Organizing My Empty Nest

Hello, Darlings!

She is back! What have I been up to this summer? Organizing my life and my house. This empty nest phase of life is full of cleaning out the clutter and simplifying my home so that I am not buried in chaos.

I have also been helping my daughter, Anna, with her new business Her business is an online decorating service that helps people create spaces in their home that will restore, inspire, and create community.

You can sign up for Anna’s Insta Kitchen Organizational Challenge next week.

Anna has been “using me” as a test subject for her Homzie 7 Day Insta Kitchen Challenge. Each day of the challenge you will receive an email with a “today’s focus challenge” on it. I know the first day is clean out. This task was an eye-opener for me as I realized how many expired food I had in my pantries and fridge. I have spices in my cabinet that are at least 30 years old. The lifespan of spices is 1-4 years.

How many spices do I really use? Not many! But now the ones I have are fresh and clearly labeled

Working with Anna, I have cleaned out all the pantries and cabinets, reorganizing, and finding better storage to make my kitchen function the way I live today. Empty Nest Style!

At the beach house, everything is neatly labeled and in bins. Now you can see where it goes and what we have

Now that I am an empty nester I no longer need to stock up at Cosco. I don’t make large meals so I don’t need large grocery runs. What I do want is to see my items organized neatly, that my husband can find them, and put them back correctly. Now that we have organized my pantry, I am no longer buying things I already have.

At home, I have a very shallow pantry so I used baskets, bins, and glass jars to keep everything neat and accessible

I am currently working on my junk drawers, refrigerator, and under the sink storage areas. This is not an easy task and at times I feel like I have opened “Pandora’s Box” but I am loving the results.

The Home Edit Book is a great tool for inspiration and ideas on different storage solutions that solve problems and are good looking too

In Anna’s Insta-Kitchen Challenge, she will give you a list of 75 items that you can use to help style your kitchen. Many of the same baskets and bins are on that list. She has done the research for you. We have been filming some great videos on how to measure your space and solve unique storage solutions.

You can register to win The Home Edit book by going to Homzie Designs Instagram page and following the direction on this photo. She is drawing the winner on Friday!

I look forward to sharing more of my organizational solutions in the near future. While it is blazing hot outside, now is a good time to get in your kitchen, declutter and start fresh.

I have my Summer Loving Summer fashion round-up post, and very soon, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.

Don’t forget – You will want to sign up for the 7 Day Insta- Kitchen Challenge and get the emails/ shopping list today! Even if you don’t have time to complete the challenges, you can save the emails will all the videos and information on it.

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  1. Wow! I love all your organizational ideas (yours and your very talented daughter!) It not only looks neat and tidy, but it’s cheerful and fun too! Great ideas! Love your kitchen! And I am on the hunt for that “Everything But the Bagel” spice!

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