Black And White For Late Summer

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It is Fashion Friday and as we celebrate Labor Day, we start to look towards fall. The problem is that here in the south we will not have true fall until late Oct/Nov. It is what we lovingly call “still summer”.

Temperatures are still in the upper 80’s and it is hot but we just don’t feel like wearing all those summer color anymore. So, if this is what you are feeling, pull out the black and white. Chic and stylish but still cool and comfortable.

Ways To Incorporate Black And White For Late Summer Fashion

Go Sheer With Black And White Prints

Black and white is always a great way to transition from late summer to fall especially in the south

Go sheer, black and white stripes over a cami and sleeveless top. This top is a favorite of mine to pull out during September. Fun and stylish

Add sheer topper to black dress for instant style for late summer

This is a simple black sleeveless dress that I added a black and white sheer kimono too. I wear this kimono as a beach cover-up too with my black bathing suit during the fall.

Black And White Kimonos For Drama And Fun

Black and white ruana is a great option for late summer to make a simple black outfit Fabulous!
Kimonos and ruana add drama to all black outfit. Perfect for late summer

Go For a ruana or kimono. I love kimonos and ruana for drama, yes I am a drama queen. This was in a Fab Fit Fun box last summer. Perfect to add to my sleeveless black top and pants to make a great outfit that is not too bulky or hot for September.

Maxi Dresses In Black And White

Black and white maxi dressfor transition from late summer into fall

Maxi dresses in all black or black and white print. I love my all black maxi dress. I will add a pop of color with a turquoise necklace to give it some fun and style.

All black maxi dress with a punch of color for late summer look

Add A Lightweight White Sweater

add a white sweater to keep you warm when the a/c is blaring during the late summer

Here in the south, not only is September a hot month, but it is also a cold month in that you spend time inside with the a/c blasting. I have a collection of these great lightweight sweaters from Chicos Off The Rack to wear inside with my all-black dress or top and bottoms. I add a punch of color with a necklace. Easy quick way to be comfortable and stylish. I can take the sweater off when I am outside, and quickly add it back so I don’t freeze inside.

Black And White Tops

Black and white tops to make transition from late summer to  fall

Add black and white tops to your wardrobe. With all the sales going on this Labor Day, pick up some black and white tops. I have seen so many out there and you can dress them up or down. Black and white tops become a staple in your wardrobe.

All Black Jumpsuit

All black jumpsuit for late summer/ early fall

This all-black jumpsuit has been a workhorse in my wardrobe. Perfect to wear by itself or add a kimono or ruana for some drama. If you are not a jumpsuit person, you can easily create the look with black pants and a sleeveless black top.

All the outfits above have become staples in my closet. Take time to “shop your closet” and see what you might already have on hand to make some great transitional outfits to get you thru the “still summer” month of September.

I am at the beach this Labor Day and keeping an eye on Hurricane Dorian. Prayers to all who are in the path of this storm.

I will be starting back on my 21 Day Sugar Detox after the Labor Day weekend. Join me for round 2 of my journey.

Get prepared for the 21 Day Sugar Detox with my shopping list

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  1. I have been through menopause so I definitely understand that comment! I recently came across your blog and am enjoying it immensely. You are one stylish lady. I am at the beach this week (St. George Island) and it is beautiful . I sure hope Dorian stays away from the Gulf Coast. Enjoy your time at the beach.

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