Purple Is A Great Color To Add To Your Wardrobe For Fall

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Hints of fall are in the air (not the temps) and I am experimenting with color. How about Aubergine or Eggplant? Purple is a great color to add to your fall wardrobe.

Aubergine Or Eggplant?- Purple Is A Great Color To Add To Your Wardrobe For Fall

Simple purple sweater for pop of color

When you think of fall, you don’t really go to purple as a fall color. But as we look to nature for fall inspiration, wow, what a great color to add to our wardrobe. It goes GREAT with the orange and rust hues you typically think of for fall.

Finding Fall Inspiration In Nature

Fall inspiration found in nature

As the leaves start to turn, look to see if you can pick out the deep purple hues. Not only that but we see purple hues in our late summer plants such as coleus and mums.

Purple Fall Color Found In Nature

Purple fall color found in nature

Fall weddings can be simply gorgeous as brides use the colors of fall for floral displays and fashion. These eggplant colored bridesmaid dresses make a perfect backdrop to the bouquets of gorgeous fall colors.

Brides using fall color for their weddings

Aubergine Or Eggplant For Fall

Aubergine Or Eggplant For Fall

I love adding a POP of color to an all-black outfit. Here my simple lightweight sweaters from Chicos Off The Rack give me a sample of fall color while I transition from late summer to fall.

Experimenting with purple for fall

As the weather gets cooler, I can add a scarf or change up the top to bring in more fall colors. Dark florals are huge for fall, a printed top would be a great addition to this look. I will be playing with this outfit as the season progresses.

Adding at least 3 points of interest to make an outfit complete

Following my Rules Of 3, I have a statement necklace in silver, silver earrings, and bracelet. Also, my peep-toe platform wedges give height and create that all slimming column of color.

Beautiful grey/purple tones for fall nails

I love the grey/purple nail polish color for fall. The deeper tones will go great with many of my fall outfits

Having fun shopping my closet and putting together fall looks.

Fashion should be fun. Try playing in your closet and see what outfits you can put together for fall. Start with an all-black column of color and add a POP of fall. Switch out accessories such as statement necklaces and scarves. Do take into account your body type! For pear shape figures, we want the attention to be up and out and away from our hips.

Need more inspiration for fall fashion ideas? Here is a casual fall fashion look for over 50

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