Easy Beach Reads Just In Time For The Weekend

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Summer is a time when I finally can give myself permission to pull out a book and relax.  I wasn’t always a big reader.  When I was in school I hated to read, but as an adult, I have found the joys of reading.  The books I like the most are easy mysteries, romances, and the favorite, summer beach reads.  What is a summer beach read? Well, my definition of a summer beach read is a book that is easy to read (you can finish in a day or so), many are set in an island, beach, or vacation locales. Many authors specialize in beach reads and you will find their books released just in time for your vacation.

What Do I recommend For Summer Beach Reads?

Summer Beach Reads- High Tide Club



I just finished Mary Kay Andrews, High Tide Club.  Mary Kay Andrews is the queen of summer beach reads.  This book is a combination of mystery, romances, with just enough wit to keep it light-hearted. The setting of the book is the barrier islands off the coast of Georgia. I recommend all of Mary Kay Andrews books for easy reads.

Summer Beach Read- The Weekenders


Next book is actually a re-read.  Do you do that?  I am a re-reader, meaning I re-read books I have already completed.  Because I read rather fast, sometimes I miss details or don’t really pay attention to subplots.  Re-reading for me is a way to look at the book via another viewpoint, or just enjoy a well-liked book again.  This weekend I re-read Mary Kay Andrews last year’s beach read, The Weekenders.  Loved it again.

Summer Beach Read- Matchmaker

Last trip to the beach I needed a book to read all day.  The water was rough and the sun was hot so I was planning on spending the entire day under my umbrella with a good book.  My daughter recommended I try Elin Hilderbrand, The Matchmaker.  Set on the island of Nantucket, it is a story of losing love and finding love again. This book was a very easy read with several mini-stories woven in.


Summer Beach Read- The Summer That Made Us.

Next book is from an author I have been reading for years, Robin Carr.  Robin Carr writes a series called Sullivan’s Crossing where the books build on each other and the characters are seen in many books. Robin Carr’s summer beach read is The Summer That Made Us.  This book looks back at the events that took place the summer of 1989 and how it changed a family.  It is a story of forgiveness and acceptance.  The old theme of “the truth can set you free” rings true within this tale.

What Am I Reading Next?

Summer Beach Reads- The Rumor

My short stack of summer beach reads includes another book from Elin Hilderbrand, The Rumor.  Elin Hilderbrand is another summer beach read author who writes easy books set in Nantucket.  I like this author because of the way she writes from multiple characters viewpoints.  It makes it easy to keep up with the subplots.  Again, a little bit of mystery, light-hearted romance, soul-searching, just what a good summer read needs.

What are your favorite beach reads? Comment below. I am needing more books to read and love to hear others recommendations.

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  1. I just got the Matchmaker to take on vacation to the beach next week. I wish I’d seen this earlier, I would have tried “The High Tide Club”. I took a pic of it so I’ll remember😉

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