Importance of Incorporating Flexibility Training In Women Over 50

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It is important for women over 50 to incorporate flexibility training into their daily routine. This year I have been concentrating on regaining my flexibility. The results have been amazing and I have found that I suffer fewer aches and pains after tennis and my range of motion has increased tremendously.

Importance Of Flexibility In Women Over 50

The Problem Of Losing Flexibility When We Age

As our bodies get older we lose a small amount of flexibility as a result of normal aging processes. This can happen for several reasons including loss of water in our tissues and spine, increased stiffness in our joints and loss of elasticity throughout the muscle tendons and surrounding tissue. Simply put, if you don’t use it, you will lose it

The Peach Santo Tank is cute and cool, perfect for my morning workouts
The Peach Santos tank is cute and cool, perfect for my morning workouts

Benefits Of Flexibility With Age

Muscles and joints weaken and range of movement deteriorates as we age. Stretching benefits include development and maintenance of strength, improving flexibility, and increased circulation and blood flow.

  • Improves your performance in physical activities
  • Improves performance in daily activities
  • Decreases your risk of injury
  • Decreases nagging pain
  • Improves your workouts due to better muscular performance
  • Improves posture
  • Helps you keep a more youthful appearance (think shuffling or hunching over!)
Workout clothes for flexibility training in women over 50
You can incorporate a daily quiet time into your routine

Making Excuses…..

Stretching is a little like flossing. Deep down you know it’s good for you, but at the moment, it’s easy to skip. My excuse was pure and simple. I did not like stretching. Bad memories from gym class did not help any. Plus I was pretty athletic and quite frankly did not need to stretch.

Then the injuries started happening and it was harder and harder to recover. After lots of money spent on doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapist, I learned that the root of my problem was my lack of flexibility and alignment issues.

Summer Swell Capri leggings from Peach
Love the Peach Summer Swell Capri leggings

Women Over 50 Making Flexibility Training A Priority

Flexibility training takes extra time: time you don’t think you have. In a perfect world, you would stretch before and after every workout, but busy lifestyles make us pick and choose what we do with our time.

Once I realized how important flexibility training was, I made it a priority. I go once a week to a “movement specialist” and my training includes alinement and flexibility. My workout uses Pilates equipment such as the reformer.

Along with classes, I have daily stretching routine and I work out with both a foam roller and exercise ball for recovery after my tennis and stretching before I play a match.

My at-home workout in Peach-  Summer Swell Capri leggings, and Santo Yoga Bra,.
My at-home workout in Peach- Summer Swell Capri leggings, and Santo Yoga Bra.

Flexibility Over 50 Stretch Workout

There are tons of videos and online resources to help you create a flexibility workout at home. The routine below is from Get Healthy U.

Try each of the below stretches, holding for about 30-60 seconds each (and on each side if unilateral).

At home flexibility training for  women over 50

Make sure to breathe slowly and relax as much as possible. Do not stretch to the point of pain.

Standing Side Bend

Pyramid Pose

Yogi Squat

Downward Dog

Cat Pose

Cow Pose

Runner’s Lunge

Pigeon Pose

Reverse Table Top Pose

Happy Baby Pose

Be kind to yourself, find time for mind, body, and spirit.

One of my main goals with respect to aging is that I want to stay as active as I can. In order to achieve this goal, I need to make flexibility training and stretching a part of my daily routine. As I have become more in tune with my body, I have found that I like the way my body feels after a good stretching workout. It is very relaxing and I try to include some quiet time and devotion into my routine.

This is all a part of “self-care”. Be kind to yourself, find time for mind, body, and spirit.

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