Midlife Checklist! Over 50 Taking Care Of Life’s Business

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Do you have a Midlife Checklist? Off to the lawyers this morning to take care of some of life’s business. My husband and I have updated our will’s, healthcare directives, and done some estate planning.

Heading to lawyers for estate planning

Do You Have A Midlife Checklist?

I have spent so many years with children as the focus that it is time to do a midlife check. I need to prepare so that I can have a healthy and happy life. My husband is retiring at the end of the year. We need not only to declutter the house but reorganize our life’s business.

Have you done a midlife check?

Midlife Checklist For Health

The past three years I have been doing a midlife check on my health. Not only do I have yearly mammograms, but last year I had a bone density scan done for screening for osteoporosis. I also finally got a general practitioner who I have been seeing for blood work. This is important to stay ahead of any potential health problems.

What I wore to the lawyers to update my will

Time For Estate Planning

So many friends and family members dying is a wake-up call that I need to take care of estate planning. Carefully thought out estate planning can ease the tax burden of your children as well as help them make difficult decisions. I have seen too many families torn apart because of the division of property and money after someone dies. Shoot, I watched my grandfather and great aunt physically come to blows over a pocket watch.

Time to do a midlife check on health

Your Midlife Checklist Needs To Include Healthcare Directives

Nowadays, if you have any kind of surgery, the hospital will ask if you have a healthcare directive or living will. These are important documents to have completed and someone assigned to make healthcare decisions on your behalf if you are incapacitated. Not topics we want to discuss, but so needed in times of stress.

Having difficult discussion on topics such a career changes

Midlife Checklist- Time To Re-evaluate Health Insurance

With retirement on the horizon, decisions such as long term medical insurance, change in health insurance, and career evaluation are needed. Downsizing and change of lifestyle are also apart of the equation. What do the next 10 /20/30 years look like?

What does 10/20/30 years down the road look likfe

Midlife Checklist- Time To Look At New Opportunities

Changing your job/career situation may mean changing your focus. “What am I going to do when I retire?” is a question so many people ponder. Focus on the new opportunity to get involved in your community, start a new business, travel, spend time with family, create new friend groups, the possibilities are endless.

Grab Your Free Copy Of My Midlife Checklist

Grab a copy of Midlife Checklist

Decluttering and organizing your home is on the Midlife Checklist. Here is the blog post on a summer project that I conquered Organizing My Kitchen. I absolutely LOVE the results.

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