National Sunglasses Day- My Favorite Sunglasses

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Today is National Sunglasses Day! I am going to share with you My Favorite Sunglasses. Sunglasses are not only for a fashion statement but for protection from the sun’s harmful rays.  Technology has taken sunglasses to a whole new level.  With the invention of the polarized lens, sunglasses now can help you see better.  I wear my polarized sunglasses on the tennis courts to help me see the tennis ball better, on cloudy days, and most of all on rainy days when driving. My favorite brand of sunglasses is Maui Jim’s

National Sunglasses Day- My Favorite Sunglasses

My Favorite Sunglasses For Drama

Maui Jim Melika– Oversized Movie Star Sunglasses

Maui Jim Maile For Fashion Statement

Okay, you know I am a bit of a diva.  I LOVE the oversized sunglasses for a fashion statement. These are the Melika from Maui JimMaui Jim has created a whole line of fashion sunglasses.  These glasses are lightweight but still have the polarized, glare protecting lens that Maui Jim is famous for.  Need to make an entrance, these are your sunglasses.  I recently wore them to an outdoor wedding. You really feel like a movie star in them.

My Favorite Sunglasses For Driving

Riding In My Convertible With My Maui Jim Nalani Polarized Lens Sunglasses

Maui Jim Nalani for driving

The Maui Jim sunglasses are perfect for driving.  These sunglasses are Maui Jim’s Nalani, and I have them in both black and tortoise.  Not only are the functional, the polarized lenses make the lines of the roadways POP, they are also very fashionable.  If you are driving a little red convertible, you MUST have a fabulous pair of sunglasses.  I think it is some rule…

My Favorite Sunglasses For Tennis

Maui Jim Ho’okipa Sunglasses For Tennis And Other Sports

Maui Jim Ho'okipa for sports

These were the first pair of Maui Jim sunglasses I owned.  The Ho’okipa has been my FAVORITE for years for playing tennis.  I own the brown-tinted shades and they make that little yellow tennis ball just POP. So much easier to focus on the ball.  Matter a fact, everything looks more in focus.  They have a polycarbonate lens that is optically correct for crisp optics.  The lens has a coating to prevent scratches.   Most of all, they are rimless and the nose piece and ear pieces are made to fit for comfort so they are PERFECT for tennis and other sports. Love to wear your lens to the beach, these lenses are saltwater safe.

More “Show Me Your Shades”

Show Me Your Shades

Maui Jim sunglasses are not cheap. I have been collecting them in many different styles and colors for the past couple of years.  Now I have a collection I can choose from.

Maui JIm Sunglasses For Fashion Statement

My Favorite Sunglasses For Pool And Beach

Maui Jim's For Beach And Pool

With the polarized lenses, scratch-proof coating, and saltwater safe, they make the perfect sunglasses for beach and pool. Make a fashion statement or just looking good and seeing better. It is a win/win combination.

Keep your eyes open for sales on sunglasses.  I buy most of my Maui Jim Sunglasses on Zappos or from Amazon.  Me and my sunglasses are heading to the beach for a fun, family-filled week of 4th of July.  I will be sharing my 4th of July looks and decorations and more blog post on the wedding.

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