What To Wear-Mother Of The Groom

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What To Wear – Mother Of The Groom. My son was married at the end of September on a beautiful evening wedding. Get ready for lots of posts about the wedding.  Today’s post is about what to wear when you are the Mother of the Groom.

What To Wear-Mother Of The Groom

What To Wear As Mother Of The Groom

What To Wear As Mother Of The Groom- I Have To Get A Dress

First getting the exciting news that my son is getting married, then panic sets in when I realize I have to find a dress. Dress shopping is not my favorite, I always have the hardest time finding dresses, petite and curvy (not plus size).  My shape is “pear shaped”, narrow shoulders and wide hips. This makes it an especially hard problem in finding dresses. Lucky for me, and many others, designers are working with fabrics that stretch and styles are more flattering to many body shapes.

The Dress Shopping Drama

I have to admit, I have seen some UGLY Mother of the Bride/Mother of the Groom dresses.  They are frumpy, baggy, washed-out colors.  I did not even know where to begin.  So I turned to my trusted tennis girlfriends who have already been through this and all looked incredible.  What do I do and where do I go?  Their advice, go to Saks Fifth Avenue in Birmingham.

Panic Attack

Finding myself scared, anxious, nauseated and the verge of a panic attack, I took a deep breath, grabbed my daughter, my courage and headed out the door.  We walked in the door and I broke out in a cold sweat, not sure it was stress or hormones.  Walking into the dress department and I was instantly overwhelmed and wanted to leave the store. 

I’ve Got This

My daughter quickly grabbed a salesperson.  I instantly poured my soul out to this stranger, the whole sordid story of dress shopping failures, body insecurities, and needs. I have to have a dress for my son’s wedding and I have to look good in it!  She looked over at me, smiled with confidence and said: “I’ve got this”.  She handed me a bottle of water and a box of tissue (okay… I admit I might have started to cry)  and ushered me into this plush dressing room with a three-way mirror.  She grabbed my daughter and left me to breathe and gain my composure. 

You Can Do This

My daughter returned to the dressing room, gave me a reassuring hug, and said: “You can do this“.  The saleswoman quickly returned carrying 6 dresses.  She explained that I needed to try them on because many did not have “hanger appeal”.  She told me about each designer and described the material and why it would work on my body type. None of the dresses were what I thought a Mother of the Groom should wear.  I had this preconceived notion that I should wear a cream or gray dress.  The saleswoman said it would not look good with my skin color.  To “humor me” she pulled a dress in a steel gray color for me to try on.  It looked AWFUL, now with that out of the way, the real work can begin.

What To Wear As Mother Of The Groom-Finding The Right Dress

After trying on several “good” possibilities but not loving any, I was tired and deflated.  Anna stepped out of dressing room to have “a chat” with the saleswoman.  They quickly returned with a dress.  The color was my favorite, but the dress looked terrible on the hanger.  I just wanted to go home.  I am done……  Anna said, “Just try this last one on, please.. the saleswoman has worked so hard”.  I tried on the dress and looked at myself in the mirror.  “I like this one”.  

The dress I chose was from Teri Jon.  Mother of Bride/ Groom/Weddings is Teri Jon specialty. She designs for “real women” with hips and curves. The dress I chose is the Portrait Collar Scuba Dress

What To Wear Mother Of Groom

The material in this dress is Scuba, 71% Polyamide and 29% Elastane. It is thick, which hides bumps and lumps, and curves the body.  No tight Spanx needed. Winning!!!  The dress has straps with beaded detail which gives it a cold shoulder look.  You can wear the straps up or push them down or remove for more of a true portrait collar look. The dress has an asymmetrical peplum which does not accentuate my hips but makes my waist look smaller giving me a nice hourglass shape.  The color is sapphire and the dress is comfortable, I feel sexy and special

But Wait…..Change of Plan

The wedding all of a sudden took a more formal tone.  Men in black tuxes, bridesmaids in long dresses with sequins tops, Mother of the Bride in a long flowy formal dress.  Do I dare…. change to a long dress?

After much consideration, I decided, yes!  So after looking on the internet, I found another dress from Teri Jon.  The long dress is Off The Shoulder Studded Gown in dark blue. Dark blue or Navy is the new black.  Perfect for all occasions.  The material in this dress is the same scuba material, 72% nylon and 28% Elastane.  The sparkle rhinestone detail adds just the right amount of glamour for a special night.

What to wear for Mother of Groom

The sticker price was high, but with some hunting on the internet, I found this dress in my size (the only one left) at Lord and Taylor for more than half off…. which means… I am keeping BOTH dresses!!!  With many events ahead and do I dare say… another wedding, I can wear the shorter dress too.  Now, that is WINNING.

What I Wore As Mother Of The Groom

What to wear if mother of groom

Lots of exciting times ahead.  More blog posts on other wedding attire, fall fashions, new beach house, and the lists go on.  Subscribe to my email list to receive the newest blog post.  You can find me on Facebook and Instagram. 

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  1. Such a good post Regan. I’m going to be going this very soon and I will check out this designer as well. I will be scheduling this to my fb page….

  2. LOVE this! I need to look for some dresses in the scuba material, it looks fantastic. I love both dresses, you looked gorgeous, confident and able to have a great time! Congrats and thanks for sharing these with us! Can’t wait to hear more.

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