21 Day Sugar Detox Is OVER- Final Thoughts And Review

Hello, Darlings!

At the beach celebrating my 21 Day Sugar Detox

I did it!!!! Yes, I survived my 21 Day Sugar Detox. Not only did I survive, but I also thrived. The last 21 days have taught me so much about how sugar is ruling my life. I am taking my life BACK!!!

The Good

So many good things have come about because I took the time to do the 21 Day Sugar Detox program.

My taste buds now are sensitive to sugar. My toothpaste tastes so sweet that I had to change brands. This is good because I want to be aware of the foods and products that contain sugar.

I have not had any cravings. Really, I have not missed the sugar sweets, only the fruit, and the wine. In my next phase, I will try to incorporate fruits, starting with green apples into my diet-but not use them as a sugar fix. Wine will also be added back into my diet, but selectively, and only once a week.

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Ready to get back to my FABULOUS self- feeling good with lots of energy

I have only lost 6lbs but my daughter lost 10lbs. This is a sugar detox, not a weight loss program but I am hoping that by adopting this into my lifestyle I can continue to lose weight.

Cooking meals at home with fresh produce has been a priority during the detox period. But this has been a good thing, my husband and I have cooked healthy meals and spent less money on takeout and restaurants.

One of the greatest benefits of the sugar detox has been sleeping. Deep, glorious healing sleep. I am truly hoping this will continue because waking up with energy is FABULOUS.

Sleep has been one of my greatest benefits to the program

The Journey Is Not Over

After Labor Day, I will go back on the 21 Day Sugar Detox plan. This time I will be working hard on things like portion size, eating out, adding exercise into my daily routine. Because I will not be going thru the withdrawal period, I hope to achieve great weight loss. I need to incorporate this into my new healthy lifestyle. I do not want to be enslaved by my sugar addiction.

While I am down at the beach this week, I will be planning my menus and shopping list for the next 21 days.

Thinking About Starting The 21 Day Sugar Detox? Some Advice

21 Day Sugar Detox

So many people have reached out to me in person and on social media stating that they are ready to start their journey. My advice to all is to PREPARE!!! Take this week to remove temptation from your home, shop for healthy sugar-free foods, prepare a menu for the 1st week of your detox, start slowly reducing sugar in coffee, and other drinks, and remove fruit from your meal plan. Grab the book, 21 Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide to help give you information on what your 21 days will look like and some recipes to try out. You can get it here from Amazon. I like the paperback version so I can mark pages, but it does come in a downloadable Kindle version

Most of all, reach out to others and have a support system in place when you have a bad day, and you will, encouragement is just a text away.

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  1. Well done Regan. Inspiring! I might try that myself on my journey to better health and vitality. Thanks for all the tips.

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