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What to do with all my scarves? Peek inside my closet

I have been sharing with you my post on The Great Closet Purge, Closet Organizing: Space Saving and Storage Solutions, and Organizing Accessories And Jewelry.  So today I thought I would let you take a peek inside my closet and see how I have used many of the ideas to create a closet that I can “shop” from.  The goal is to go in your closet and easily pick out an outfit for the day that your LOVE and feel FABULOUS.  You want your wardrobe to be full of love pieces and be organized so you can create outfits by adding accessories and jewelry.

Welcome To My Closet

clothes organized by color and use space saving hangers


As I have shared with you before, several years back I remove the builder wire shelving and installed a closet organizing system to make better use out of my closet space.  The closet system consists of upper and lower shelves with hanging bars that are adjustable. In addition, I have extra shelving, drawers, and a shoe keeper.  Here you see where I have organized my tops by color going from white to black.  All tops and dresses are hung on space saving “huggable” hangers.

Shoe Keeper

Shoe Keeper for organized storage of shoes

After a huge, and painful purge of my shoes with the most important criteria being COMFORT, now am storing my shoes in a shoe keeper.  This keeps the shoes off the floor and makes it easier for me to decide which shoes to wear.  As comfort is the most important thing I am now filling my keeper only with shoes that I will wear.  Even shoes for events and evening must be comfortable.  I still need to get some clear boxes to show and store my event shoes.  The shoe keeper also keeps me from going crazy with shoe buying (a newly acquired problem). My new rule of thumb is that I can own only the amount of shoes that can fit in the keeper.  I have 2 shelves above the keeper.  One for dress/evening/event shoes. The other shelf for my boots. My tennis shoes are stored in my laundry room so I will not get softcourt clay and dust all over the house.  So they don’t count in the new shoe rule.


acrylic dividers for handbags/totes/clutches

Here again is where I purged like a mad woman.  I had so many tote bags, lots of freebies and gifts.  Pairing it down to my most favorite, I shared with you in an earlier blog post, that I am not a big “purse person”, having one or two purses and that is all.  My newest buys are the smaller bags that allow me to take my phone/lipstick/sunglasses/reading glasses to dinner or outing.  These small bags can be shoulder tops or clutch.

The method I used to store these purses/clutches/totes is to store them on a shelf and use the 4PCS Multifunctional Acrylic Shelf Dividers from Amazon to create the best use of space and keep my bags clean and insight to use.

Storage Bins To Create Better Use Of Space

Plastic drawers to organize smaller items

This has been a big WIN for me.   Added shelves to my closet organizing system but I found I was just shoving loose items that did not have a home in them.  I did not like how it looked and could not find anything.  After purging those shelves (most items were discarded), I found a better way to organize was with individual storage bins and drawer bins.

The way I organized the shelves included different size bins according to shelf size and what I needed to store in them.  I still need to label each bin, but for now, because they are clear, I can see what is in them.  The plastic drawers are perfect for organizing smaller items and my socks.  I have tennis socks, fuzzy socks, trouser socks, and tights all in separate drawers.  Additional drawers are for gloves, belts, and special items such as fashion tape, zipper helper, evening stick on bra.

Large bins are used to house my bathing suits, special occasion shawls and evening bags, football season scarves and accessories.

Drawer Dividers

Drawer Dividers for better use or space and keep drawers organized

The drawer dividers I purchased from Amazon have been a big help in my organizing project.  I have used the drawer organizers for my underwear and body shaping items.  This girl is not a “fold my underwear neatly” person so these dividers keep everything separate and allow me to quickly find my favorite shapewear for the particular occasion.

Necklaces And Bracelets

Hanging necklaces using simple small bulletin board and push pins

Knowing how important jewelry is in creating a cohesive outfit, I have been “upping” my game. With my new purchase, I need a place to store the necklaces where they are easily accessible and visible.  A simple solution I found from the college girls is to get a bulletin board and push pins.  You can decorate the board (or not).  Hang small bulletin boards on the back of your closet or empty wall space to display your necklaces.  Oh, what a game changer! I can find and select necklaces quickly. FYI- I have 4 more of these bulletin boards hanging in my closet.


using stackable jewelry trays to store and display necklaces that need to lay flat

Some necklaces need to lay flat.  These are usually collared style necklaces.  The solution I came up with for these necklaces is stackable drawer trays.  I use this in the top drawer of my dresser.

insert bracelet tower

Jewelry Tower to store bracelets.

For bracelets, I chose to use a jewelry tower.  The tower has drawers that are perfect for storing different type of bracelets.  Deeper drawers for multilayered bracelets, bangles and divider drawers for elastic band bracelets and chains.  This jewelry tower sits on the top of my dresser.

Hats and Scarves

Using Command Strips to hang hats

One lesson I learned from my purging experience is that I have a lot of scarves that I really don’t like.  I found that I do not wear many printed scarves.  What I do wear is solid colors scarves and of course, my animal print scarves. Purging this group helped me in deciding how I was going to store my scarves.  I decided to group all my color scarves together on one hook.  This is the InterDesign Axis Scarf Hanger from Amazon.  Could have hung this on the clothes rack or even on a hook on the back of my closet but I chose to hang this on a 3M Command Hook on the side of my cabinet.  I used other the 3M Command Hooks to hang my hats at different levels, using as much space as I could but still being able to see the items for ease of use and selection.

I have heard from many people how they are cleaning and organizing their closets.  This is a task and can seem overwhelming.  But if you will stick with it, even if you have to do it a little bit at a time, you will find the reward.  The reward being a shoppable closet filled with clothes you love and room to add new spring pieces.

Back Wall Of Closet

Using back wall to hang additional scarves and totes for easy access

My back wall of my closet I have a hanging bar for additional scarves and a hanging rack with prongs for totes and bags that I use regularly.  In the floor, I have a sweet dog bed that my dogs can use when they get scared from thunderstorms.  It is their “safety zone”.

Dog bed in closet creates safe zone for stormy weather

Good luck and have fun!



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  1. Regan, I love how tidy your closet is! I try to keep mine neat, but it seems to find its way into disarray, more so in the winter when I have a lot of bulky clothes and shoes in use! I also love that you have the doggy bed in the closet! Me and my pups rode out Hurricane Ivan in my closet!

    1. Now, I will tell you a secret…. it is not always that tidy. But I do love a tidy closet. I am working hard on keeping it that way. My dogs love the closet. It is their safe zone. For us, it is for tornado season- lowest floor, interior room, away from doors and windows.

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