You Had Me At Diva: Review Of Diva Scented Glamorous Wash by Tyler

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This is a personal review of Diva scented Glamorous Wash by Tyler Candle Company. Have you ever had a person walk by you and said, “What is that scent, it smells wonderful!” Well, it happened to me, in all places, on the tennis court. The weather was hot and humid, we were “glistening at maximum intensity” (translated: sweating like pigs) and not even the best deodorant could keep up. Our opponent walked past us and we had to stop the match and find out “what is that scent, it smells wonderful!!!”

Review Diva scented Glamorous Wash by Tyler

That wonderful scent was Tyler’s Glamorous Wash in Diva. You had me at Diva. Glamorous Wash is fine laundry detergent produced by Tyler, a candle company out of Tyler, Texas.  Tyler is famous for their candles, which smells incredible and I have several. They started making the Glamorous Wash fine laundry detergent in 2004 and it has been a huge success.  The wonderful smelling girl (as we all now refer to her as) says she uses it to launder her tennis outfits, linens, and special things. This is something I have to try!

Glamorous Wash is not cheap and it is not going to take over the duties of your regular detergent.  The purpose is for you to launder your intimates, linens, and fine fabrics. Remember, the fragrance may be rather strong, especially to those who have “fragrance issues, like me” so use sparingly.

First, Some Questions

Okay, I had to try this. The first question is it hypo-allergic?  The answer is surprising, yes.  The second question, can I use it in my fancy front load washing machine and the answer to that question is yes too. Glamorous Wash has on it the infamous HE logo stating it is safe to use in high-efficiency washing machines. Final question, does it clean? Here is where I went to my tried and trusted Amazon for customer reviews. The answer, not that great but that is not really the purpose.

Glamorous Wash Test Run

So I decided to give it a test run. After reading the reviews and recommendations this is how I proceeded, I decided I was going to use it on my sheets. I washed my sheets in unscented Tide Free and Gentle detergent and added just a 1/3 of a cap of the Glamorous Wash per instructions on the label, and dried as usual in the dryer.  When it was complete I opened the dryer up and the smell was incredible and not too strong.  I could have used less of the Glamorous Wash, because, little goes a long way! Finally, placed them on my bed and waited for the reaction of my husband.

The Reaction

That night when I got in bed, my bed was cool and comfortable and smelled divine. Next, my husband gets in and immediately notices the smell. He asks me what the smell is and I explain the whole story of Glamorous Wash and that it is a fine laundry detergent used on special things like intimates, sheets, and so on.  His reaction was okay, this is nice but don’t use it on my clothes cause it smells a little girly. Then he proceeded to list other clothing items and intimates I could use it on….. then he got frisky.  WARNING!!! May make husband frisky.

Makes Great Gift

Glamorous Wash makes a great gift for women.  I gave all the women in my family the Glamorous Wash as a part of MY FAVORITE THINGS bag at Christmas and it was a huge hit. It is a go-to gift for birthdays. Recently I heard a story of a Secret Christmas Gift exchange where Glamorous Wash was the most fought after gift. Now the Tyler company has gift sets in multiple fragrances for under $25. Other fragrances include Eucalyptus, Fleur De Lis. French Market, Mango Tango, and High Maintenance (one of my other favorites). I don’t know if it is the fragrance of the name.

review of diva scented glamorous wash by tyler


Other Uses For Glamorous Wash

As I was reading other customer reviews on Amazon, I was amazed at some of the other ways they used Glamorous Wash.  It seems that many people use Glamorous Wash in their steam and carpet cleaners to give their homes an incredible smell.  The reviewers state that again, a little goes a long way and it gives the home that something special that you can’t quite put your finger on.  While I was writing this review and checking out websites, I noticed that the Tyler Company now makes the Glamorous Wash scents in dryer sachet.  This way you can wash your sheets in a detergent that will get them truly clean and use the dryer sheets to recreate that special smell.

Shopping For Glamorous Wash

You can find Glamorous Wash in many gift shops along with the Tyler candles. Locally, here in Birmingham, Al, check out Wrapsody in the Patton Creek Shopping plaza.  They have a large selection of the Glamorous Wash in many fragrances, the dryer sachet, and of course the Tyler Candles.  Wrapsody will gift wrap it for you.  Great for a last-minute gift.  Remember, Shop Local when you can!

Great Selection Of Glamorous Wash Products

review of diva scented glamorous wash by tyler




 Tyler Candles Come In Great Selection Of Scents
review of diva scented glamorous wash by tyler

Ordering Online

The Tyler Candle Company has a website where you can order them online.  Below are my links to my favorite online shopping, Amazon.  If you are an Amazon Prime member you get free 2-day business delivery. If you are not an Amazon Prime member but have been thinking about it, you can get Amazon Prime membership free for 30 days! When shopping on Amazon either buy from an Amazon fulfilled shop or a third-party shop that has good ratings. ** Starred selections are the ones I personally purchased

**Gift Set I Gave At Christmas

Review of diva scented glamorous wash by tyler

**Glamorous Wash In Gift/Test Size in Diva 4 oz

Review Diva scented Glamorous Wash by Tyler








**Glamorous Wash in Diva 32 oz




Review of Glamour Wash














Glamorous Wash Dryer Ssachet

Review of Glamorous Wash







Glamorous Wash Diva Bath Get Set** GREAT GIFT !!!

