Think Pink! Pink Winter Coat And Kate Spade Purse

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It is time for me to get my “decorator” hat on. I am running around looking for fabric to help with new curtains, bedding, and redo of cushions at the beach house.  My new beach house came furnished (great furnishings) and some very expensive drapes so I don’t have much to do. I do like a pop of color so I am trying to add my personality by updating some of the bedrooms and adding color to the den.  To help me get inspiration and energy to run to all these stores, I chose this FABULOUS pink winter coat from Macy’s International Concepts, INC, line and my new Kate Spade purse.

Macy’s International Concepts Double Breasted Belted Ponte Knit Coat Pink Winter Coat

Pink Winter Coat And Kate Spade Purse























It is a double-breasted, belted, Ponte knit coat.  I love Ponte knits. They are so comfortable and not heavy.  This year has been the year I embrace jackets and coats.  The only problem is that I don’t like to be hot or wear anything heavy.  This coat works perfectly. Most important, it comes in my “signature color” and several others.  I got the white too!  You can wear this coat belted or unbelted.

Light Weight Ponte Knit


Pink Winter Coat From Macy's INC























Loving this fabric.  It is lightweight so I don’t feel cumbersome running in and out of stores.  Nothing is worse than having to take a coat on and off.  I have been known to accidentally leave my coat if I take it off.  Or just leave it in the car because it is such a bother.  That is why I like this one.  Lightweight enough I can wear it almost like a blazer.

Mock Neck Sleeveless Sweater For Layering


Pink Winter Coat From Macy's INC


Underneath I am wearing Sleeveless Mock Neck Sweater by Macy’s INC, International Concepts.  This sweater came in many colors and I bought several to have on hand.  Perfect for laying look without being bulky.

My New Kate Spade Purse

Pink Winter Coat From Macy's INC And Kate Spade Purse


How cute is this!  This was a Christmas gift from my mother.  She sent the check, I bought the purse. My favorite kind of gift.  I love wearing animal print with a pop of color.  So what a perfect selection to go with my new coat then this super cute purse from Kate Spade

Dunne Lake Small Leopard Print Tote

Dunne Lake Small Leopard Print Tote From Kate Spade


Got this tote on HUGE sale at Kate Spade. Mom did know how good she did.  Kate Spade had several “secret sales” during the holidays.  I got this one close to 70% off as a final sale.  It is still available at Kate Spade.

Perfect Size For Petite Frame


Dunne Lake Small Tote From Kate Spade






Trouble finding purses and totes that do not overpower my petite frame?  This small tote is perfect.  I bought a matching wallet to go with it.  This tote does not have much room, but I don’t need much. I keep my purses need, clean, and clutter-free. It can also be worn as a satchel with strap.  This makes it multi-functional so this is like a two for one.  What a bargain.

Even In The Winter Don’t Forget Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must for these bright sunny winter days.


After so many cold cloudy days, I had to look long and hard for my sunglasses.  Theses winter sunny days, sunglasses are a must.  These were my last year bargain from Loft.  Added my favorite pink lip color, Different Grape, from Clinique.  I have been wearing this color for close to 20 years.  Perfect to add balance to this bright coat.  Don’t want to look washed out.

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Hope you are getting out of the house and enjoying these sunny winter days.  Need more winter inspiration? Check out my Wrapped Up In Leopard and Black Shawl With Pop Of Red for some fun fashions.

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****Photographer is my FABULOUS daughter Anna Davidson.

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