Forever Fierce Day: What Does It Mean To Be Fierce In Midlife?


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Hello, Darlings!

Today is Forever Fierce Day! Forever Fierce Day is a day for celebrating women in midlife.  We are working on changing the perceptions of midlife and encouraging, supporting and mentoring women as they begin their journey to new challenges and changes.  Midlife brings with it change.  Change can be good.  It is all about how you look at it.

In the past, midlife has had a bad rap. The terms “over the hill”, “frumpy”, “past your prime” have been marketed by media.  I am here to tell you that…

“Age has absolutely nothing to do with a number. It is all about an ATTITUDE”

Regan, 52,@nifty50fabulous from Birmingham, AL

Fierce- Regan

Being fierce to me means embracing the freedom of midlife.  Kids are grown and out of the nest and now it is my time to spread my wings.  It also means embracing the challenges that come with midlife, and there are many.  For someone who likes the comfortable and steady, changes bring chaos and draw me out of my comfort zone.  I am learning to go with the flow and enjoy the ride.  With age comes wisdom and experience, with these I have learned that I am a truly compassionate person. I have not seen myself as compassionate, I am a problem solvers.  But I have seen, when you truly “understand what they are going thru” and “have walked in their shoes” your experiences give you a greater understanding.  Embracing life head-on with a fierce and FABULOUS attitude.


Recently I had the honor of asking women in the Forever Fierce: Midlife Revolution Facebook group the question

Meet my FABULOUS fierce sisters and let them inspire you to enjoy your midlife journey


Sherri @oldsoulinga 53, from Powder Springs, GA writes:

“Fierce in midlife means giving your all each day because you realize that time is truly a gift and could expire at any minute. There is way too much to get done. Sleep is no longer a necessity! I have people to see, things to make, and of course posting about decorating on my Instagram,@oldsoulinga, has been so much fun! Don’t mess with me ’cause I’m still living FIERCE!”







Donna, 61, from Bethlehem, PA shares:

“Being Fierce in midlife means that I no longer have the doubts and insecurities about my life I use to have.  I feel more confident in who I am now and I’m happy to be ME!”






Meet Ann Marie, 41, from Sayville, NY and find out what being fierce mean to her: 

“First it means to me to feel comfortable in your own skin to Speak Your Truth.  It means seeing everything in terms of Healing & Empowerment while coming from a place of Self Love. It means having an understanding that we have control over the expression of our lives. It’s viewing both the good and the bad that happens in our lives from a higher place of spirituality, and not where our human minds default. It means approaching life Mindfully & Meaningfully. It means learning to listen to our Intuition, and realizing it’s Safe to Trust it! It means to share your Wisdom & Abundance with those whose hearts are open only, and not to try to fix anyone!”

It means to view this life Holistically-Only then will we understand true healling~Healing of the Mind, Body, and Soul. 


Jannuth, @jannuthkc 65, from Southeast TN/North GA strives to be fierce in midlife by:

Meet Jannuth

Being Fierce in Mid-life means connecting with women of like minds and learning from those who are different. It is about celebrating who we are and embracing every moment. We have a long way to go with equality but just by viewing British dramas from the 1950’s it is easy to see that we have come a long way baby!!!!! May we as women never cease to applaud the achievements of one another. When we fail, may we be encouraged to proceed.

As C. S. Lewis states,

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream.”


I strive to be “Fierce in Mid-life” but what does that really mean? To me it means the following:

  1. Making a commitment to be healthy in all areas of my life…(clean eating & exercising/yoga are just two)
  2. Radiating joy…I desire to brighten the days of others…
  3. Loving & Uplifting others…It may be the only positive word or compliment they receive.
  4. Supporting the “Progress of Women”  including justice for abused women & children…
  5. Expressing positive thoughts and actions while seeing the glass half full…
  6. Letting go of toxic things in my life for which I have little control…That is difficult but I am striving…
  7. Learning various interests while increasing my brain power…I desire to play my piano and guitar while broadening my abilities with each instrument.  Good music is missing from my life and that is about to CHANGE!!!!!
  8. Traveling in the USA and abroad more. It serves as a great educational tool. I forbid any age now or in the future from stopping that !!!!
  9. Setting goals…both little and big ones while striving to maintain each one…
  10. Continuing to enjoy fashion as a way of feeling good about myself and having fun with design, color, and creativity…
  11. Praying continually not just when trouble arises…
  12. Place these as priorities: Faith, Family, Friends & New Friends

