Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Hello, Darlings!
It is that time of the year- Valentine’s Day! Perfect time to add a little pink or red to your wardrobe. Below I have created a guide with some of my favorite Valentine’s gifts.  This time of year we need a little “happy” to get us through the winter blahs.
valentine gift ideas



Soma vintage pajamas
** They have panties/bras/ long sleeve/short sleeve pj’s

Heart socks

Wedge heel shoes
**These shoes come in many colors.  I have them in white and hot pink.

**Lots of cute Kate Spade For Valentines

Kate Spade leather saddle bag


What To Do For Guys?

What do I do for the guys in my life?  To be perfectly honest, the best gift for them is a bag of their favorite candies and treats!  My guys LOVE  Take 5’s, Kit Kat’s, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.  The key to these NOT buys the Valentine selection.  The regular sections seem to be fresher.

Online Gifts To Ship

Now with Prime and 2-day Shop Runner from many stores, online gift giving could not be any easier.  Target and Wal-Mart have quick shipping as well.

Godiva Chocolate

**Today last day for guaranteed shipping.  Many collections on sale.  I am a BIG fan of the truffles.  Sometimes if you get these in the department stores they are NOT fresh.

Godiva Chocolate Truffles



Pro Flowers For Roses

These flowers could not be a better price.  Now, do know that flowers on Valentine’s Day are a risk.  Everyone is ordering flowers so florists are swamped.  People who I know that have used Pro Flowers seem to be very pleased.  Worth a shot if flowers are your gift or choice.

Pro Flowers For Roses



Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, or for me, it is really a week.  Enjoy!

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