Black Shawl With A Punch Of Red

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I am telling you, this winter is already getting me down. Being from the South, we are not used to cold weather.  So much so that I really don’t have anything to compare it to.  My only hope is that all this cold this week will kill the bugs.  Trying my hardest not to get down in the dumps.  I have trouble with “seasonal affect disorder” anyway.  Must have the sun! When the temps get above freezing, I have been making an effort to get out for a walk or just sit in the sun. Even if I am bundled up in a jacket.  One way I have been getting out of my cold weather funk is to have some fun with my wardrobe. Even it is all black, add a punch of color for fun and pizzazz.  This is my black shawl with faux fur trim from Chico’s.

Black Shawl From Chico’s

Black Shawl From Chicos























This black shawl was one of my items for my Christmas box.  I told you I helped my husband out this year for Christmas by shopping for myself and presenting him with a box to wrap.  He proceeded to give it to my daughter to wrap. She wrapped it in my lovely leopard print paper I got for the Container Store.  I am the only one who likes matching presents under the tree.

Adding Texture To All Black


Texture Of Faux Fur Trim Make All Black Out Fit Fun























Adding an accessory piece, like this black shawl with faux fur trim add texture.  This is an easy way to take my simple Modern Crewneck Longsleeve T-shirt from the Gap and my black

So Slimming Jeggings from Chico’s (on sale 1/2 off)  and makes them into a fun outfit to help you bet those winter blahs.

Black Shawl With Matching Black Hat

Black Shawl With Matching Black Hat From Chicos























This black shawl had a matching hat you could purchase.  I realized I did not have any winter toboggans so I added it to the box.  Now, this cute hat is not going to keep you very warm.  This hat is not made for snowy weather.  It is made to look cute in.  My kinda hat.

Add Silver Tassel Earring For Extra Pizzaz

Silver Tassel Earrings For Extra Pizazz




















I added my silver tassel earrings to add some bling and fun.  So loving the tassel trend. These earrings came from International Concepts, INC, from Macy’s (out of stock). I bought them in 4 different colors on a super sale.  I keep reaching for them when I want to add that “special touch” This is something you can wear all year-long (the earrings). These are similar from Baublebar.

Need To Up The Make Up Game With Some Russian Red Lipstick

Add Russian Red Lipstick From MAC


I kinda feel like a Russian Countess in this outfit. If you are going to wear all black, you need to up the make up game or you will look washed out.  I add my Russian Red lipstick from MAC.  This has now become my “go to red” for the season.

Now For The Red Gloves

Red Gloves Add Fun To All Black Outfit

I am loving my red gloves I purchased this winter from Amazon.  Not only are they super fun, but they actually keep my hands warm.  I think I have started a trend.  Several of the ladies at church have stopped to show me their new red gloves.  They are so much fun.  Oh, how they make an all-black outfit pop!

 Now This Feels Like Me

Red Gloves Add Fun To All Black Outfit

Now This feels like me!  Ready to take on the winter blues with fun pieces from my wardrobe. Need to add some more pizzazz and fun, check out my All Wrapped Up In Leopard post.

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*** Photographer is Anna Davidson, my FABULOUS daughter



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