Maura, management consultant and executive coach, from Chester County, PA wrote:

Meet Maura

Being Fierce: A paradox

I used to think I was fierce.

In my younger years, I pursued outward success on all fronts with fiery ambition.

In recent years, I have become more grounded in “being” rather than “doing.” I have slowly learned and accepted that “being fierce” is a paradox.

It is not about doing or achieving or delivering.

It is not loud or aggressive.

It is not something that you say or do.

It is what happens when you are unshakable in your belief that you are enough.

It is the calm that comes from knowing who you are.

It is the quiet confidence that comes from knowing that the difference between failure and learning is perspective.

It is the steadying and reassuring love of the family that you create.

It is not an outward roar but rather the quiet voice of inner satisfaction.

Being yourself is fierce.

I am fierce.


Meet Robbie, 53, photographer, from Lagrange, GA


“I have always considered myself a mild rebel. Never really wanted to grow up and definitely not wanting to embrace the thought of midlife. Midlife has taught me that it is ok to age.  I find myself fierce in the way I dress, (still, love them holey jeans) and the way I inspire the younger generation.  I hope that I can share my knowledge with the younger women and someday they will do the same. I know that empowering each woman is a special quality.  No competition.  I have hit midlife head on and I love every moment of it.  This makes me a fierce fifty. I have earned it.”




Meet new friend, Carrie, from Cadillac, MI @chillinwithcarrie

Tough, Tenacious and Protective are words that come to me when I think of how a woman in mid-life can be FIERCE FIERCE means being tough, not taking crap from anyone and I have taken a lot of crap over the years.  Why? To appease others.  I didn’t want to deal with conflict at times and it seemed easier in life to make others happy before myself.  But as I get older I don’t want to appease everyone and find myself standing up for what I want or just ignoring those who think differently than I do and walking away.  I want to be FIERCE in what I want in life.  FIERCE means being tenacious.  Going after something I desire and not letting it drop due to conflict or difficulty. It’s not easy to be tenacious. Sometimes I want to wave my white flag and just let go of the dream or goal but that wouldn’t be FIERCE of me.  FIERCE means being protective.  I consider myself protective especially of my children.  I will be fierce in guiding them to the best of my ability because as I enter the mid-life stride they are starting to enter young adulthood and our wants and needs for each other are changing full tilt.  BUT they still need me to be FIERCE for them.



Meet my high school friend, Beverly, from Evergreen, CO @grace.grit.glamour  

To be honest, to me, age is just a number and midlife is an opportunity to live life a little differently than before.  I fell truly blessed to still be here!  I have had friends my age not make it to see 50.  Being Fierce at Midlife means not settling on things that matter, taking risks, challenging myself, setting time to meditate and pray.  “Me Time” has become very important because it is in those moments when ideas are created.  Starting my blog Grace.Grit.Glamour. last year was one of those ideas!  I had trepidations and almost talked myself out of starting and creating it.

I am still learning the ropes and having so much fun along the way.  Personally, I think midlife is a fantastic gift.  A do-over for grownups!   The last thing I want is to stop growing, learning, creating, experiencing new things and enjoying life.  After all, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE and I want to make this life count.


What Does Being Fierce In Midlife Mean To YOU?

Forever Fierce Sisters

I have enjoyed introducing you to my Forever Fierce sisters.  They are strong, bold, independent women working hard to make sure that midlife is FABULOUS. The Forever Fierce: Midlife Revolution Facebook Group was created to inspire women of all ages to make the most of themselves and encourage others.  The group is committed to changing the attitudes of aging and making midlife COOL!

