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Puppies in basket

Oh, how we forget! It has been twelve years since I have had a puppy and back then I had the kids to help out.  Well, you forget about the first couple of sleepless nights when the puppy wants to play all night, or separation anxiety and the pitiful cries. We will not even get into “house training”.  Knowing that we were getting a new puppy, I did prepare and that has helped.

Puppy Gates

Summer Infant Walk Thru Gate From Amazon

Knowing I was going to need to gate off areas of my home and keep the puppy gated in, I found this baby gates from Amazon.  They are the Summer Infant Multi-Use Walk-Thru Gate.   The gates come in a nice bronze color or white to go with the decor of your home.  They are pressure mounted so you don’t have to ruin your doorways.  I bought the wall cupper for additional padding to protect my doorways. The gate comes in a smaller and larger size to accommodate different doorway openings ( I bought one of each).  They also have an additional mounting kit for stairs.  I can use this now with my puppy and later with grandbabies.  The walk-thru feature is HUGE. I purchased these from Amazon.

Puppy Food

Wells Earthborn Puppy Vantage

I suggest you ask your breeder what they have been feeding your puppy. If not, as your vet for a recommendation of quality puppy food. Our breeder told us to feed the new puppy, Wells Earthborn Holistic Puppy Vantage. She sent us home with a baggie full of food to get us started.  Gracie and Nora LOVE their food.  I was able to purchase this on Amazon with prime shipping.

Play Fence/Crate/Bedding

Dog Crate From Chewy

Many people crate train their puppies.  I have never done that.  What I did was limit their space until they got used to it and did well with pad training. As for bedding, I already had a dog bed and we used that.  The crate above is from Chewy and one my friend loves for her dog.

Play Pen From

Play Pen For Puppy From Chewy

This is the playpen my daughter uses for Nora.  She puts her bedding and toying inside and this allows her some freedom of movement when she is not at home, but still a safe place. My friend Denise combines the two, crate and playpen, for her Golden Retriever, Shug, to have a safe and cozy space.

Dog Beds From

Cozy dog bed from

I like these “cuddler” beds with raised sides to give your puppy a place to lay his/her head.  The inside is ultra soft giving a faux fur feel.  It is machine washable which is a must.

The Other Puppy Stuff

Puppy Pads

Puppy Pads For Indoor Pad Training

I purchased these Frisco Training & Potty Pads.  I have always trained my dogs on the pads.  Since your puppy should not go outside until they have had their 12-week shots, pad training is a must.

Dog Bowl/Leash/ Collar/Harness

Dog Bowl- Van Ness Stainless Steel Non-Tip   (comes in varies sizes)

Stainless Dog Bowl

I made the mistake of going too small.  Don’t go smaller than 32 oz. The non-tip feature is huge with a new puppy. has a huge selection of dog collars, harnesses, and leashes for you to choose from. Many people are going to the harness instead of the collar.  I am still a “collar person”.

Puppy Paw Print Leash


Puppy Paw Print Collar

I purchased the Sassy Dog Wear Puppy Paw Print leash and matching collar for Gracie


You are going to need toys and chew toys to keep your sweet puppy entertained and away from your shoes and furniture.  Here is a list of toys purchased from

Dingo Chew Sticks – a HUGE hit

Kong Puppy Goodie Bone With Rope– Huge hit although she has already taken it apart and playing with the pieces separate

Multipet Chilly Bone Dog Chew– This bone can be put in freezer to cool off in summer months and for teething.

Cotton blend knot robe for chewing and tug– hours of fun with this one

Lean Treats For Training– this was recommended by our vet.  Break them in pieces to reward for pad training

Kong Toys.  Kong is king in the puppy toy area.  All the Kong brand toys have been a hit

Kong toy with a center for a treat

Plush Kong Teddy Bear- Perfect lovey for your puppy.  Made strong with no eyes for your puppy to swallow.

Finally, need to keep an eye on your sweet puppy when you are away from the house? This is an easy camera system you can set up in minutes, download the app, and keep an eye on your new baby.

Kid And Pet Camera From Zmodo

Wireless Kid and Pet Monitoring Camera

This camera works with the MeShare app and gives on-demand clear live stream day and night.  The cameras from Zmodo is what I have at my home, beach, and lake house so I can have peace of mind everything is okay.


These are just a few of the items I have purchased as my “puppy starter kit”.  As we grow larger and can go outside, we will be adding more things to train and delight.

At 9 week checkup, Gracie has grown 1.5 lbs. Very active and now sleeping thru the night (praise!!!)




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  1. Congratulations on the new addition! I can vouch for crate training. We did it for the first two years and it worked so well. Wish I would’ve bought the gate you can walk through, we were always clumsily stepping over ours. Also, Kong toys are the best!

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