Review of diva scented glamorous wash by tyler










**Diva Scented Glamorous Wash Hand Lotion

Review diva scented Glamorous Wash




Glamorous Wash Candle Gift Set

Review of diva scented Glamorous Wash









**The Tyler Candles Make Great Gift Too. The Scents Diva & High Maintenance Are My Favorites

Review Glamorous Wash









I hope you like my review of  Tyler Candle Company’s Glamorous Wash.  The items I personally purchase are noted.  All items I purchased were from Amazon.  The links above are affiliate links. I do receive a small compensation for items sold using those links.  You are responsible for your purchases on Amazon. I am trying to include links with best price and Prime but the products may be sold by additional sellers on Amazon.  It is up to you to research the third-party sellers on Amazon by looking at reviews. So far in my shopping experience on Amazon, I have found only reputable products and the service and shipping were excellent.  The above review is my own personal opinion and I receive no compensation for the review.

You can thank me for all the wonderful gift ideas later!

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8 thoughts on “You Had Me At Diva: Review Of Diva Scented Glamorous Wash by Tyler

  1. Explain to me how the MY FAVORITE THINGS bag works? Does everyone get the same bag of goodies (male and female) and I would assume that some favorite things reoccur in the bag each year? Sounds like a great idea, I’m just curious about the details. Our family loves sharing in filling the Christmas stockings but I havent heard of the Bag before.
    Thanks for the ideas!

    1. Oprah Winfrey made famous my favorite things on her show. I took the idea and gave all the ladies gifts at Christmas of things I liked. The bag may have a couple of thing like a favorite candle, I did scarves, socks, lotions, bath stuff, accessories, candy, wine, unique find. I usually set a price limit and find the things I like. I have done books, and DVDs too. I have found them huge a success. It also makes shopping more fun. If you love it, maybe they will too. Verses the I don’t know what to get them the problem. You could do it for guys too. Last year I did favorite stuff but everything was local mostly from Pepper Place Market in Birmingham. That was an each family bag.
      It is kind of like stockings but I give this to my sister, sisters in law, nieces, stepmother, stepsister. My daughter usually gets some of the things too.

  2. I have a couple questions

    First, the label says to use 1/3 CUP not cap, so why did you only use a cap full? Is a cup too much?

    Secondly, Why do you use Tide with it? Can it not be used alone for washing?

    1. Based on many reviews and personal experience, a little really does go a long way. I would actually use about a cap full with the usual amount of unscented detergent (maybe minus a little bit) and wash with that. If you were to use 1/3 cup the scent would be extremely overpowering!
      The Glamorous Wash can be used on its own but it is not the most effective at washing, so combining it with a regular detergent helps get the job done.

  3. YHEA!!!! So here is the background story!!! I have searched for this for years!!! I have smelled it on people as I was passing by either going in or out of the store, not knowing just thinking who it might be!! (Apparently it’s frowned upon to start following strangers and trying to smell them!) I have picked up a few items at 2nd hand stores (sometimes only because of the smell! Haha) and then about 3 weeks ago during a wonderful lunch date with a girlfriend I explained my plot, she said I know what it is my daughter uses it !! I have it at home stop by I’ll give you some. It was Cosco pods and I was determined to get home and do laundry right away 😭😭😭, of course it was a bust. I told my mother the next time I smell it I will hunt the person out, and speak to them, this will be the only way. I am done putting my nose into every single bottle of detetgent, softener, and scent boosters in multiple stores monthly, repetetly, as if I have missed it, or if I could get close maybe it changes once it hits the water.
    I have asked every domesticated house wife and even had a artical of clothing for an example to smell!! NOTHING!!
    And now for the rest of the story!! This past Sunday I went to the Vulcan with a girlfriend and her family for a festival she has wanted to visit for weeks. And we were about to leave, and decide to go and take a look over to view the city! Alot of people were standing at the railing looking and taking pictures. And we group up in a circle talking at the base of the statute! And there it was the scent carried by the air of this crisp beautiful day… I go into a daze… And people started leaving and one family remains! Could this be? Who is it? What will I say? This is it! This is my chance, and I was meant to be here!! LOL
    I look at my group and say . .Ya’ll just don’t even understand.
    I approach to look at the view, and to confirm, and ITS HER!! I look to her and say excuse me, and say I know this is crazy!!!
    And the rest is history…. I live in Trussville so my hubby took me to Wrapsody yesterday, and I went and got my free&clear detergent last night! TODAY IS GOING TO BE LAUNDRY DAY!! I’m Ecstatic. Also Thank You so much for the warning!! I am going to set the ground rules for my husband before putting the freshly washed sheets on the bed!!! LOL

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