What To Wear As Mother Of Groom To All The Wedding Events

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Today is all about what to wear as Mother Of Groom to all the wedding events. The news that your son is getting married is a joyous time filled with excitement, anticipation, then…. fear and panic.  What am I going to wear to all the events associated with the wedding?  You see, weddings are not just the ceremony itself, no, it is parties, bridal showers, bridal luncheon,  rehearsal dinner, and then the wedding. 

As the Mother of the Bride or Groom, you need not just a dress but a wedding wardrobe.  To add extra stress, we are in an  Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook world where everything is shown for others to see, not just in an album to pull out later.

What To Wear To Bridal Showers/Bridal Teas

Here in the South, there is a distinct expectation of what it to be worn.  That makes it a little bit easier.  For the bride, she wears a dress in white that says “I am the bride”.  For the Mother of the Groom, it is your Sunday best.  Here are some of the dresses I wore to my sons’ (twin boys getting married 9 months apart).

What I Wore To The Bridal Showers/ Teas

Mother Of The Groom Bridal Shower Dress

Bridal Tea Fashion

Birmingham Tea

Both Mother Of Bride and Mother of Groom wore lace dresses from Lauren Ralph Lauren Collection bought online at Macy’s.

Mother of the Groom: What to wear to bridal shower


Mother Of The Groom/ Bride at Bridal Shower

Most important things to remember when picking out bridal tea/shower dresses is that you love how you look in it.  Lot and lots of pictures taken.  Make sure you have comfortable shoes. Accessories can go a long way to take a plain dress and make it spectacular. I liked this dress so much I bought it in four colors.

What To Wear To Casual Dinner/Engagement Parties To Celebrate The Bride And Groom

We are seeing a lot more couple showers or engagement parties to celebrate the bride and groom. These tend to be more casual but you still want to look your best (pictures will be taken).

What I Wore To Casual Engagement Parties

Mother Of Groom/ Mother Of Bride at engagement party

Floral Maxi Dress For Engagement Party

I wore this floral print maxi dress from Chico’s to a poolside engagement party. My shoes were sandals due to the surface of the patio and poolside was rocky.  Beaded tassel earrings bring attention up to my face.

What To Wear To Bridal Luncheon

The Bridal Luncheon/Brunch is a time to celebrate the young ladies who have agreed to give of their time to participate in the wedding. It is an all girls event and many times held the same day as the rehearsal dinner at someone’s home or a restaurant.

What I Wore To Bridal Luncheons

Mother Of The Groom Bridal Luncheon At Canoe Restaurant

I wore a petite halter neck floral dress from the INC Collection at Macy’s.  Perfect dress for the venue, Canoe Restaurant on the banks of the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta. The dress came with a metallic belt and I chose gold earrings and a bracelet to finish the look.  For shoes, I wore a nude color block heel which was good because the walking surfaces were rock and stone.  Everyone needs a good nude heel sandal (or like me, several).


Bridal Luncheon


Mother of Bride/ Mother of Groom Bridal Brunch

To this bridal brunch, I wore a cold shoulder Lauren Ralph Lauren dress in hot pink.  Added a great statement necklace and very comfortable platform shoes. The Mother of the Bride wore this floral halter top maxi dress from Eliza J.  She also wore my Lauren Ralph Lauren dress in hot pink for the rehearsal dinner that same night. Great minds think alike.

What To Wear To Rehearsal Dinner

As the Mother Of The Groom this is your party. You are the hostess and will set the dress code.  Because many rehearsal dinners can be everything from very casual to semi-formal, you will want to put a dress code on your invite to let your guest know what to wear.

What I Wore To Rehearsal Dinners


mother of groom outfit for rehearsal dinnerA simple black dress is always perfect for evening events. I added this very inexpensive but looks expensive velvet detail kimono from … Target.


what to wear to rehearsal dinner when you are the parents of the groomMy dress for the rehearsal dinner was from Lauren Ralph Lauren collection for petites.  I purchased it from Macy’s. The material is a lycra/spandex knit but I still wore Spanx underneath.  For shoes, I chose to wear block heels for comfort but also sprayed my foot with Preheels so I would not rub a blister.

Mother of the Groom Rehearsal Dinner Outfit

For the rehearsal dinner in June at the Capital City Club at Crabapple, I wore an off the shoulder black Lauren Ralph Lauren dress with black Stuart Weitzman block heels and added glitz and glam with accessories.

What To Wear To The Wedding As The Mother Of Groom

In choosing your dress for the wedding, confer with the mother of the bride and the bride.  Discuss time of day, venue, dress length, color scheme.  Remember it is all about the pictures. It is very important to remember that the wedding is their party.  Allow the Mother of the Bride and Bride to take center stage. You are an honored guest.

