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Time to do a “wardrobe check” on our outerwear.  Like many of you, I made sure all my kids, husbands, even the dogs had coats and jackets that fit and were stylish.  For me, I just wore what was in my closet and was in style in the 80’s cause that was the last time I bought outerwear.  What I found when I examined my closet is that I was sorely lacking in outerwear that was stylish.  Now with my newly empty nest, I have the time and money to spend on myself.

Key Items To Have In Your Outerwear Collection

Casual Puffer Jacket

Calvin Klein Puffer jacket

Not only are they modern, stylish, and warm, they are the PERFECT coat to put on with casual style yoga pants to run errands. This is the Calvin Klein Puffer Jacket from Macy’s.  It comes in regular, and petite sizing.  The jacket is fitted so it is flattering and lightweight quilt so it is not heavy or bulky. It also comes in several fun color including a gold and rose shimmer.

Long Black Wool Coat

Jones New York Walkers Wool Coat

Everyone needs a long black wool coat to wear with dresses.  It is the MUST HAVE piece of outwear.  Nothing looks worse than a woman dressed for a party or event and coming into the event wearing a coat that looks like she should be hiking in the woods.  Invest in a long wool coat.  Now it the time to buy as the selection is there and they are all on sale.  This is the Jones New York Walker and it comes in petite, regular, and plus sizes.  Many of the wool coats are fitted and you may need to go up a size.  Remember this is your coat to have on hand for formal or dressy occasions.  You will not have a bunch of layers on.

Black Trench Style Coat

Calvin Klein Belted Waterproof Trench Coat

Our fall/winter/ and spring are mostly rainy days.  So a trench style coat is going to be a workhorse in your wardrobe.  Last year when I went to Washington DC to visit my son, it was a misty rain almost the entire time.  I wanted one of these trench coats so badly but waited too long and they were sold out.  I went shlepping thru the streets in an oversized  Patagonia raincoat and felt frump the entire time.  Not going to make that mistake twice.

This trench coat is the Calvin Klein Belted Waterproof Trench Coat.  It comes in petite and regular sizes (single breasted and double breasted). Perfect for when you want to look stylish or even travel (would have loved to had had this in Edinburgh). It is thicker and will provide some warmth as well as style.

Fabulous Animal Print Statement Coat

Calvin Klein Leopard Print Walker

You don’t need it, but it is fun to have.  A leopard print coat to wear when you just want to be in the spotlight.  Leopard is the “new neutral” and has been in style for ages.  Go ahead, treat yourself to something wild and fun.  I actually have several.  Matter a fact, you could say I am creating a collection of animal prints.  Hey, every girl needs a hobby, right?

This is the Calvin Klein Leopard Print Faux Walker Coat.

Macy’s is having a HUGE Veteran’s Day sale and all their outwear is markdown.  Sizes are going fast.  Along with it being marked down, you can use extra code VET to get an additional 15% off.  Or if you are a regular Macy’s customer, use your Star Rewards and shopping passes.  

Shop For Outwear At Macy’s


** This is one of my many animal print coats.  This one is from Donna Sayler’s Fabulous Furs. It is the Leopard Signature Knee Length Faux Fur Coat. 

Now as our empty nest lifestyle takes us on new adventures and we go out, entertain, and travel more,  it is time to “level up” our wardrobe and treat ourselves to stylish fashions.

While you are shopping all the incredible Veteran’s Day Sales from the comfort our your own home, try out some of my Fast And Easy Soups to keep you warm on this cold and rainy weekend.

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