Winter Blues-Over 50 Stylish look Royal Blue And Black Poncho

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Winter Blues got you down?  Are you hibernating, afraid to get out of the house for fear everyone out there has the flu?  Or are you feeling the effects of low sunlight and Seasonal Affect Disorder, SAD? January and the first couple of weeks of February are tough. Here in Alabama, we are seeing cold we haven’t seen in decades.  Feeling the effects of the winter blahs. Trying to lift my spirits with some colorful wardrobe pieces.  Looking for a stylish look for over 50 women, today’s blog is all about Winter Blues and my Royal Blue and Black Poncho.

Royal Blue And Black Poncho From Chicos Makes A Very Stylish Look For Over 50

Bright colors such as royal blue help lift spirts in the winter time























Getting out of the grays really does help “lift” your spirits.  Because it is important to beat the winter blues, I chose this royal blue and black poncho from Chicos.  Several years ago, I purchased this poncho from Chicos.  Loving the color and it is great to pair with my black Gap long sleeve crew neck t-shirt, black jeggings from Chicos, and my black boots. Because it would be so easy to stay indoors, I have to make myself get dressed to go out.  While it is so easy just to stay in my gray sweats, making an effort to get dressed, putting on makeup, and fixing your hair will help you beat some of the winter blahs. Even if you are wearing some bright athleisure wear and add some makeup to run errands, make a conscious choice to look good.

Shopping Your Closet

Organizing your closet by color help you find great piece you might overlook.

Now is a great time of year to organize your closet, throw out pieces that are damaged, donate clothing that does not fit or you have not worn in several years. Expecting cold and snow this week so I am preparing to use that time for a closet overhaul.  I will go thru my clothes and purge.

Purge Your Closet To Make Wardrobe Selection Easier


Purge your closet to make it easier to find piece to create stylish looks

Purging of my closet has become somewhat of a seasonal thing.  After a good purge, I will make a list of items I need. The items left in my closet will be organized.  I like to organize my clothes by color.  This year I have purchased some drawer organizers and shelve organizers. After evaluating my closet, I have found I have many great pieces, I just can’t see them to wear them.  Visual people, like myself, need to be able to see items clearly and have items organized. Like many people, I like to shop retail stores that are neat and clearly organized. I don’t do well at the TJMaxx’s and Marshalls.  All I want to do in these stores is clean and rearrange.  I need my closet to represent my perfect store.  That way it will be easier to “shop my closet”.

Don’t Forget Your Accessories

Purge and organize your jewelry piece to make it easier to find your "go to" pieces to take a outfit from dull to chic.

Organizing and purging your accessories is as important as your clothing pieces. Here is where I have found the most “bang for my buck”.  Again, as a visual person, I need my jewelry to be organized in a way I can clearly see the pieces to choose which piece to add to my outfit.  It is important to have some basic “go to” piece.  This silver collar necklace I purchased from Chicos several years back is just one of those pieces.  Adding it to an outfit can make a plain black turtleneck into a chic look.  Again, now is the perfect time to go through your jewelry and make a list of pieces you need.  End of the year sales is great opportunities to snag jewelry for fraction of the price.  But, before you do, know what you need so you can spend your money wisely.

Make Sure You Have A Good Base

My base for this outfit is black turtleneck and black jeans. Then I have many options to add on top to create chic looks.

Make sure you have a good base, what does that mean? Well, have found that if I have a selection of good basic clothing items, it is easy to add pieces such as a poncho, scar, vest, necklace and make it a stylish and chic look. In the winter you will find my base outfit to be a pair of black jeans, black turtleneck or crewneck t-shirt and black boot.  From here it is easy to add layers of stylish pieces on top making a great outfit you feel good in.  Summer base will be white or color capris and white or color tank.  As you are evaluating your closet, start with your seasonal base, making sure you have these pieces-long and short sleeve crewneck t-shirts, tank tops, turtlenecks. You will be amazed at how many great outfits you can put together when you have your “go to base”.

Shop For Fun Pieces That Reflect Your Personality

When you have good base wardrobe pieces, you get to shop for the fun stuff. Colorful ponchos, and scarves, bold jewelry pieces and even a hat.

Now that your closet is organized, you have a base wardrobe, you can shop for fun pieces.  Once you have that base wardrobe, shopping is fun.  Look for clothing pieces, and accessories to add spice and personality.  As you have seen, I love shawls, ponchos, and ruana.  I am building a collection of simple inexpensive scarves in bright colors to add layers to my base wardrobe.  You can even go outside your comfort zone and add a hat.

Hat Are Making A Come Back

Hats are making a come back. Are you bold enough to try? Just go for it!

I will be honest with you, hats scare me.  That is a big statement.  I like bold statements.  Can I be bold enough to add a hat? I started this summer with the summer wide brim hat.  It was all the rage at the beach.  This was easy because it was truly a functional piece, sun protection.  I was seeing the wide brim hat move into fall trends with a great burgundy/gray/taupe look but I was not brave enough to try (plus our fall was quite hot).  Now with winter here, function comes back into play.  You need a hat to keep your head warm.  Why not go stylish? I have been playing with a black wide brim hat.  Trying to find a hat that fits my personality, face shape, size ( I am petite).  Making it easier for me is that Target has a great selection of hats, different styles.  This is “out of the box” for me and a work in progress.  I have to admit, I am having a blast trying.

Now with the cold weather keeping us indoors, it is a perfect time to do some wardrobe evaluation.  Make sure you have those base pieces for quick and easy outfit creations.  Organize your closet so you can easily “shop your closet” for outfits.  This makes it easy to not grab those gray sweats but put on a quick and easy, and stylish outfit.  Experiment with new pieces such as bold jewelry, ponchos, gloves, scarves, and dare I say…. a hat!

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  1. Yes, Regan! You are speaking my language! I have totally been relying on my clothes to get me out of the winter blues. This wrap is gorgeous. I love the cobalt and black color blocking and I am a huge fan of hats! Such a gorgeous look to make you feel great on a cold winter’s day! And so many great styling tips, too. Thanks for linking up with me.


    1. Thanks, Shelbee! I have enjoyed following you on Instagram and your blog. Thanks for allowing me to link up and discover other bloggers. They are great inspirations and just plain fun to read. Look forward to seeing what the future holds.

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