Meet The New Puppy! Adding A New Puppy To The Empty Nest

Hello, Darlings!

Today I want you to meet the new puppy.  Wow, it is definitely a change after years of having older, well-established dogs who do their own thing.

Meet The New Puppy

I don’t know if I shared with you that we lost our beloved Abbie this year to cancer.  My heart has been broken.  She was such a great dog, full of life, loved the outdoors.  I have had dogs all my life, my favorite breed being the miniature schnauzer.  They are so intelligent and have so much personality (yes, they are barkers but don’t shed). I still have my sweet Emma, the Diva, but she needed a buddy. My husband was insistent that we get another dog immediately.  Abbie was his dog and buddy.  So I went to a reputable breeder and got on their list, a sweet girl was born, but she died about 2 weeks later.  Another death! I did think I could do this again. 

Memorial painting of Abbie by Paint Your Life

After grieving for that puppy, I joined a Facebook group that my breeder was on, posted my need, and was put in contact with another breeder closer to me.  Long story short, we picked up the newest member of the Davidson house yesterday

Meet The New Puppy! Here Is Gracie

Meet Gracie
Mommy & Gracie

Oh, but the story doesn’t end there. My daughter Anna decided she would like one of the other puppies. Anna adopted the runt of the litter.  A sweet baby girl with soulful eyes.

Oh Wait… Meet The New Puppy- Here Is Nora

Meet Nora

So I am now a puppy mama and puppy grandmother.  We now have puppy daycare and play time at Mimi’s house ( my new puppy and grandmother name).

Mimi & Nora

Puppy Playtime At Mimi’s

Puppies in basket

We have a playpen set up and puppy/baby gates up to create a fun and safe environment.  Lots of chew toys/puppy training pads/soft bed/food and water. We have had wrestling time/chew time/sleep time.  Nora may be little, but she is not taking any crap from Gracie.  It is really rather fun to watch.

Emma is NOT Happy

Emma is not happy

How did Emma take all of this? Well, let just say, she is PISSED! She has been given me the looks 13-year-old girls give their mothers.  I know in time she will learn and accept the new pup/puppies. But for now, she is sitting on the sidelines giving me THE LOOK. Update! Today she is actually doing quite well.  She knows they are little so she is being careful, but is very interested.  We even had about a minute of play time with Gracie today.

Oh How We Forget

You forget about the chewing, potty training, dog training.  All the things that go into adding a new dog to your household.  Things at the Davidson household have been crazy enough with weddings/ construction projects/ empty nest travels.  Now we are adding dog training too. I am a bit overwhelmed, and keep saying to myself “what was I thinking about getting a puppy?”.

Nothing Like Puppy Loving

Anna & puppies

Oh a day when things are stressed, depressed, and just not going good, there is nothing like puppy love. Those sweet kisses and cuddles.  Whatever problem you are having just melts away. I have always loved having a dog as a pet.  They are a great companion, especially now since my nest is empty.  My husband travels so I feel safer having a dog at home. Although a burglar could come into our house, and Emma would have slept the entire time, except for the UPS guy who just drove on our street creating chaos.

Exciting times ahead.  Ordered all my puppy supplies from  Very quick delivery.  If you have not used them before, I thoroughly recommend them.

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4 thoughts on “Meet The New Puppy! Adding A New Puppy To The Empty Nest

  1. We were heart broken too after the loss of our ‘squeezy’ – our cocker spaniel. We found comfort in getting another puppy – and boy did she bring the smile back! It’s so true, you forget how much work they are but the love they bring makes it totally worth it xx

    1. So sorry for your loss! It was actually a hard decision to get any other dog, but my other dog Emma needs a playmate. Right now Emma is mad at me, but when the puppy get’s older, it will be great. Puppy stage is hard- not a lot of sleep this week but I know that will change.

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