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With the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the holiday season many friends and family members get “slighted” with birthdays during these months. Birthday/Christmas combo gifts are not unheard of and I have been guilty of pulling this one.  But, don’t fret! I have a great gift idea for those busy holiday birthdays, FabFitFun Box.  I was introduced to FabFitFun by my daughter.  She received a box for her birthday and it was a HUGE hit.  Since then I have joined and now I am a member and receive 4 annual season boxes.

Great Gifts For December/ January Birthdays


The Great Thing About FabFitFun

The great thing about FabFitFun subscription box is that you can sign up for the annual season, just get one season at a time, or give one as a gift.  I now have 2 seasons worth of boxes and I still LOVE it.  It is a little treat for yourself.  The perk of becoming an annual member is that you can customize your box.  Which means pick the products you like.  They give you a couple of choices, usually involving colors. If you like surprises, don’t worry, they still throw in a few.  If you don’t like surprises, don’t worry either, tons of spoiler blogs out there.


Cost of FabFitFun Box

Annual VIP Subscription Membership is $179.99 a year.  That gives you early choices on customization and early selection of Add-Ons.  Add-ons are products that FabFitFun featured in past boxes, current boxes, and sponsors. These add-ons are special reduced discounts as much as 60 and 70%, many items $5 and there are FREEBIES as well.  I participated in the add-on process last season and was able to try several new products that I have truly enjoyed a great price. Add-ons are offered to all members.



But you can get just one seasonal box for $49.99.  Use this link and enter promo code TREAT or SAVETEN in promo box. This is for first time users. and you get $10 off your box. 

Want To Purchase Box For A Gift?

Choice the option to add an additional box in the shop section. Cost of the additional box is $49.99. Winter box ships in December.  Send them an email telling them a special “Birthday Day Surprise” is on its way.

What Makes FabFitFun So Great?

Basically, it is this, you get over $200 worth of items for $49.99 or less with a promo. Last season’s box value was over $300.  You receive full-size products from names you will recognize. Last season box contained a gorgeous Mer-Sea scarf that was $70 value alone.  Plus it is an opportunity for you to try new products.  When you sign up for a box, you get a questionnaire that helps to refine the selections for your box.  The categories include makeup, skin & hair care, accessories, home office, crafts, jewelry, and clothing, workout. You can specify what is most important to you.

What Is In This Season’s Box?

Glad you asked! You are in for a treat. The box is the perfect mix of winter care and cozy.  This season’s box features a poncho from BBDakota,

FabFitFun Winter Box 2017


The BB Dakota Poncho

Each box contains one of the BB Dakota Ponchos.  The ponchos come in 3 colors-black, gray, and multi color. If you are an annual subcriber, you get to choice which color you get.  It doesn’t matter because all the colors are FABULOUS.

BB Dakota Ponch

Aloe Infused Cozy Socks

You can’t go wrong with fuzzy socks for winter.  These socks are infused with aloe for extra softness.

Ayesha Curry Ceramic Mug

Nothing says relax on a winter’s day then your fuzzy socks and a hot cup of tea. FabFitFun has provided a cute mug for just that.  There are several different designs, which one you get is a surprise.  Yeah! I love surprises

Ceramic Mug

Anti Wrinkle Energizing Mask

With the winter blahs about to set in.  A hot bath and energizing mask are just what the doctor ordered.

Kate Sommerville Exfoliant

I am a believer in exfoliating the skin. Dry winter’s air and the heaters inside our home to a number to our skin.  It is important to keep hydrated and exfoliate and remove those dead skin.  You will have a fresh look ready for spring.

Kate Sommerville exfoliant

Trendy Choker Necklace

Multi-layer choker necklaces are all the rage.  FabFitFun has helped you out on your road to being stylish.

Trendy Choker Necklace

Eyeshadow Palette

Winter is a great time to try new products.  How about a new look! FabFitFun gives you an eyeshadow palette for convenience and fun.

Ahava Hand Cream

I always carry hand cream in my purse for the winter.  Dry cold hands just look, old…. Not having that.

Hand Cream

FabFitFun Exercise Ball

Winter is the time to get back in shape. I am all for the exercise ball. It is great for strengthening your core, helping you regain posture and stability.  Very important to help prevent back and knee pain.

Cost Break Down For Box

Here is a cost break down for each item in the box.  As you see, it is a bargain.  I was winning with just the poncho and fuzzy socks

Cost break down for items in box


There are tons of subscription boxes out there.  Many have great reviews.  FabFitFun is at the top.  This would make a great gift and you don’t even have to shop.  Give one to a friend or just to yourself.  Me to me are the best gifts!

Don’t forget to use the promo code TREAT or SAVETEN using this FABFITFUN link to get $10 off your box.







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