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Everyone is coming up with their Holiday Gift Guide Even Oprah Winfrey’s Holiday Gift Guide is out and ready to shop.  These are awesome tools to help make shopping even easier.  I have been checking out many of them and will be sharing some of my favorites in the upcoming days.  Make sure you follow me on Facebook and my Facebook group Nifty 50 Fabulous Friends because I will share posts from some of my 50 and up blogger friends and their holiday guides.  Being an “empty nester” brings some challenges to shopping for the holidays. Most people have everything they want and really don’t NEED anything.  But being a Scrooge is out of the question. So coming up with some unique gifts is a challenge.

Today I will tell you about the BEST gift to give this holiday season.  This is a gift I have been receiving for many years from my daughter.  It is a gift I look at often and share over and over again with friends and family.  What is this???  Memory Photo Books!!!!

Memory Photo Books– Best Gift Ever

memory photo books


We Are Losing Our Precious Photos

In the age of digital, we are losing our pics.  You know how easy it is if you have had a computer crash and did not back up those photos POOF- gone…..  As we age we realize how precious those pictures and memories are.  After having to clean out a house of a loved one that has died, their stuff is just …. stuff.  But, the family photos are priceless.  Many of the pictures from especially 70’s are starting to disintegrate at a rapid pace.  The early quality of the color film was not good and those memories are being lost.

I did the “scrapbooking thing” in the 90’s and early 2000.  My children today love to look at their book.  But even those books full of stickers and cutouts don’t seem to handle the wear and tear. Plus if you ever need to remove a picture to scan it to share, good luck with that!  I have ripped many a picture trying to get it out of the book.

Scrapbooking In The 90’s And Early 2000’s

creative memory scrapbook of early 2000

My daughter introduced us to photo books.  She has made books of our family vacations for the last couple of years.  The great thing about these books is not only can you put pictures in them but you can also journal.  The descriptions of our family vacation adventures are famous.  Many people today are using our “Pie Chart Of Responsibility” and “The Contract” for their vacations. These memories would be lost if we did not write them down.

pie chart of responsibility

Check Out Mixbooks

My books are all from  You can get 50% off your first order.  Other companies offer these books too and most are having sales now for holidays. Don’t be intimidated by putting a photo book together.  They have themes you can choose from and drop in templates that make it a snap! For those super creative people, many companies will allow you to customize your own style.

Mixbooks also has photo Christmas cards, calendars, photo canvas and much more!

Capture Memories Of Wedding Festivities


photo books from

Year In Review


photo books from

Travel Memories And Journal


photo books from

Pick A Theme Then Drag And Drop- Could Not Be Any Easier


photo books from

My recommendation is to get the hardback books.  They look great and will last longer.  I also like a landscape layout.  It allows for more pictures and easier to look at when the group gathers around the book to reminisce.  Some book ideas include wedding festivities, vacations, family history and photos, year in review.

Giving The Gift Of Your Time

This is a gift that they will cherish for years to come.  It is a gift of not only memories but of your time. It does take time to put these books together.  Now is the time to start, before the rush is on.  You also have extra time to journal and share those memories in writing.

I hope this inspires you for not only the holiday season but for other times of the year as well.  A sweater is nice, but the gift of memories is a gift for a lifetime.

I am an affiliate for Mixbooks.  There are other companies who do photo books.  Mixbooks is the company I have personally used and can give my recommendation to.



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