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Hello, Darlings!

It is official, Matt and Emily are engaged to be married.  We have been expecting this for a while but Matt did not want to take away from his twin brother’s wedding festivities.  Although Emily knew they were getting engaged, she even helped pick out the ring, she did not know when.  I think the suspense was getting to her.  Matt wanted it to be a very special surprise. He came up with the idea of a very romantic proposal on the rooftop of an Atlanta hotel.  He reserved the venue, had a friend help create a romantic atmosphere, and family and friends begin…. the deception.  Yes in order for it to be a surprise, lies must be told.  But in the end…. it all worked out.  She was VERY surprised.  Emily will always have the memory of a very special proposal

The Proposal

The Proposal was a very careful and well thought out tactically maneuver. It required precision timing a coordination by many parties.  Matt rented out the rooftop of the Glenn Hotel in Atlanta.  With help from Emily’s friends, he created the perfect romantic setting with rose petals, flowers, and candles. He had a friend on hand to capture the moment. Thinking she was going with a friend to an event for Chick Fil A, she entered the rooftop area and was totally surprised.  After enjoying the proposal, the couple had a leisure dinner.


Engagement Party

But the surprise did not end at the proposal, no, Matt had arranged (with the help of Emily’s parents) to have family and friends surprise Emily with an Engagement Party.  Even the surprise Engagement Party required a little deception.  An Instagram post looking like the family was somewhere else, text messages indicating other plans for the evening…. and so on.  It worked like a charm and she was truly surprised.

The Engagement Party was held at the Towne Lake Center Golf Club Tavern room looking over the golf course.  The decor included a mix of fall pumpkins, burlap, wooden boxes and personal mementos giving the area a perfect -pinnable look.

We Have A Hash Tag

Hashtags are all the rage with the millennial group.  When you add a #hashtag (we use to call it the pound sign) to a picture or post and put on Instagram it allows all the pics to be searchable under the hashtag name.  That way family and friends through the wedding festivities can post their pics and the couple can enjoy.  Couples work hard on coming up with cute hashtags.  All this pressure…

Room Decorations

The party was held in two small rooms that flowed out into the lobby area.  The decoration was created by the girlfriend of Emily’s brother … who happens to be named Matt.  The decor was simple, inexpensive but truly set the mood.  Emily’s sorority sister created this incredible banner- truly talented.  Little touches can be found all around the rooms and into the lobby areas.

Family and Friends Help Celebrate

We are looking at possibly a June wedding. Lots of exciting times ahead.

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