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Fashion Tool Box Kit

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With all the weddings, parties, events, and so on, I am learning that even with the best planning, things happen.  So I have created my Fashion Tool Kit.  This box contains lots of  “must have” items to help you navigate the world of fashion.  My box is located in my closet so as I am dressing for an event, I can easily grab items I need to successfully put together my wardrobe of the day. Don’t understand? Let’s look at my kit and it all becomes clear.

Here are the items in my Fashion Tool Kit

Bra Clips

Fashion Tool Box- Bra Clip


These plastic clips are great when you have bra strap issues.  They simply slip on to the back of your bra, you do not need to take your bra off.  You can adjust them to create a racerback and even improves the fit of your bra. I purchased them on Amazon.  Especially with summer dresses, this is a must have to grab at a moments notice when your bra strap will be an issue.  Nothing is worse than messing with your bra straps all evening long.

Fashion Tape

Fashion Tool Box- Fashion Tape

This no iron sticky tape is great for fixing a hemline, a top that is gaping open, I use this to keep wrap style dresses neckline in place.  You can also use it to keep bra straps secure and add to strapless bras to keep them from sliding down during the evening.  If your spanx tends to roll up, add fashion tape to them to keep them in place.  The tape comes in a handy canister that you can slip in your purse.

Silicone Nipple Covers

Fashion Tool Box- Silicone Nipple Covers

So many dresses and tops have built-in bras.  For me, I still need better coverage, so I have found Silicone Nipple Covers.  I use these almost every day and have several pairs, especially one for my traveling bag.  Simply press in place and go.  You can also wash and reuse them.  I use them for my tennis outfits and swimsuits. The Silicone Nipple Covers open a whole new world for going braless, which is great because I hate strapless bras.

Beltaway Adjustable Stretch Belt

Fashion Tool Box- Beltaway Adjustable Stretch Belt

Do you have problems with your jeans gaping in the back or due to being stretched out, sliding down?  If so, this is the answer.  I purchased this last year have gotten so much wear out of them.  They come in multiple colors, I own white, blue, and black.  The buckle lays flat so there is no bulge, and it is almost invisible under clothes giving you a smooth, slimmer look.  If you wear most of your tops tucked out, this is a winner. The Beltaway Adjustable Stretch Belt can be purchased thru Amazon.

Zip My Dress- Zipper Puller

Fashion Tool Box- Zip My Dress

For women who live alone, this is a MUST. The Zip My Dress Zipper Puller is a zipper aid you simply attach to your zipper with a long cord and pull the zipper up.  It is great for people like me who do not have long arms.  The Zip My Dress Zipper Puller also gives you leverage to help with those stubborn zippers. It will work on the invisible zippers too.

Preheel Blister Prevention Spray 


Fashion Tool Kit- Preheels Blister Prevention SprayI am on my second bottle of this stuff.  If you are wearing heels or new shoes, this is a lifesaver.  No more band-aids! You spray the Preheels Blister Prevention Spray on and let it dry for about 90 secs, or until it is not sticky.  Then slip your feet in and away you go.  It will not ruin your shoes.  To remove you simply wash off with a wet washcloth- easy!

High Heel Slip Prevention And Cushion 

Fashion Tool Kit- Heel Comfort And Slip Prevention Pads


The Metatarsal Pads give cushion and support to high heels.  They also help with slip prevention.  The nude color makes them perfect for evening shoes that have thin straps.

I hope you find these fashion tools helpful in creating the perfect outfit.  Nothing is worse than getting ready for an event only to need some item to solve a fashion problem.  I don’t have to worry because my fashion  tool kit is ready and waiting for me.  All the items shown can be purchased thru Amazon.  Check out my Amazon Influencers Page for all my recommendations.  All items shown today were purchased by me.



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