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It is the “most wonderful time of the year” and time to celebrate.  My calendar is full of an array of holiday parties.  I have taken the time to plan out my outfits to each occasion (and a few extra in case of weather issues).  No running to the mall for a last minute outfit like I had to do last year. Nope, I am prepared!

Girls Tennis Christmas Party Outfit

Our tennis group has gotten together for a Christmas Brunch and Dirty Santa Party for 20 years now. It is one of my favorite get-togethers of the year.  Many girls who are no longer playing with us still come to the party.  Everyone has their favorite brunch dish and the Dirty Santa swap can be brutal (but mostly hilarious).

Power Of A Colorful Scarf

Bold Color Scarf Adds Interest

This event is fairly casual and we take a group picture at the end so you want to look cute.  My Cabi velvet jacket from last year with a bright forest green scarf from Amazon is the perfect combination of cute, sparkle, and comfort

Office Party Wives Included

Black Velvet with Black Ruana

With cost-cutting measures, the Office Christmas Party is one of the first things to go.  This year my husband got together with his fellow office workers and decided to do their own thing at a co-worker’s new house.  As the bosses’ wife, I need to set the style ( plus many of them follow me on my blog).  For the Office Party Dinner, the catchphrase of the evening will be comfortable velvet with holiday glam.  Chico’s Traveler’s Collection Velvet top and pants with a burnt out velvet ruana in black and silver from Target will be my outfit. Add a rhinestone necklace and red lipstick and you are ready to go.

Dinner Out With The Sisters In Law

Casual Glam with Chicos Velvet Ruana

As I have gotten older, the time spent with sisters in law is precious.  In the past, our lives have been so busy that we really spent very little time together and I didn’t really know them that well.  Now with our children grown, we can make getting together a priority.  The last couple of year we have done evening out at one of our fine dining restaurants here in Birmingham.  Last year we went to Highlands Restaurant and this year will be Bottega’s.  While the brothers talk sports and business stuff, we sit together and laugh and drink martinis.  Great food, fun, and fellowship=FABULOUS evening.

Dinner Out In Rose Print Velvet Burnout Ruana

Chicos Velvet Burnout Ruana

I am always looking for what I call “comfortable glam”.  Chico’s spotlighted this gorgeous Rose Print Velvet Burnout Ruana as part of their holiday collection.  I love how you can wear this for the holidays with its rich velvet touches, but still be able to wear it later on because it is not so “holiday”. I can also dress this up or dress this down by the pants and accessories I match with it.  Oh, and the print on the back is GORGEOUS.  You look good coming and going.

Christmas In The Country

Christmas In the Country

Each year my husband’s extended family has a get together at their grandparents home in the country.  With 21 first cousins, the event is large and boisterous. Now the children of the original 21 are having children and it has grown to the point of adding an addition to the house so that everyone can sit and eat.  The meal is served buffet style and everyone brings a dish.  Outside the yard is a winter wonderland of lights and the kids enjoy running around taking it the sights.  Lots of opportunity for pictures.

Poncho With Lots Of Sparkles

Christmas In The Country

Again, comfort is key so stretch jeans are the wardrobe piece of the day. You need plenty of room for expansion as you do not want to offend anyone and not try their famous dish.  The fried chicken is INCREDIBLE and a secret recipe shared with only a few ( I am hoping to get in that group soon).  My Christmas In The Country Outfit consists of black jeans (black is slimming) a simple gray crew neck t-shirt and this gray poncho covered in sparkles.  This was a piece I got last year from Chicos.  I added a tassel necklace and earring in silver to complete the outfit. Oh, and my black boots for walking outside.

A lot more events coming up.  Follow me on Instagram to keep up with my wardrobe planning.

Other Outfit Ideas include Holiday Wedding and Holiday Date Night 

Advice- If you have an event, plan your outfit ahead of time, try it on with accessories and take a selfie.  Now you can evaluate it and make any changes ahead of time.

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