Need more fierce sisterhood?

Check out Catherine GraceO, founder of the Forever Fierce Facebook Community, as she links up of 50 bloggers each sharing 9 midlifers.  450 women sharing what being fierce in midlife means.

Forever Fierce Day Link UP

Here are the ways you can celebrate Forever Fierce Day.

Forever Fierce Day



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Embracing and loving the life of an empty nester, I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger currently living in Birmingham, Al. I enjoy spending my time with friends and family including my sweet miniature schnauzers Gracie and Emma.

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  1. Regan….Wait!! Are you originally from Colorado?? Or did your high school friend just move here?? Did you know I live in Denver (well, Littleton)? We need to talk more about this—what a small world!!
    And thanks for being part of this Fierce day!!
    You have featured some wonderful women and it’s such an inspirational read!!

    1. No, Jodie, I am originally an Atlanta girl. My friend Beverly now lives in Evergreen Colorado. We went to school together in Atlanta in the 80’s. I have been to Denver before on my way to Breckenridge (one of my favorite ski resorts). The area is so unique and breath taking

    2. No, Jodie, I am originally an Atlanta girl. My friend Beverly now lives in Evergreen Colorado. We went to school together in Atlanta in the 80’s. I have been to Denver before on my way to Breckenridge (one of my favorite ski resorts). The area is so unique and breathtaking

  2. Regan, you have shared so many magnificent women here! I was so excited to see that Donna is from my home town of Bethlehem, PA. And Maura from Chester County is not too far away either…her story is so inspirational! I am getting all the feels from each and every woman who has participated in this campaign. Showing that there are fierce midlife women literally everywhere and we can connect and inspire and empower each other every day!

    Stay fierce, my friend!


    1. It has been an honor to have the opportunity to showcase these fierce sisters. I have loved reading all the other post featured in the Forever Fierce Day celebration. We truly are a global sisterhood

  3. Hi Regan! Your post is fantastic! So many brilliant, strong and thoughtful women! And I love the beautiful design of your post, the use of the color pink, and animal print! I “followed” those of your ladies that shared an instagram . I have been a fan of yours for awhile now, I so appreciate that sense of joy and fun in your posts! I also follow Grace..Grit.Glamour so I was pleased to see you two are friends! I loved the 12 item list in your post, it really resonated with me. Really a great post! Thank you for sharing and the beautiful presentation of it.

    1. Thanks, Amy! It has been so inspirational reading all the women in the Forever Fierce Campaign stories. Wow, if I ever get down, I know where to do for some encouragement. Sometimes we feel alone in our midlife journey, but by being in this group, I am not alone, I have a global sisterhood.

  4. Hi Regan.. great post and lovely to see some faces who I know already, and now know a lot more about them. This campaign has been wonderful.. ..your women and you are inspiring. Thank you

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! It has been a joy to get to participate in the Forever Fierce Day Campaign. All the women highlighted in the campaign are inspiring. We are truly helping to change the attitudes about midlife.

  5. I love all of these essays. I want to say that one who truly resonates with how I feel is Maura. Oh my gosh, she just really laid it down perfectly.

  6. Hi, Regan! I love your quote and want to keep it posted up where I can see it: “Age has absolutely nothing to do with a number. It is all about an ATTITUDE!” Maura just about wrote a nice synopsis for my Forever Fierce blog post as she sums up the meaning of both sides of the word “Fierce” in midlife. I was surprised to see that Jannuth took part in both of our Forever Fierce posts, because I was under the impression that she had not answered the question with another blogger for Forever Fierce Day. Sorry about the replication. I like how you started with your own self answering this question in the same format as the women you interviewed. Thanks for sharing an inspiring post — Angie,

    1. Thank you, Eugenia, for your kind words. I have enjoyed following you and Instagram and reading your blog. Truly enjoyed being a part of the Forever Fierce Revolution. Empowering and inspiring!

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