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Summer is a great time to get out and enjoy all the fun activities.  I grew up learning to ski and hanging out at the pool/beach/or lake.  Having that love for the water, I have worked hard to instill those fun experience on my children.  And it has worked, they love the water and all water sports.  So when we recently were looking to trade in our old runabout boat, my kids wanted up to look into a boat that could do it all, wakeboarding, skiing, and a new watersport wake surfing.

What Is Wake Surfing?

Wake Surfing


Wake surfing is when you ride on a smaller version of a surfing board on the perfect wave created by a wake boat.  We recently purchased a Malibu Wakesetter will all the bells and whistles (all most too much technology).  The boat creates the wave and the ride who is holding a rope simply stands up, finds their balance and rides the wave.  The boat is going at a speed of about 10mph compared to water skiing which is 35 mph.

Benefits Of Wake Surfing



Wake SurfingWake surfing is much easier on your back, knees, and calves, concentrating more on balance.  Most of the hard work is done by the boat itself.  It is much easier to get up wake surfing and stay on the board longer because the boat is not going fast (about 10 mph) and less pressure on back, knees, and other muscles.  Unlike water skiing where the boat pulls you up, wake surfing you basically just stand up once you feel the boat move and the wave is created.  Once you are up, you get your balance, feel the rhythm of the wave, you can toss the rope back, and surf away.

Here is a video of my daughter Anna throwing the rope and surfing the wave




Don’t be afraid to try something new.  I am learning home much I enjoy kayaking, paddleboard, ziplining, biking.  Working hard to stay active and loving it!


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