Bridging The Gap: Meet Anna- Abide And Delight


Bridging The Gap

Hello, Darlings!

I am excited to be a part of Forever Fierce: Midlife Revolution, bringing together bloggers over the age of 50 and creating a collaborative, supportive community, This year I am apart of the Bridging The Gap Campaign which is designed blur the lines in demographics and uniting as one.  There is wisdom in youth as well as age.

Bridging The Gap In The Digital Age

Connecting in person and online

I would like to introduce you to my millennial partner for the Bridging The Gap Campaign, my daughter Anna. What a perfect partner! Anna’s job is to “bridge the gap” through ministry. As Communication and Ministry Development Director for our local church, Anna finds creative solutions and develops strategies to help people connect both in person and online

Life is better in circles

Recently started a Flourish Ministry, a celebration of life breaking out where circles of women come together regardless of their season, status, or style to unleash their passions, purpose, and potential.  Women from their early twenties all the way into their mid-eighties have flocked to these Flourish events for the opportunity to connect with other women, learn from one another, and have a great time doing it!


Rapidly changing digital world

Anna recognizes that the way we communicate and connect day-to-day is rapidly changing.  With frequent algorithm changes and new services popping up it can be overwhelming, or an opportunity.  Just last week Anna attended That Church Communication Facebook group she is apart of.  It is one of the largest most engaged Facebook Groups, so much so the moderators have Mark Zuckerberg on speed dial.

Helping people feel they belong

While at the conference Anna learned how to leverage technology to help people feel like they belong, and showed them how they can use social media and other digital platforms to create online communities that care for needs, provide hope, and create life change.  Facebook, Instagram, and blogging are all wonderful tools that be leveraged for other people.  But what stood out to her the most is everything is going to video.  Facebook predicts that within 4 years it will be ALL video. With a degree in Radio, TV, and Film from Auburn University, Anna is uniquely positioned to meet this challenge and to teach others like me how to become comfortable in front of the camera.























Common ground in learning

Anna is the inspiration for me to join the blogging world. When Anna started her blog, she shared all her exciting ideas, the ins and outs of starting a blog, and all about branding yourself. I wanted to be apart of the action too.  So, I started my blog as a bonding project. Together we have found common ground in learning together and sharing ideas and accomplishment…and frustrations along the way. 

Creative people run in so many directions

Right now, Anna is in the process of updating her blog to both a ministry tool and creative outlet.  She plans to provide everything from short video devotionals and tips on church communication strategies to guacamole recipe and hand-lettered prints. Creative people really run in so many directions! You can follow along as she encourages and inspires at or on Instagram @anna.christeen

Nothing beats sitting face-to-face over a cup of coffee

While I may not be a “digital native” it is a blessing to learn and embrace the digital world alongside Anna.  But nothing beats sitting face-to-face around the kitchen table over a cup of coffee.  Real people, real stories, creating real bonds.

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  1. Regan, what an incredible woman you have brought into this world! I’m sure Anna will continue to inspire others as much as she’s already inspired you! Thank you so much for being apart of this campaign!

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