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Hello, Darlings!

I heard somewhere that animal print is now the new neutral. You know my love for a little grrr, so I just could not resist showing you what Old Navy has.  Great inexpensive animal print accessories, shoes, cardigans and lots more.  Want to add a little grrr in your life?  Check out some of these animal prints from Old Navy,  plus, they are On Sale!!!!  Old Navy and Gap are having their “cash” savings for those who shopped the Labor Day Sales. Did not do that, no problem! You can find 20% to 30% offers too.  Check out what I found

Cheetah Print Tote Bag

The bag is not as big as it looks, more of a book bag.



Old Navy Animal PrintsCheetah Print Make Up Bag

Old Navy Animal Prints

Cheetah Print Umbrella

Old Navy Animal Prints

Cheetah Print Cardigan

Old Navy Animal Prints

Cheetah Print Scarf

Old Navy Animal Prints


Shop Old Navy For Animal Prints

Now is the time to grab these fun items for stocking stuffers, gifts, or just for you.  I grabbed the tote bag for Christmas to use to wrap my gifts.  How cute is that going to be!  I am trying my best to get you to shop early for the holidays so you can avoid the stress.  Happy Shopping!

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