What I Wore To The Weddings As Mother Of Groom

What to wear if mother of groom

My dress for my son’s wedding in September is from Teri Jon. The dress is an off the shoulder navy with beaded details.  The dress is made of a lycra/spandex material but I still wore Spanx underneath. For shoes, I chose block heels that I could wear easily outdoors and on uneven surfaces. My earrings were rhinestone chandelier style to bring attention up to my face.

The mother of the bride chose this gorgeous dress from Eliza J that she ordered online from Nordstrom.  The details and print are gorgeous, plus, this dress was not overly expensive but most importantly, it had pockets for her to keep her tissues. Lots of tears of joy.


Mother Of Bride/ Mother Of Groom Fall Wedding

Mother Of Groom Dress Terri Jon

This dress from Teri Jon I originally bought to wear to my son’s wedding in September. The wedding then took a more formal tone and I decided to get another dress that was long.  I kept this dress and wore it to my nephew’s wedding.

Mother Of Groom Dress Chiara La Petite Robe

For my son’s wedding in late June, I chose this bright pink dress from Chiara La Petite Robe from Neiman Marcus.  The fabric is a scuba fabric that fits like a glove.  I loved the neckline detail and peplum.  My shoes are block heels from Stuart Weitzman and I carried a matching clutch I got from Macy’s.  Jewelry was kept to a minimum as the dress was the star.


Mother Of Bride/ Mother Of Groom Spring Wedding

The mother of the bride wore this gorgeous embroidered detail dress she got from Saks Fifth Avenue. Being petite, your choice in dresses and designers is limited.  Saks Fifth Avenue worked with this 4’11 foot mother of the bride to find the perfect dress and alter it to fit her. The venue for this wedding was Aston Gardens in Atlanta.  The wedding ceremony was held in the chapel, with the reception in the reception hall.  Here is an example where the mother of the bride and mother of the groom wore different length dresses.

Helpful Hints On Wedding Wardrobe

  1. Plan well in advance.  Don’t wait till the last minute and panic about what to wear to any of the events.  All wedding events are going to be picture events and you want to look your best.
  2. When trying to decide on a dress or outfit, take a selfie.  Mirrors lie but selfies don’t.  Always to go stores with correct bra and undergarments to try on clothes.  If you get home and don’t like it take it back!
  3. Go get a bra fitting.  A correct size bra does wonders for an outfit.  Buy new correct size bras and undergarments.  Try on bras for fit and comfort. You may need multiple types of bras for your “wedding wardrobe”.
  4. If you  LOVE a dress, buy it in many colors.  Why do you ask? Because once you get on the wedding circuit you will be attending many events of friends and family and will need other dress for those events.
  5. Test out your shoes and break them in.  Don’t buy cheap shoes.  Buy good quality shoes that fit and are comfortable.  If you need inserts, get them. Make sure you pick up a blister preventer such as Preheels, learn how to use it ahead of time. When choosing shoes think about the venue and walking surfaces.
  6. Accessories and jewelry are where you can go cheap, lots of inexpensive pieces out there that can take a simple black dress and make it spectacular.  Try on your outfit, complete with shoes and accessories so you can evaluate it ahead of time. Take that selfie!
  7. A clutch purse is a must. You can find inexpensive clutch bags in most department stores.  Test to make sure your cell phone fits.  Clutch bags are perfect for phone, lipstick, mints, tissues, keys.  A clutch bag completes the look.
  8. Just as you test out your outfit, test out your makeup.  Sweatproof, waterproof, long wear are all words you need to look for in makeup.  If you are not used to wearing much makeup, go to your local beauty counter ( I like MAC) and have them teach you how to use the products. Practice at home!  You will need to wear more makeup than you think or you will look washed out in pictures.
  9. Don’t forget a gorgeous smile.  Get a professional whitening or use products such as Crest Whitening Strips ahead of time to remove coffee and tea stains.
  10. Finally, if you get to choose your flowers for the wedding, opt for a small bouquet. Because there are so many pictures taken, the small bouquet gives you something to do with your hands.  It also can cover your tummy in pics.


I hope this helps you with your wedding wardrobe planning.  Weddings are exciting, happy events, but can be stressful because you want to look your best and if you are like me, don’t like to shop. If you see someone’s dress you like, don’t be afraid to ask them where they got it.  Online shopping for wedding wardrobe is a helpful tool.  Stores like Nordstrom and Macy’s offer free shipping and free returns on most items. Great way to make decisions in the comfort of your home.

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