Fit Flops: The Shoes That Saved My Feet

Best Shoes for Plantar Fascitis and sore back

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If you have ever had plantar fasciitis you will truly understand this statement, “when your feet hurt it is like the end of the world”. It happened to me after my trip to Italy.  I wore flat sandals and paid a dear, dear, price. After my trip, I could not wear anything without it hurting, it hurt the worse when I was barefoot. Pain all night and all day. I was at my wit’s end until a dear friend told me, “you need FitFlops, it will save your feet”.  I checked it out online, read reviews, and ordered from Zappos.

Okay, they are NOT cheap. I was floored at the price, really… I am paying that much for a flip flop??? Oh, but they are not a flip flop, they are a FitFlop and they saved my feet. I wore them all the time. They were the ONLY shoe I could wear and I did not take them off until my feet hit the bed.

I wore them Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter (yes Winter) for about 2 years they were the only shoe I could wear.  Even today, they are my go to shoe for every day.

Why Are FitFlops So Great

why fit flop shoes are good for feet






FitFlop technology helps absorb the shock of walking and allows the tendons in your foot to “not work so hard” and heal. Also, many people wear FitFlops who have back pain or who work on concrete flooring that causes back and hip pain.

FitFlops For Toning And Shaping Legs

Benefits of FitFlops


Wide Variety Of Stylish Sandals

It seems that FitFlop gained its popularity by no other than…. Oprah Winfrey.  She had FitFlops as one of her “Summer Favorites’ and the popularity just soared.  Celebrities such as Heidi Klum, Jennifer Garner, Hillary Swank have worn them. The current spokeswoman is Uma Thurman. The line is trying to create a more up to date and fashion forward athletic style shoe. I will show more of them later after I have tried them. **The shoes below are ones I have worn and can vouch for comfort and style.

selection of favorite fitflp sandals

Where To Buy?

I buy almost all my shoes from Zappos. They have free shipping, free returns, and 2-day business shipping when you qualify for their VIP program.  Also, Zappos has a rewards program.  Many of Zappos shoes you can also find on Amazon. Zappos sells their shoes on Amazon as part of their retail store. FitFlop is now in many major department stores, online at, and smaller specialty stores. Norstrom Rack has them sometimes at great deals. Beware of some online retailers as FitFlop has recently had trouble with counterfeits. Zappos is a certified retailer for FitFlops. If they don’t have the shoe in your size, set a request to email you when they are back in stock.  Stock can change hourly. 

**Read Zappos reviews for sizing. Original FitFlops ran big and I sized down.

Shop Zappos for FitFlops

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