Getting Organized in 2018- Tools For Getting Organized

Hello, Darlings!

Happy New Year! After a much-needed break, I am ready to embrace the new year.  Many people make New Year Resolutions, but I do not, I make a battle plan! Resolutions are meant to be broken while a battle plan is meant to win the war! Here are my tools for getting organized.

Tools To Get Organized

Monthly At-A-Glance Calendar

At A Glance Monthly Calendar

Who has multiple planners for organizing life?  I do! basically, because one will not hold it all… The At-A-Glance Monthly Calendar is perfect to keep track of all appointments,  tennis schedules, important dates, etc. I like this particular agenda because it has large squares so it is easy to write multiple entries.  This agenda as comes in the 18 month School Year version I used when my children were in school. Not super cute but extremely functional.  You can get this at most office supply places or I just ordered mine from Amazon.

At A Glance Monthly Calendar

Project Agenda

The next agenda I have is a smaller “cuter” one for my projects.  This year I have another wedding in June, I am building a carriage house and pool at the new beach house, renovating my office, and decluttering. Projects left from last year include cleaning out my grandmother’s house and putting it on the markets, and my father-in-laws home.

Project Agenda For 2018

The smaller agenda has quick monthly glances and larger week glances to write down detailed.  The agenda also has space in the back for notes.  This agenda will fit in my purse so I can take it to meetings or have on hand as a reference. This one came from Soma and is on sale


Project agenda

Blogging Agenda/Calendar

The third agenda I have is dedicated just to blogging.  This is 7 months into my blogging adventure.  I am having a blast and learning so much, most of which is I have a lot more to learn.  My goals include writing more blog post, taking more photos for fashion post, and working to create my you tube channel, and Facebook live. The blogging world is my creative outlet and I need an agenda/planner dedicated just to it. Away from the “stuff” of daily life.  Of course, it has to be cute!


Blogging Agenda and Calendar

Personal Journal/ Travel Size

I have my personal journal.  This is a place for me to write my daily reflections, take note on my bible studies, and just a place to write my personal thought.  This one I got for Christmas from Chicos (no longer available online). Of course, it is a cheetah print.


Personal Journal From Chicos

The Yellow Pad

My final tool for getting organized is my favorite.  It is a simple “yellow pad”.  I have used the yellow pad for years to organize and create lists.  Here is a place for me to write my “to do list”, “project list”. “shopping list”, and so on.  I try to dedicate individual pages to each project. I call it the “List That Has List”.  This is my battle plan.  I always say there is power in the list.  Nothing feels as good as being able to mark things off the list that have been accomplished.  When you get to tear the whole sheet out and throw it away- ahhhh it is a great feeling.

Shopping for Tools To Get Organized


I hope this helps you get ready to be better organized for the new year. Lots of exciting things coming up. Stay warm!

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