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The Great Purge has happened, Closet Organizing And Space Saving items have been used to create a more functional and appealing closet.  Now, what to do with all the accessories and jewelry? Accessories such as scarves, hats, purses are an important part of your wardrobe.  They are items that make it more “finished” or even the “wow” factor.  You will want to have easy access to these items to create an outfit that is appealing and fun! Today I am going to show you some of the items I am using to organize my accessories and jewelry.

But First, Take Inventory

Lay out all your accessory items on your bed.  Take some time and purge those that you do not love or have not worn.  They are only hogging space.  Pair your jewelry down to LOVE pieces. Make notes of where you might have holes such as (need a long necklace that goes with my favorite top).

Organizing Scarves

Scarves are such a great way to add color to any outfit.  Simple black pants and black shirt become a WOW outfit when you add a turquoise scarf.  I have added several scarves that are thin to my collections this year for the simple task of adding color to an outfit.  My scarves are the Soophen Pashmina Scarves from Amazon.  I also have a few prints scarves.  Here is how I display my solid color scarves.

InterDesign Classico Scarf Closet Organizer Hanger


Scarf organizer from AmazonOther unique ways to hang and display your scarves include using ladders, towel rods with shower rings, tie holders, pant holders. even towel racks.

Over The Door Shoe Rack From Target To Organize Scarves

Over the door shoe rack from target used to organize scarves

Towel Bars And Shower Hooks Make Great Scarf Organizers

Towel bars and shower curtain rings make great scarf organizer


Organizing Purses, Bags, And Totes

I am going, to be honest with you.  Not a big purse/tote girl.  Only change purses out seasonally and some year not at all.  I do have some bags for special occasions and I have found that my bags are getting smaller and smaller. Now what I do have are totes.  Many that were given as gifts or freebies. I purged like a mad woman in this area.  Really, how many do we need?  My answer was just a great leopard print and one for the lake will do.

Now to organizing those purses, bags, and totes.  The key is to keep them clean, neat, and easily seen for use.  I found these great acrylic dividers from Amazon.  They attach to the shelf by sliding on. Perfect for creating flexible division solutions. These are also great for those who like to fold and stack sweaters.

Multi-Functional Acrylic Shelf Dividers From Amazon

Acrylic Shelf dividers


Organizing Necklaces

Jewelry has been an area that I have been “upping my game” this year.  Accessories such as statement necklaces go a long way to make a boring outfit FABULOUS.  They do not have to be expensive.  But you need a way to display them so it is easy to choose which piece will go with your outfit.  I have several different solutions depending on the piece itself. Some necklaces need to be flat.  For these pieces, I use jewelry drawer organizer

Stackable Trays For Necklaces From Amazon

Stackable Trays From Amazon For Necklaces

My favorite way to organize my necklaces is a DIY.  Use a bulletin board and push pins.  You can decorate the bulletin board with fabric or cute wrapping paper.

Bulletin Board And Push Pins For Necklace Organizing.

Bulletin Board For Hanging Necklaces

Organizing Bracelets

Until this year, I have not had many bracelets.  Now I have many and need a way to organize and store them.  Space has been an issue so that storage solution I chose was a bracelet tower from Amazon

Cameron Jewelry Tower From Amazon

Cameron Jewelry Tower From Amazon great way to organize bracelets

I have ordered this bracelet organizer too for some of my favorites to have quick and easy access.  Plus it just looks good on my dresser.

Black Velvet T-Bar Bracelet/Necklace Stand From Amazon

Bracelet Organizer From Amazon


Organizing Earrings

To organize my earring I have two methods.  One is the stackable drawer organizers.  These are great because they have lots of storage compartments.

Stackable Compartment Trays For Organizing Earrings From Amazon

Stackable Compartment Trays For Organizing Earrings


My second method for organizing earrings is to have an on dresser earring holder to allow me to see my favorites and to be a catch-all for quick earring removal.  This one I received in my FabFitFun Box

Earring Holder From FabFitFun Box


Additional Unique Earring Storage And Display Solutions

DIY Earring Organizer Using Frame And Chicken Wire

Organizing And Displaying Hats

Since I have gotten into hats this year, I need a way to store and organize them too.  This simple towel rack from Target makes a great hat organizer.

Towel Rack From Target Tor Organize Hats

Towel Rack From Target Make Perfect Way To Hang Hats

If you are like me and don’t have but one or two. Use large Command Hooks to attach to the wall.  The biggest thing is to display them and wear.

Displaying Hats Using Command Hooks

Command Hooks To Display Hats

I hope this helps you with your closet organizing project.  Now is a great time to purge your closet, organize, and get ready for the spring.

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    1. I am loving the closet purge. There is power in the purge. Now I have room for new spring clothes. But this time I am going to be picky. Nothing comes back in unless I LOVE it

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