Friday Favorites- Hello November!

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November is here and with that comes the beginning of the busiest time of the year. Our calendar is booking up fast with weekends full until the first of the year. While I have a moment I wanted to share with you some of my “favorites”.  All the items listed today were bought by myself so the reviews are honest.

My Friday Fall Favorites

Friday Fall Favorites


Wedge Pillow

This pillow has become lifesavers.  I now take it whenever I travel because I suffer from gastritis and acid reflux. This wedge pillow was recommended to me to help with reflux during the night.  It also helps with snoring….. okay… I admit, I snore.  My husband has been more than thrilled with the results.  I place another pillow on top of the wedge for a good nights sleep.

wedge pillow

Lavender Breathe Right Strip

Okay… I know I snore…. With the fall sinus season in full swing now is not the time to get snippy about snoring.  I have truly embraced the Breathe Right Strips. So if I am going to wear them I might as well make them multi-functional.  I have fallen in love the with Lavender Scented Breathe Right Strip.  Add a little lavender oil on my wedge pillow and now I have a calming, serene, easy to breathe, restful sleep.

Lavendar Breathe Right Strips= My Fall Faves









Foam Roller

foam roller= My Fall Faves

I am truly struggling with my hips being “out of alignment”. As active as I am I do not want to give up what I love because of back and pain in my hamstrings and knees.  I recently decided to give up the chiropractor and try a sports therapist.  Just having my consultation has opened my eyes to my problem (hypermobility in the lower body and lack of core strength).  One of the things that my therapist recommends is rolling.  I use a tennis ball and foam roller to lengthen my muscles and work out sore spots.  Kinda of like a massage but for free.



Leopard Print Travel Mug

With all the travel I have been doing and multiple days of errands, I needed a travel mug for my hot coffee and tea.  I wanted a really cute one. This showed up in my search for travel mugs. It is animal print… it was meant to be!

Leopard Print Travel Mug- My Fall Faves

Bzee Comfort Mary Jane Shoes

I have suffered from foot pain for many years.  For a whole year, I wore nothing but FitFlops.  They were my lifesaver or should I say “foot saver”. Now I am ready to branch out to new shoes but remembering the rules I need to follow to make sure I do not have plantar fasciitis again. The main rule being support and comfort above all… even style.  So when I saw these shoes and read the reviews I had to try them.  I need close-toe shoes for the winter. Even here in Alabama, we can’t quite get away with wearing sandals all year around.  These leopard print Bzee Comfort Mary Jane’s are perfect to wear with jeans and black pants (which is what I wear the most). These are on clearance sale at Macy’s for $39.43. Bzee is a line from Naturalizer.  They have tons of great slip ons and walking.

Bzee Leopard print mary jane shoes

Sam Edelman Leopard Print Slip On’s

I swear, I went for just black slip on’s but ended up ordering these instead.  They just called to me.  These are extremely comfortable and great for running around, very “on trend”.  Plus they are slip on’s and I have laziness down pat!

Sam Edelman Leopard slip on shoes

Hue Wide Waistband Leggings

Several of my blogger friends SWEAR by these!  So I ordered a pair from Nordstrom and they were RIGHT!!!  These are the BEST leggings.  Why do you ask? It is all about the waistband.  It has a wide thick waistband so the leggings will not slide down ( a trouble I have encountered before).  They are also nice and thick but not too thick.  Some leggings I have found are so thin that they run or get a hole in the after the first wear.  Hue makes several different kinds of leggings but these are the best.  I have only found them at Nordstrom. They come in regular and plus size. Bought an extra pair for me and a pair for my daughter (she loves them too). FYI, Nordstrom is having a 40% off sale for fall.

Hue Wide Band Leggings

Chico’s Ponte Ankle Pants

After evaluating my winter/fall wardrobe, I realized that I needed to replace my black pants.  Chico had a sale (they are always having sales/coupons) and I took advantage to try some new pants.  OMG, I am so glad I did.  I am in LOVE with the So Slimming Diamond Fit Refined Ponte Ankle Pants.  That is a mouthful!   These pants fit so good and feel wonderful on the skin.  I bought them in every color and the leopard print (you knew I would). So in love with the ponte fabric.  I can’t wait for it to be cool enough for me to wear them.  The ankle length is perfect for my petite frame.  They also look FABULOUS with the ankle boots that are so hot this season.

Chico's So Slimming Ponte Ankle Pants


Shop The Faves

Veterans’ Day traditionally has some of the BEST sales of the year. Great time to get ahead on that Christmas shopping so you can actually enjoy the holidays without all the hustle and bustle of shopping.  Now is the best selection.  I have tried to pick up some of my favorite things throughout the year.  I will be sharing them in a later blog post.

Check Out Oprah’s Favorite Things– You can just sit in your chair and buy them all on Amazon ( my favorite way to shop).

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    1. Yes, I am 5’1 and they work great. Nordstrom fall sale started and they have free shipping and free returns. Make sure you get the wide waistband. That is what makes them stay up well

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