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The Great Closet Purge is over…. whew… that was not as easy as it looked.  Now that you have purged your closet, it is time to make the best use of the space you have.  We want to create an environment in our closet that is welcoming and easy to find the clothes we love.  I have seen pictures of people who have these incredible closet.

Celebrities Closets

Celebrities Closets

Now I don’t have that much space in my closet.  But I can take some of the details and add it to my space.  One of the first things I see is getting rid of the “wire shelving” and adding double hanging bars, shelving, and drawers to make the best use of the space I have.  There are many companies that can come into your closet and create a custom closet plan. These can be quite expensive.  I have found that for a fraction of the cost, and a good handyman, you can get similar products and do it yourself.  Lowes and Home Depot offer closet. They are modular units that you can plan out to make the best use of your space and closet needs.

Home Depot Martha Stewart Living Closet Organizer

Martha Stewart Living Closet Organizers From Home DepotLowes Allen + Roth Wood Closet Kit

Allen + Roth Closet Organizing Kit From Lowes

Lowes Wire Shelving Closet Kits

Wire Organizing Kits From Lowes


Organizing Your Closet

I like to organize my closet by color.  My tops are organized by color starting with white going to black.  All my tops are hung on space-saving hangers.  Each color starts with tanks, then short sleeves, long sleeves, then sweaters. Jackets and vest are included in the top category.  I hang dresses separately by usage such as formal, casual, special event.  My pants are also hung on hangers and organized by jeans, colored pants/jeans, capris, shirts.  I have a separate section for my “capsule wardrobe tops”.  These are my basic black, white, grey long and short sleeve tees that I can grab adding accessories and layering for a quick outfit.

Space Saving Hangers From Amazon. 

Space Saving Hangers From Amazon

Use Drawer Dividers For Best Use Of Space

Drawer Dividers

Within my drawers, I use drawer dividers to keep items separate, make it easier to see what I have and make the best use of space. If your drawers are all jumbled up you will not know what you have and may have a tendency to “overbuy”.   I am bad to do this with socks and underwear.  Some professional organizers would suggest you fold your underwear and socks.  I just don’t have time so at least having dividers makes it easier to keep them separate.  Dividers in drawers also make it easier to divide things such as winter and summer pajamas. If you have to share drawer space with your husband, dividers are a must!

I ordered these from Amazon.  They easily adjust to different drawer sizes.

Drawer Dividers From Amazon

Use Small Utility Storage Drawers On Shelves

This is something new I have done this year.  I have added several small utility storage drawers to the shelves in my closet to further organizer smaller items.  The utility drawers are clear and labeled.  Some of the items I place in the utility drawers include gloves, pantyhose/tights, belts,  trouser socks, special occasion items.  By using this drawer system, everything is labeled so I can quickly see where to find it.  The storage drawers I use are from Target. You will want to measure your space and pre-categorize the items you want to put in the drawers to determine how many you need and what will fit.

Utility Storage Drawers From Target

Utility Drawers From Target

Use Clear Storage Bins To Maximize Space

I like to use clear storage bins on the shelves to maximize space.  My clear storage bins hold my bathing suits, seasonal wardrobe items such as winter gear, game day accessories, and evening bags and shawls. Again the bins are labeled so I can clearly and quickly retrieve any items I may need.  I like to use bins with lids to keep dust off of items that might not be used but occasionally.  It is important to measure to make sure you get the maximum space needed.

These Are The Clear Storage Bins I Use From Target.

Clear Storage Bins


Large Storage Bins For Use Of Space On Floor And Top Shelves.

Large storage bins are great for taking advantage of space on the floor and top shelve.  My large storage bins contain the all-important MAYBE items from the purge.  I put these bins on the top shelf of my closet.  Winter ski items that I use only once a year but require a large bin are also placed up high.  Anytime I may need on a regular basis are placed in a large bin with lids on the floor.

These Large Bins Come From Target

Large Bins For Winter Storage and Maybe Items From Target


Finally Shoes

Purging your shoe collection can be as important as clothes.  Throw away shoes that are damaged, do not fit, you do not wear, or most important… HURT YOUR FEET.  Your shoe collection should contain only shoes that you love and will wear.  Mostly because of space.

There are several different ways to store and display shoes.  Throwing them in the bottom of your closet is that last thing you want to do.  You need to be able to see them to wear them.

Shoe Keeper

This cubed shoe storage cabinets have divided space and can either sit side by side in the bottom of your closet or stack them. The individual units keep shoes together and allow you to quickly see what you have.

Shoe Storage Cabinet From Target

Shoe Storage Cabinet From Target


Shoe Shelves

You can also utilize the additional shelving units you placed in your closet to organize your shoes for display. A shoe cabinet or even a bookshelves make a great place to display your shoes for easy use

This Shoe Shelve Cabinet Is From Target

Shoe Cabinet From Target For Neat Shoe Display


Shoe Boxes

This is a great way to maximize space and keep especially those expensive evening shoes clean from dust.  Use clear shoe boxes to stack shoes on shelves or on the floor.  Do not use shoe boxes that came with shoes.  I have found that I forget what shoes are in them and go to the shoes that I can see quickly.

These Clear Bin Can Be Used To Store Shoes

Clear Storage Bins

Out Of The Box Storage For Shoes

Shoes always seem to be the problem.  Some out of the box storage solutions include a hanging shoe keeper.  Or bins under the bed for additional storage.

Under Bed Storage For Shoes

Under Bed Shoe Storage Bin

Hanging Shoe Organizers

Hanging Shoe Organizer For Out Of Box Storage Solutions



I hope this helps to encourage you to take good care of your wardrobe and display the clothes you love in a way that you can see them easier and will wear them. Next post will be about storage solutions for accessories.





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