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We have been talking a lot about fashion so I thought I would take a break and talk about hair.  Things start happening to your hair in your late 40’s and 50’s.  You may see gradual hair loss or thinning of the hair.  I swear some days I feel like more hair grows on my chin than on my head! Of course, we will not even get into the “gray thing”.  But I will tell you I was mortified when not only did I have a chin hair I could curl but it was gray too !!!!   Don’t panic…. ahhh… you panicked, I did, and cried, and screamed.  Experts will tell you this is all a part of growing old and you need to get used to that.  I think NOT !!!

Why is this happening- Menopause

We know all about the hot flashes, mood changes, and dry skin, but menopause causes changes in our hair too.  Even if you are going through peri-menopause you can start to see those changes. For someone like me who had a hysterectomy and are thrown into menopause, the changes can be drastic and immediate.  Basically what happens is a decrease in estrogen.  Estrogen affects the growth cycle of your hair (bet you didn’t know that). Less estrogen, less growing cycle. Also, you have another hormone group called androgens which decrease with menopause, and this causes the thinning and reduces the length and diameter which results in loss of volume and body in hair.  Hormone Replacement Therapy helps a little but will not stop the process.

Fighting the battle

Good new is that we have tools to fight the battle.  We will never get back our youthful hair, but who says we can’t look FABULOUS now.  The goal now is to look FABULOUS!!!!  With the on set of menopause and the hot flashes, night sweats, day sweats, morning sweats, afternoon sweats…. I have decided to embrace a shorter haircut.  This does two things, first keeps my neck cool and allows the sweat to dry quicker, and two it gives me less hair to work with to create a great look.

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Weapons for the battle- Great Styling Tools

In order to fight the battle, you need some weapons.  Our weapons are great styling tools and products. Just like you have makeup brushes for a specific task, you need hair brushes too.

Great Hair Styling Tools for Women Over 49



Next, is products.  The big hair of the 80’s would have been so much easier if we had the great styling products we do today. Here are my favorite styling products to battle thin hair


Must Have Hair Products for Women Over 50

Finally, you need to start with good quality shampoo and conditioners.  We didn’t even talk about how menopause causes the hair to be dry too! No worries, the market is full of great products to help you.  If your hair is colored like me, you need to look for products that will help maintain your color and combat dryness. The coloring process will dry out hair too.

These are the top rated shampoos and conditioners for color treated hair.


Top Rated Shampoo and Conditioners for Color Treated Hair

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Final weapon

Your hair is going to start falling out.  It will clog up the drain.  This may send you into a tailspin that you can not come out of and can cause major depression or extreme anger.  The best strategy is to take care of it quickly and easily as possible.  I have the perfect tool.

Must Have Tool For Cleaning Hair From Drain

Embrace FABULOUS hair

Finally, find a great hair dresser and stylist.  A great hair cut and color makes all the difference.  Most of all,  take the time to learn from them how to maintain your color, style your hair at home, and set regular appointments.  I have scheduled my appointments out until the end of the year.  Let them know when you have a major event such as a wedding or family portraits. They can help schedule your cuts and color to so you will be FABULOUS for those events.

Great hair styles and products for women over 50



great hair for women over 50
I hope you have enjoyed my battle plan for FABULOUS HAIR.  Check out my Pinterest Boards for more ways to be NIFTY 50 AND FABULOUS!

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