Radio, Carly Simon Radio, Christian Workout Radio, and the list goes on.

I use Bluetooth and hook my Pandora Radio up to a my Mega Boom Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker I use at the beach or on the dock at the lake. Friday 5’Clock Wine Time is found on the dock at the lake listening to Yacht Rock Radio. The speaker makes a GREAT Christmas gift idea.

Check Out Apps To Make Life Easier When You Travel

Flight Aware

flight aware app for tracking planes and making life easier when you travel

If you need to track your incoming flight or find out if your loved one’s plane has landed, this is a great app to have on your phone for information and piece of ming. You might want to consider your individual airline’s app to add to your phone also. Allow it to send messages to you about flight delays or flight cancellations. You can rebook on your phone without leaving your seat.

Open Tables

Open Tables is a restaurant reservation app to make life easier

This is a very handy app for making restaurant reservations.


Uber is a ride hailing company to use instead of traditional taxis makes life easier when traveling

If you travel and have to take taxis, this is the app for you. No more nasty taxis, you can pick your car, your driver according to rated reviews. You also get real-time data on where your driver is. You pay using your app so no need for cash.

Group Me

Group Me is a free messaging app to keep straight chat groups and meetings make life easier

Group Me is a free text messaging app. It is great for organizing group meetings or chats. I use it for a place for my family to show pics, make announcements that the whole group would like to hear. We use this app when we travel as a group to give announcements and updates on plans.

Apps To Save Money And Make Life Easier When You Shop Online Or In Stores


Target App for saving money at Target

Target is in the process of merging its Cartwheel app with the Target app, so Target shoppers will only have one place to go instead of two. The target app is great for scanning prices (especially when you are clearance shopping). The Cartwheel portion is a place where you can scan your items to see if there is a coupon or additional savings. Target is moving away from coupons/gift card promos to more “everyday low prices” to make it easier for shoppers to save.


Amazon app for shopping online or price checking

This app is not only great for shopping online, but it is the ultimate price checker. Can I get it cheaper on Amazon?


Rakuten is cash back service when shopping online

Recently I introduced my readers to Rakuten, a great tool to get cash back while shopping online. If you don’t shop online or during the Christmas season when more shopper go to stores, you can still get cash back but you need to have this app on your phone.

Get more information on how to get cash back using Rakuten


Use delivery service apps to track deliveries to make life easier

Where is my stuff? If you shop online or have packages delivered this app is great to have to track your incoming or outgoing packages and finding out in real-time if it has been delivered.


Walgreen app allows you to refill prescriptions and serve as reward cards. Helps make life easier to keep up with meds

Most of the drug stores have their own app. I use my Walgreen one to refill prescriptions, pre-pay for them to save time, and as a rewards card.

Word To The Wise

There are so many apps out there in the market place. If you have a smartphone also came with app already installed. You need to make sure you don’t have too many apps as they cause your phone to work slower and reduce battery life.

There are so many additional apps for your phone such as social media, rewards programs and fitness apps. Also who your phone is manufactured by can determine what apps you have available. Check your app store to see if any of these apps work for you and your lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to delete apps from your phone if you don’t use them. You can always re-download them.

Do you have any favorite apps? Feel free to share them in the comments below. I am always looking for ideas to make my life easier- or a little more fun.

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