Fall Trends For 2019 That I Am LOVING Or NOT

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With the autumnal equinox, the official beginning of all fall, it is time to talk about fall fashion trends for 2019. Some I am LOVING and some NOT

Fall Fashion Trends For 2019 That I Am LOVING

Animal Prints Everywhere

Add Snake Print For Fall Look

This season I am seeing animal prints everywhere and I am LOVING it. We see our old favorites the leopard and the cheetah, but how about some new prints- snakeskin, zebra, tiger, and … what for it… cow? These prints can be worn as neutrals and add pops of color or for showstopping pieces. Key it to not “overdo”. Mixing too many prints and it becomes a hot mess.

Leopard And Cheetah Prints Are Still Hot Looks For Fall
New Print For Fall- Tiger

Fall Fashion Trend- Berry And Plum

Trends For Fall -Add Berry Color

You typically have your oranges, merlot, and deep browns for fall but how about berry and plum. These two colors are stand-alone or you can mix them with the typical fall colors.

Trends For Fall- Plum
Love purple for fall and winter

Fall Fashion Trend- All Shades Of Green

Add different shades of green for fall look
Fall Fashion Trend-Shades of  Green

Green is the HOT color this season. All shades including pistachio green, olive green, forest green, neon green- you name it, it is hot for fall.

Blue/green color paired with an animal print for a great fall look

Fall Fashion Trend- Belt It

Fall Fashion Trend- Belt it

Belting your blazer or cardigan is a hot look for fall. I love the thinner belts that are perfect for this. It helps to define the waist and create a curvier look instead of the typical boxy look that oversized cardigans/blazers have. If you are pear-shaped, like me, this can be used to bring attention up and away from your hips. It also is a great tool for petites to create the look of longer legs.

Fall Fashion Trend- Camouflage

Fall Fashion Trend- Camouflage

I am from Alabama, this is not a trend but a staple. Camo is a great neutral to pair with grey, brown, or olive. Again, don’t go crazy with camo, a little bit goes a long way. Love it in a vest paired with a white shirt and jeans, let the camo be the start.

Fall Fashion Trend- Plaid

Fall Fashion Trend- Plaid & Animal Print

Plaid is a great way to add texture and print to your wardrobe for fall. Great plaid blazers or scarves. I have added several plaid scarves this season.

Fall Fashion Trend- Plaid
Fall Fashion Trend- Plaid

Fall Trends For 2019 That I am NOT

Mustard Yellow Or Any Yellow

Fall Fashion Trend-Mustard Yellow

This is not a color I look good in. But we are seeing it everywhere. I swear Target’s fashion section was a sea of mustard. As we go into winter, a paler yellow will be the rage. Lori Jo from 50 With Flair shows you how to wear it mixed with cheetah print. It looks great on her with her skin coloring.

Belted Bag

Fall Fashion Trend- Belted Bag

Okay, folks, these are what we called “fanny packs” in the 80’s and 90’s and got abused for wearing them. They scream- look at this huge thing on my belly. If you want attention drawn to your stomach and hips, go for it.

Fall Fashion Trend- Belted Bag

Fall Fashion Trend- Over-Sized Blazers/Menswear Look

Fall Fashion Trend- Oversized blazer

The suited look is coming back and not in a good way. A very boxy androgynous style that only looks good on super thin anorexic models. Even blazers are coming back that are oversized and boxy unless you are going to belt it will do nothing for your figure.

FAll Fashion Trend- Menswear And Oversized blazers

Final Thoughts On Fall Fashion Trends

Just because it is the “hot thing” for the season does not mean it is something that will work for your lifestyle or body type. Boxy blazer and a huge belted bag is the LAST THING I need for my body type. But taking a blazer and belting it so that it hits me in the most flattering area may be something I try this season. Trends are all about changing it up- I love pumpkin spice color but it can get old and boring. Now add a great plaid scarf or animal print and mix in some gorgeous greens and you have a FABULOUS fall look.

Fashion can be fun, get out there and play with some trends and see if you are LOVING it or NOT.

Feel free to comment below and let me know what fall fashion trends you are LOVING or NOT.

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  1. I loved this post, Regan! It is so fun to see all the styles! My fave look above was the pink and black scarf with your Moto jacket! I also love the plum/berry with black! It is still warm here in Michigan but our nights are getting much cooler so we know its on the horizon!

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