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Fall is FINALLY in the air.  The first part of October was as hot as July/August here in Alabama.  We had a nice cold front make its way through and the air feels like fall.  You can feel the change not only in the temperature but in the people.  People are happier, smiling, laughing. Pumpkin spice is flowing everywhere.  Fall and Halloween decor went up overnight, change is good.

Now I can FINALLY wear all those cute fall fashions.

Pumpkin Spice in a jacket

Pumpkin Spice in a Jacket























This coat is the Penny Lane Jacket from Cabi.  It is a lightweight, super soft, faux suede.  Love the longer length.  The color is called Paprika but I have been calling it pumpkin spice.  It IS the perfect fall jacket. You can wear it with a dress, black pants, or even for a more casual look… jeans!  I look forward to getting lots of wear out of the coat.

Denim and Cheetah all the way

Cheetah Scarf from Old NavyCheetah Scarf from Old Navy as a shawl























You know my love for cheetah print.  Cheetah has been declared the new neutral print.  It goes with EVERYTHING.  I am loving this large cheetah print scarf from Old Navy.  The print is bold and the length is perfect to wear many ways.  You can wear as a neck scarf or even in the evening with a black dress as a shawl.  I paired it with my the Classic Denim Jacket from Chicos.  I have a love-hate relationship with jackets.  My daughter, Anna, has talked me into add jackets into my wardrobe this year.  They are perfect for creating a waist and giving me the illusion of larger shoulders.  Thus, creating an hourglass shape.  Stylish and figure flattering.  My one condition with a jacket is that it has to be comfortable. Easier said than found.  Now with the addition of spandex to fabrics such as denim, a normally heavy jacket is now lightweight, flexible, and super comfortable.  This is not your momma’s denim anymore.

Going all GRRRR

Figure flattering poncho from Chicos

Cheetah Print Poncho from Chicos























I have shown this top before.  This is a poncho I got from Chico’s.  The poncho has become a favorite.  The reason I like it so much is the design.  It has an inner shell so I don’t have to wear an additional shell.  The print changes at the bottom creating a waist so instead of boxy, it is now slimming.  You still get the “drama” feel and comfort of a poncho but now it is more figure flattering.  I wore this Sunday with my Ink Blue No Tummy Traveler’s Pants from Chicos.  Again, this top can be dressed up or more casual with jeans.  Love clothing that can be versatile. The necklace is the Royce Convertible Pendant from Chicos.


All fashions shown were purchased by me on SALE (except Penny Lane Jacket put I still love it).  Old Navy and Chicos have sales constantly. You know me… I am find a good sale.

A lot of great fall looks coming on Instagram.

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