Wrapped Up In Leopard- Leopard Print Ruana

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I have finally emerged from hibernation. When I did, it was in a Leopard Print Ruana from Chicos.  It has been so cold here I haven’t wanted to get out of sweatpants and leave my cozy spot by the fire.  But, the new year is here and ready to make fabulous plans (no resolutions here).  One of the first things I am going to do in my “January Projects List” is to clean out my closet and make a list of items I need to add for the coming year. Of course, this Leopard Print Ruana is going nowhere.

Leopard Print Ruana From Chicos


Leopard Ruana from Chicos























My husband has been so busy at work that I decided to help him out with Christmas shopping. I picked my favorites from Chicos, ordered them on an incredible sale, and gave him the box to wrap.  That way I know I get what I wanted and took off some added stress from him.  (oh, he gave me a great surprise gift also… more about that later)

Ruana Is Cross Between Shawl And Cardigan


Leopard Print Ruana From Chicos























This fringed ruana is a fun way to beat the winter blahs.  I have this obsession with animal prints.  This is nothing new, but this year it is so hot and everywhere.  I had to rain it in a bit or my whole wardrobe would be nothing but cheetah and leopard. Did you know that animal print is the perfect neutral print? It goes with everything.  The key is knowing when to stop.  A little cheetah goes a long way.

Leopard Print Ruana Has Fringe Too


Leopard Ruana From Chicos























Oh look, an infinity scarf to match! How did that get in the box? I will be honest, not a huge fan of infinity scarves.  Mostly because they are so bulky that I feel like they may smother me. Not this one! Again, from Chicos, this infinity scarf is lightweight and …. reversible. Multifunctional clothing.  Kinda of like a two for one!

Light Weight Matching Infinity Scar In Leopard Print


Leopard Print Infinity Scarf From Chicos


This scarf would be perfect to wear just with my black  Longsleeve Modern Crew Neck top from Gap, black So Slimming Pull-On Jeggings from Chicos, and my black boots.  Perfect to throw on to run errands.  Looking cute but not overly bulky.  I could throw on my leather jacket if needed.

Leopard Print Reversible Infinity Scarf With Black Top And Black Jeans For Perfect Errand Running Outfit


Leopard Print Infinity Scarf From Chicos
























Oh wait, the ruana is … reversible too! Put both of them together for a great look that is not “over animal print” but still stunning.  I have to admit, I am a little bit sassy (or should I say sassier) in this outfit.

Reversible Leopard Print Ruana For Extra Function And Wear


Leopard Print Reversible Ruana From Chicos























Need an easy way to beat the January blahs? Pull out your leopard print and strut your stuff.  This large print a little “scary”. Oh, just think of it as a neutral print.  Not sure if animal print is for you? Start small with a scarf.  Be aware that when you embrace animal prints you might find you are a bit sassier and smile more.

Wearing Infinity Scarf Long For Punch Of Pizazz


Leopard Print Reversible Ruana From Chicos























For accessories, I have added simple Cassie Gold Tone Circle Earrings.  These earrings are from Chicos. The earrings are a little heavier than most but add weight and balance to the outfit.  I find myself pulling these earrings out for many outfits.  For a necklace, I added this Royce Collar Necklace from Chicos.  This is the perfect necklace to add balance and make a simple statement.  This collar necklace has become a staple in my jewelry box,  Lots of wear.  Chicos is always having sales so grab this when it goes on sale.

Gold Hoop Earrings And Gold Collar Necklace Add Balance And Style


Leopard Print Reversible Ruana From Chicos


Be brave! Embrace the winter in style.

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    1. I love this wrap! I have had so much fun with it. My only problem is that I do have to wear something else or my daughter will put me in “animal print therapy”. Yes- we can be “twinsies”.

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