Friday With Friends- Sugar And Sleep

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Did you know that your lack of sleep could be dramatically affecting your sugar addiction and the ability to lose weight? Today we are going to talk about sugar and sleep but first I want to introduce you to my “Friday Friend”.

I have been amazed at all the people who have encouraged me and reached out to me to share their desire to live a healthier lifestyle that does not revolve around sugar. This journey has taught me how much sugar impacts my everyday life and how the physical problems I have been struggling with can be directly attributed to my addiction to sugar.

I treated myself to this new pajama set from Soma as a reward for being faithful to my sugar detox

Friday Friends- Meet Tania

Tania Stephens, 50 Is Not Old, recently shared her desire to break with sugar. Both her and husband are about to start the journey to a healthier sugar-less lifestyle. Tania is one of the original “over 50 bloggers” and has been an inspiration to me not only in the blogging community but in fashion as well. Tania has recently retired and is enjoying life as an empty nester and grandmother. I have loved seeing the pics of her trips to Alaska to visit her daughter and her trip to Mexico with Roden and Fields, as well as her adventures with her grandchildren.

Tania’s, 50 Is Not Old, showcases everyday fashion for real women. Her style is fun and quirky and she shows women how to look stylish on a small budget. She does a FABULOUS job of posting daily (some are very funny) so that you can get inspiration on affordable fashion and beauty to help you feel stylish. We are linking up and sharing a post today, so check her out here.

For a hot summer night, I added this camisole top with a shelf bra in leopard print

Sugar And Sleep

Today is all about sugar and sleep. I recently rewarded myself for my dedication to my 21 Day Sugar Detox program with new PJ’s from Soma. A night of good sleep has been a problem I have dealt with for years, but I am learning that it also may be directly affecting my blood sugar.

Cool Night Pom Trim Tulip Crop Pants in Leopard complete the set
Love mixing and matching pieces from the Cool Nights Collection

The amount of sleep, especially deep sleep, has a direct impact on your body’s sugar levels. Less sleep decreases your body’s ability to release insulin so your blood sugar levels stay high during the night. Because of this, your body secretes more of the stress hormone, Cortisol, to counteract this. Remember stress=belly fat! So not only are we gaining belly fat but have high blood glucose levels which could lead to Type 2 Diabetes. To make matters even worse, there is a direct link with lack of sleep and cravings for sugar. Poor sleep interferes with the appetite-regulating hormones, Leptin, and Ghrelin.

With the addition of my Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan, my Cool Night Pajama can be worn year-round

If you suffer from chronic inflammation, your sleep may be to blame too. Inflammation comes with the presence of Cytokines, chemical messengers that have been shown to regulate sleep. Elevated Cytokines have been linked to trouble sleeping and to insomnia. Inflammation can create pain and stiffness in the body that makes it difficult to fall asleep and sleep soundly.  It is that perpetual sugar addiction cycle and you can’t break it until you deal not only with sugar but sleep too.

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Good news is since I have begun my 21 Day Sugar Detox program, I have slept like a baby a good deep, healing sleep. On Monday I will post some of the “helpful hints” that I have been using to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Check out my 21Day Sugar Detox Journey:

Don’t forget to check out Tania, 50 Is Not Old. She is showcasing great ideas for transitioning to fall.

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Embracing and loving the life of an empty nester, I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger currently living in Birmingham, Al. I enjoy spending my time with friends and family including my sweet miniature schnauzers Gracie and Emma.

15 thoughts on “Friday With Friends- Sugar And Sleep

  1. Just stopping by from Tania’s blog, I can relate to your journey as I cut most sugar a few years ago and lost over 50 pounds. I recently started struggling with sleep issues and renewed hot flashes, yup, you guessed it, I had started incorporating sugar back into my diet. I wanted to eat like a “normal” person, but it turns out my body just cant lay off the sugar once it gets started. so cutting it again! I hope you have success with this because it changed my life for sure. love the new pjs. have a great day!

    1. Menopause was a nightmare for me. The hot flashes, emotional struggles, depression, and weight gain got me into a terrible mess. I have gained almost 50lbs since my hysterectomy, always turning to sugar for my “fix”. Now I have to really take control of my life. The detox program is helping cause I realize I CAN live without it. Next, portion control and bringing back exercise.

  2. Just found you thanks to Tania. I have been sugar free for 1 month. I have lost 8 lbs. my cholesterol is down as well as my B/P and sugar. I didn’t really eat much processed food before but Eating Clean has been great! Check out Pinterest, I really love cooking again with all the Clean recipes!

    1. Thanks, Bonnie for stopping by. I am excited to hear about your progress. My doctor told me I need to drop my triglyceride level and my weight. I am hoping by getting off the “sugar train” I can make some progress. Your progress is very encouraging

  3. I stopped by from 50 is not old and glad I did. Enjoyed the post and I need to look at my sugar intake. Thanks for those tips and info. Love the pjs!

    1. Thanks, Johnna for stopping by my blog. I am feel really great since I started the sugar detox program. My pj’s were my reward for staying true to the program.

  4. Stopping by from Tania’s blog. I’m anxious to read all your thoughts and the progress you’ve made. I’m looking to cut sugar out, but, boy it is going to be hard, but needs to be done!
    Love Soma pj’s!

  5. Hello! I came over from Tania’s blog. I so enjoyed reading about your journey of sugar detox. I have personally been trying to reomove sugar from my diet for a while. My biggest stumbling block are my fabulous kids: like a treat of donuts or stopping for DQ. I need to come up with a cheap and fun alternative.
    I make my own salad dressing so I don’t get sugar that way. My most recent find is lentil pasta noodles. I had just given up on eating pasta (I have also stopped eating white flour:I only eat sprouted wheat, sourdough or rye bread). Anyways the whole family likes these noodles! It’s a win! It’s been a journey that I just love how much better Ari feel when I eat well! I wish you the best!

    1. Yes, the kids are a stumbling block. But I recently read that that kids should eat no more than 6 teaspons/25 grams/100 calories of added sugar a day. I was bad, and still, am about rewarding my kids (they are grown) with sugar. Trying to break that habit. I will have to check out these lentil pasta noodles.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing

  6. Thanks for sharing Jill!!! Your words are so encouraging to me. I have struggled with weight gain after menopause. I am currently taking meds for underactive thyroid too and hoping that reducing sugar will also help with that condition. I need to be healthy and active. Your weight loss has motivated me to continue this journey.

  7. Regan, you are an inspiration to a lot of women. We need to be following in your footsteps. And, how did you know that I was looking for a set of pj’s to take with me to Nashville? I am heading over to Soma right now to check those out.

  8. I am learning to stop treating myself with sugar and now I am treating myself with new jammies. Who knows what is next, reward with jewelry???? Have a wonderful time in Nashville. My son is in law school at Vandy and my daughter in law works for the Nashville Chamber Of Commerce.

  9. Regan, this is such a great post and super helpful. I struggle so much with sleep and I have tried everything. Add menopause into the mix and young children who still crawl into my bed every night and I never get an uninterrupted night’s sleep. I have embarked on a much healthier lifestyle as well and have drastically cut my sugar consumption. But I still crave it often and I always feel awful after I over indulge. Super cute jammies, by the way! This post will be featured on Friday’s Link Up On the Edge.


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